23+Pros and Cons of Medicare For All (Explained)


Medicare for all is system that keeps the people ready for their illnesses and their diseases. This is a system that is being proposed by, most popularly Democratic politicians in the USA and New Labour politicians in the United Kingdom. To remember the cost of the health system and internalise the process of expenses is a great problem for the people.

Medicare for all aims to remove that problem through subsidies and other provisions for the people of the country. This applies to rich and poor alike. This makes the system one that is highly debated and also highly supported. 

Benefits of Medicare for AllDrawbacks of Medicare for All

1. Basic Right

1. Huge Costs on Government

2. Very Important for Population

2. Taxes may Increase

3. Medicare for All is good for Population

3. Bargaining with Private Industries might be Detrimental

4. Health of People Better

4. Quality of Services

5. Infantile Mortality Rate Decreases

5. Elective Procedures take Long Time

6. The Rich and Poor can Avail Health System

6. Drugs for Rare Conditions may not be Covered

7. The Scheme is Best for

7. Less Incentive to Study Medicine

8. Price Regulation by Government 

9. Doctors would be Serving Better


  • Basic Right:

The provision of Medicare for all is something that is a universal basic right. It is the part and parcel of every society to have and provide basic healthcare services to all its citizens. This separates a government for the people with a government against the common people.

  • Very Important for Population:

The population of the country and the society in general needs the rights of Medicare for all. This is one the services that the people are often unable to pay for, especially the poor people of the country, making them very vulnerable to dangerous disease.

  • Medicare for All is good for Population:

The Medicare for all service is not only good for poor people, but rich people as well. This guarantees a right to livelihood to many people, rich and poor, without having to pay or raise money for the treatment of their sickness.

  • Health of People Better:

The people of the country, rich or poor or middle classes, will not have any problem in dealing with their sickness. This is because the general health of the people will have lesser serious implications due to the system of healthcare. Medicare ensures this well.

  • Infantile Mortality Rate Decreases:

The infantile mortality rate of a country in South Asia and other parts of Africa is very high. The same cannot be said of the European countries and the countries of the first world. This is one of the reasons Medicare for all contributes towards.

  • The Rich and Poor can Avail Health System:

The rich people of the country and the poor people of the country can avail universal healthcare and Medicare for all. This makes the system that inherently preaches equality of the population, making the people less susceptible to discomfort and violence.

  • The Scheme is best for the Poor:

The scheme of Medicare for all serves as a breather for the people below the poverty line. This makes them quite susceptible to disease and other forms of illness. The poor of the country always benefits from the systems of free healthcare. This makes is a great advantage.

  • Price Regulation by Government:

The regulation of medicine prices and drugs is made by the government, hence making it very cheap, because the government will always try to keep the people happy so that it can remain in power. The same can be said of health services as well.

  • Doctors would be Serving Better:

The doctors if kept under the pressures of national health inspectors and others will serve the public better due to its solid investigation and supervision. The fraudulent doctors who cheat people will also stay aware of the consequences. This makes Medicare for all a great advantage.


  • Huge Costs on Government:

The government will naturally have to bear the expenses of healthcare for all citizens. This means the government will have to bear huge costs which might increase with overpopulation and other such instances of ill governance. This means the Medicare for all system may be problematic.

  • Taxes may Increase:

The taxes of the people might increase if there is Medicare for all. Since the private companies will not be paying most of the taxes, it is very likely that the government will be making the citizens pay the taxes themselves. This means higher costs of living and indirect tax.

  • Bargaining with Private Industries might be Detrimental:

The bargains that have to be struck with private industries may be detrimental to the cause of healthcare in itself. The private industries will be using all their might to ensure that the government has to pay them extra to cover up for costs of not being able to sell healthcare.

  • Quality of Services:

The quality of services may drop due to Medicare for all. This means that the people who are trying to ensure the problems of the system eradicate, may in turn be creating more problems, as the hospitals and nursing homes may not have enough space to accommodate.

  • Elective Procedures take Long Time:

The procedures which are elective, for example plastic surgery and other such procedures may take a long time to fulfil. This is because the people who will be opting for these procedures will be given lesser priority than those waiting for more emergency procedures.

  • Drugs for Rare Conditions may not be covered:

The drugs that are required for the treatment of conditions which are quite rare will not be provided to the people who have these conditions under the banner of Medicare for all. It might be the case that the people who are trying to provide this will have to pay the regular prices.

  • Less Incentive to Study Medicine:

The incentive to study medicine and become doctors usually comes from the interest in making a status and some hard earned money while sustaining oneself in the system. This makes it quite difficult for people interested in studying medicine. Medicare may deter them from this goal.


Medicare for all is a great system for whoever would like to ensure that the Medicare and healthcare services are provided at a much subsidised cost for the people of the society. This ensures that the people who do not have the means of treating themselves in times of illness have the ability to do so.

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