22+ Main Pros and Cons of Nationwide Strike

Nationwide strikes are often termed as the highest amalgamation of working-class bodies and trade unions. In America, previously teachers have also gone on strike demanding several demands for better livelihood and better working conditions.

Strikes are usually the highest direct action that the agitating protestors take to ensure their demands are met and they have enough to secure the means to a better life.

The nationwide strikes often cause a lot of problems for the daily wage earners, but it is also one of the only legitimate means to securing better working conditions. That is why strikes are important.

Pros of Nationwide StrikesCons of Nationwide Strikes
1. Increased Pressure on Government1. Harmful for the Economy
2. Awareness about Issue2. Creates Splits in Society
3. Population Realization3. Questions Unity
4. Blows to Corruption4. Risk of Unemployment
5. Enhanced Solidarity5. Risk of Riots
6. Essence of Democracy6. Livelihood Problems
7. Checks and Balances7. Commutation Problems
8. Secures Immediate Demands
9. Ensures Better Working Conditions

Advantages of Nationwide Strike:

  • Increased Pressure on Government:

The government is often the only means for a worker to secure their rights. The government often does not do enough to ensure that the people have enough. It is in times like these that the nationwide strikes really help the cause of the people who build society. 

  • Awareness about Issue:

Through nationwide strikes and the coverage that it receives, the people of the country get to know what type of country they are living in and what their government is doing or not doing for them.

Through this, the government becomes exposed to the common people and they begin questioning corruption.

  • Population Realization:

Through the agitation and awareness programs of nationwide strikes, the people of the country, the population that has voted for the government also get to know various notions of the government and various notions of society as well.

Through this, they become more realized in their understanding and roles in society.

  • Blows to Corruption:

Nationwide strikes are great methods at ensuring that the government does not get away with rampant and blatant corruption through the years.

One strike may expose several facts about the government and ensure that the people of the country do not remain fooled by their rulers. This is another reason strikes are important.

  • Enhanced Solidarity:

Participation in strikes, as a worker or a student, ensures that the strikes become spaces of solidarity and make sure that the people participating in them do not go out of people to support.

The strikes are also known as the spaces of common solidarity due to unity.

  • Essence of Democracy:

Striking is known as the best method to remind people that they live in a democracy. The strikers are people who keep questioning the government and their employers and amidst this, they also ensure that the people do not fall into the traps of democracy being just a word, but ensure it is practiced in the country.

  • Checks and Balances:

Strikes act as a means of checks and balances when the ruling party is unquestioned. The opposition ensures through strikes and demands that the checks and balance of power is maintained and the government does not become autocratic in nature. It serves as reminders to the people of their power.

  • Secures Immediate Demands:

The striking workers can also ensure that their immediate demands are met and their wages rise with better livelihood for all. As anyone would know that the status of the workers in the society will ensure better development for the economy of the country and society at large.

  • Ensures Better Working Conditions:

With better working conditions, the workers of the country can contribute more to the economy, and through this the country will develop.

The workers ensure that the better working conditions are availed for all people and ensure that their demands are spread across the country.

Disadvantages of Nationwide Strikes:

  • Harmful for the Economy:

The strikes initially are harmful for the economy as they ensure that the striking workers do not get any work done. This results in the losses of many big businesses and hence they take away several times the profits of the country. This is a loss that is difficult to make up over time.

  • Creates Splits in Society:

Just like there are several people who ensure that the concept of strikes is understood by society and that mass support is garnered by the participants and observers of society, there are several people who ensure that the strike receives mass hatred and dissatisfaction. This creates disunity in society.

  • Questions Unity:

The strikes, apart from creating a split in society, also develops in such a manner, that the consequences result in the workers becoming disunited from the rest of society. While there are several people who will support strikers, there will be several who will question the motives of the strikers.

  • Risk of Unemployment:

The strikes may also lead to another catastrophe, that is widespread unemployment due to sacking.

The strikers are often led to believe by political agitators that the strikes cannot be fulfilled if the majority of workers do not participate and in this the minority groups begins striking, which may result in their sacking by their employers.

  • Risk of Riots:

The strikes very well may become violent from time to time due to the involvement of strike breakers, i.e., people who break up strikes, usually goons. This may take violent turns as was seen several times before. The riots may in turn lead to loss of life and livelihood, causing damage.

  • Livelihood Problems:

The nationwide strikes lead to nationwide protests and lead to several people becoming the face and the hope of the strikers, but it is the strikers who may incur livelihood problems through the development of strikes and the government going on the offensive. This may result in severe drawbacks for strikers.

  • Commutation Problems:

A very common problem during strikes is commutation. This is because some groups of strikers turn violent and do not let anyone pass through their roads with roadblocks, making it dangerous for common people to step out. This results in the problems of mass-level hysteria and fear.

In conclusion, it can be said that nationwide strikes when done peacefully and cautiously are very good methods for the securing of demands from employers who will not budge if negotiation is done on a personal level, but the strikes are also capable of taking ugly turns that may result in violence.

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