21+ Pros And Cons of Home Cosmetics (Explained)

Women nowadays are becoming exceptionally concerned about their beauty regimen. Natural beauty products have gained tremendous popularity due to their aesthetical nature and environment-friendly attributes.

Natural cosmetics are not only devoid of any presence of chemical elements, they also are considered to be more effective than the long-established methods.

 It is also worth mentioning that organic beauty products are more preferred by consumers now and more and more people are trying to maintain the natural standards in their beauty routine. In this discussion, we have tried to provide a comprehensive outlook on the various aspects of using natural cosmetics. 

Benefits of natural cosmeticsDrawbacks of natural cosmetics
Boon for the sensitive skinNot as effective as the lab-made counterparts
No paraben and other harsh chemicalsNot as effective as the lab-made counterparts
Proper nourishmentDo not entertain any fragrance
Lets the skin breatheNot always pocket friendly

Advantages of using Natural Cosmetics

  • Boon for the sensitive skin

Makeup is a much-coveted aspect for almost all women. But applying cosmetics can create havoc for people having sensitive skin.

Wearing makeup can very well aggravate skin problems and this might land them in much trouble. So what do people with such conditions do? The answer is quite simple, go natural! 

There has been a boost of an array of natural and organic cosmetic products in the market and this has been a blessing for those having problematic skin.

The natural ingredients and formulation used for preparing these cosmetics do not cause any skin irritation and are gentle enough for regular use. 

Rashes, itching, pimples, redness, and allergic reactions are some of the things which can be avoided with natural cosmetics.

  • No paraben and other harsh chemicals

Parabens are hard chemicals and preservatives which are used in the process of making cosmetics. This helps in increasing the shelf life of the products but they also disrupt the estrogen production in the skin.

These reactions trigger a number of deadly diseases like breast cancer, weakened liver and a poor immune system. But in that case, the usage of natural cosmetics is the safest way to take proper care of your skin. 

Natural Cosmetics A Boon For Sensitive Skin
  • Proper nourishment

Natural cosmetics are filled with the presence of the immense goodness of natural products and provide the skin with the ultimate nourishment required.

Ingredients like Vitamin E, coconut oil, hazel, and more natural products provide benefits to the skin.

These ingredients help in making the skin healthier and render a natural glow. They are also full of antioxidants which can help you keep away early signs of aging, wrinkles and keeps the skin happy!

  • Lets the skin breathe

A very common hindrance in using chemical cosmetics is that it prevents the skin from breathing and clogs the pores. Makeup and beauty products that have this negative impact on the skin are termed as comedogens.

Application of these products can harm the skin badly and not only prevents it from breathing but also is the actual cause of acne as well.

These clogged pores become the breeding ground for bacteria formation and infection paves the way for the eruption of pimples.

Natural products do not come with these drawbacks and they can be easily washed and leave the skin pores free. They also let the skin breathe much better. 

Are Natural Cosmetics Free From Parabens And Other Hard Chemicals

Disadvantages of Using Natural Cosmetics

  • Not as effective as the lab-made counterparts

It is true that natural products are very much doing their work, but the level of their efficacy they are rendering is a big concern. It has been discovered that even many natural products are made with the help of chemical substances.

Also, it is true that retinoic acid, the anti-aging substance, is the version of Vitamin A, which is a wonderful product. It has been studied that it has a tremendous effect in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration, increasing firmness and radiance, and minimizing pores. 

  • Not as effective as the lab-made counterparts

If you are thinking that all-natural products are safe, you are going wrong somewhere. You need to look past the pretty packaging and wording and dig deeper into the detailed formulation. 

Scrutinize ingredients lists so that you are well aware of exactly what you are putting on your precious face and in the rest of your body.

You would very much want to ensure that the products you are using have gone through minimal processing and are filled with natural ingredients as much as feasible.

Natural Cosmetics Do Not Have A Fragrance Of Their Own
  • Do not entertain any fragrance

It is very important to make sure that your natural products are not getting mixed up with any artificial fragrance. This can cause tremendous side effects.

Artificial fragrances usually contain chemicals called phthalates which can cause allergies and various other health hazards. It is highly recommended to avoid any product that mentions ‘fragrance’ in their list of ingredients to be absolutely safe.

  • Not always pocket friendly

If you are considering investing in natural cosmetics for your skin, do have a look at the budget first. Natural cosmetics are prepared exclusively with natural and organic ingredients which are highly priced and are quite rare in their findings.

Many might find it quite expensive and beyond the affordability standards. 

Irrespective of whether you have sensitive skin or not, using natural organic products always brings with them endless benefits for you as well as the world around you. Not only the products help you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it also discourages animal testing which has so many negative aspects to it.

The skin is known to be the largest organ in our body and hence utmost care should be devoted to it. It absorbs products applied over and makes sure that they reach the targeted bloodstream. Hence, it goes without saying that it is very important to use proper cosmetics and products with natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin and health. 

Natural Cosmetics Are Not Pocket Friendly

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