24+ Pros and Cons of Macrame (Explained)

Knots are there everywhere in our daily life. We knot our pajamas, we put knots on gifts, even ribbons are also a kind of knot. Knots are there in our everyday life in both conspicuous and inconspicuous ways helping us go through our life smoothly without any hindrance. 

But who ever imagined that simple, unsuspecting knots when put in patterns and done in a particular way can be turned into full fledged artform that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful? Macramé is one such artform where the whole art and its production is concerned with and revolves around knotting techniques.


Creatively liberatingSelection of material
Utility valueExpense concerned
VersatileMight smell bad sometime
Can be used for making jewelryKnotting technique
Can be used for making fashion productsDifficult to handle
Used as a decorative itemColor might fade
Can be used as giftsCords cannot be reused
Can be used for business
Used for therapy
Enhances mental abilities


  • Creatively liberating

It is natural for every human being to crave a creative outlet where they can let their imagination flow and set their mind free. Creative outlet is something which involves no disturbance from the outer world or does not give way to stress. It is even better if that creativity can be achieved by doing simple things as knots, just in a particular technique or pattern.

  • Utility value

Sometimes creativity is valued just for the aesthetics that come out of it. But there are times when things that are produced due to creativity can also serve various other purposes apart from their aesthetic value. Macramé produces goods that’s can be used in various ways apart from being eye soothing aesthetic.

  • Versatile

An artform can be versatile and hence can be used to make various objects instead of using it in a single way. This feature of an artform makes it even more popular as it opens up the door to create objects that are different from each other. Macramé conforms to this feature and is a versatile artform that can be used for different purposes.

  • Can be used for making jewelry

Everyone of us loves some pretty jewelry that we can show off. It gets better if the jewelry is handmade as it adds a unique vibe to the rest of our outfit. Macramé can be used to make almost all kinds of jewelry- be it a bracelet, ring, anklet or necklace and goes with most outfits.

  • Can be used for making fashion products

Not just jewelry, the knotting technique of macramé can be used for making various other fashion products. Bags are one of the prime examples of fashion products made with the help of macramé. These bags look unusual and are bound to blend in with most fashion trends.

  • Used as decorative items

Most of us try to decorate our homes in the best possible way. Decorative items play a major part in how the house is set up. Some simple knots in macramé can prove to become a decorative item. Using macramé, one can make various decorative items including wall hangings and photo frames.

  • Can be used as gifts

Gifts are always special. We always try to give gifts that have some personal touch so that the person we are gifting it to can remember us through that item. If you have learnt the craft of macramé and are confused about gifting, then you should consider a piece that you made as macramé qualifies as an excellent gifting option.

  • Can be used for business

If you have learnt macramé, practiced the craft well enough and are almost near perfect, then you can consider to use this newly acquired skill of yours to earn some extra money. There are people out there who want to buy handmade items, you can start a business and fulfill their needs.

  • Used for therapy

The repetitive pattern of knotting the material over and over again using the same technique is considered to be therapeutic. Learning this craft of macramé is a part of therapy in many places.

  • Enhances mental abilities

One needs to constantly move their fingers and calculate knots while practicing macramé. This is said to develop motor skills and enhance cognitive skills of a person.


  • Selection of material

The selection of material or ingredients required for any craft determines the success of that craft. Same is the case with macramé. If the material chosen for making a product using macramé are not competent then the final product will not be as anticipated.

  • Expense concerned

The expense of various materials required for macramé might vary. Some product might demand the use of expensive materials, the resources of which might not be available to many.

  • Material might smell bad

All material used for the craft of macramé might not be of the best quality. Materials vary with place and time. Some of these, considering they are organic, might smell bad.

  • Knotting technique

The knots used in macramé are not the simple everyday knots. They have particular patterns and techniques to them. For this, one needs mandatory guidance on the craft.

  • Difficult to handle

Once the macramé product is made, the focus shifts to handling it properly so that the knots do not get undone and the product does not get destroyed. This phase of handling and managing the macramé product is hard and one needs to be very careful about it.

  • Color might fade

The colorful materials used in macramé are not always up to the mark. This makes the quality of the product lesser than warranted as the color might fade gradually thus, reducing the value of the product.

  • Cords cannot be reused

Once a macramé product is made, the cords used to make the product cannot be reused. These knots once made, makes the cord appear tattered.

Macramé is very high in its aesthetic value. However, one needs to be very careful while choosing the materials required for the craft.

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