21+ Pros and Cons of Nostrils Voice (Explained)

You may have heard it while walking down the street. Or you may know someone who has it. Perhaps you yourself possess this ability. Most people speak, but the intonations, pitch and various other tenets of speech patterns differ from one individual to another.

A nasal voice, or a “nostril” voice is a common but unusual voice of speech that has many causes. It could be temporarily caused by a cold or a virus, or the resonance could be affected by the amount of air entering the velopharyngeal valve.

 Some of the pros and cons of a nostrils voice are:

Benefits of Nostrils VoiceDrawbacks of Nostrils Voice
A different type of voiceMany nasally sounding people get bullied because of their voice
Stands out from the crowdNasal voices can have harmful impacts in the long term
Can  be used for unique singingSome people deem it too irritating
There’s a demand for nasal speakers for voice oversA nostrils voice can create a sense of self hatred
Can be temporary
Can be improved with speech therapy
Many artists have found success due to their nostrils voice


  • A different type of voice. 

A nasal voice occurs when the resonance of the larynx is affected by the air processed by the lungs. Audibly, the accent coming out sounds affected in a way that makes it feel like the speaker is speaking through their nose. Usually, it doesn’t affect the speaker, it is simply a different intonation and a different type of voice.

  • Stands out from the crowd. 

A nasal voice is distinct enough in sound that it stands apart from the usual noisy galore of noises. A person with a nostrils voice can be mostly heard in crowded loud spaces because of the distinguished nature of the tone. Therefore, a nasal voice is arresting, and stands out in the crowd.

  • Can  be used for unique singing. 

A nasal voice is unique enough that those with a permanent nostrils voice can utilize it. Those who have a passion for singing, and can hold a note or two can use their voice to have a career in music. Many people who have a nasal voice have utilized this particular skill to sing professionally.

  • There’s a demand for nasal speakers for voice overs. 

Because of the singular sound of a nostrils voice, nasal speakers are more often than not in demand for roles that require voiceovers.

Many successful actors and singers have found much recognition for their nasal sounding voices and the effect it produces on voice overs. Even animated shows and audiobooks require speakers with unique voices, which makes it a very lucrative career for nasal speakers.

  • Can be temporary.

Those who have been burdened by their nasal voice should find out why they have it in the first place. A cold or an allergy often causes nasal congestion, or blockages in the nose.

This causes people to speak in a nasal sounding voice, but this change is in no way permanent. There are medicines that help clear up nasal blockages, and after the allergy or infection runs its course, the speech patterns return to normal.

  • Can be improved with speech therapy. 

There are people who would rather not have anything to do with a nasally voice, but issues like vocal polyps give a person a more or less permanent nasal tone. However, this is not doom and gloom for people — a nostrils voice can be trained to sound less nasally. Speech therapy has helped many to hide and cloak a nasal sounding voice. 

  • Many artists have found success due to their nostrils voice. 

There are many people in the creative business who have found success, much thanks to their distinct voices. Actors Ray Romano, Adam Sandler and more have a definite and noticeable nasal voice, and this, with their comedic timing, has given them an edge over other artists. Therefore, a nasal voice is something many people can bank on for careers off the beaten path.


  • Many nasally sounding people get bullied because of their voice. 

The world can be a cruel place, especially to those who are deemed too different to fit in. This is also true for those people who suffer from a nasal sounding voice. Representation of the nasal speaking population in films and television shows have largely been portrayed in a negative light. This has even caused some people to bully nasal speakers, especially among children and the teenage cohort.

  • Nasal voices can have harmful impacts in the long term. 

There are many things that can cause a nasal tone in the voice of some people. However, some can even have harmful effects on a person, whether it be in the short or long term. Some causes of nasal voices are — adenoids, deviated septums, polypsor problems in the palates, even vocal cancers. There could be many reasons, and while there could be constructive surgeries and speech therapies, some cannot be cured.

  • Some people deem it too irritating. 

A lot of people think that a nasal sound is annoying or irritating. While this cannot be controlled by speakers with a nostrils voice, this creates a problem when people try to create any meaningful relationships as friendships. This is a shallow quality in people who cannot look past a nasal voice, or something different. Nasal speakers should try to look past such obstacles in life.

  • A nostrils voice can create a sense of self hatred. 

Some people with a nasal voice can be tired of being different, and this creates a sense of dislike or even hatred for the self. People with a nostrils voice may be treated differently, even with abrasions, which can cause issues in the development of the self and identity.

If you have a permanent nasally sounding voice, you can take speech therapy to improve your air flow to perfect your resonance. However, this is something that is a part of you, so instead of hiding it away, love what you have, and let your nasal voice soar. Dare to question and challenge norms and stand apart from the crowd. 

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