23+ Pros And Cons Of Hosting The Olympics (You Must Know)

Held once every four years, with the number of participating nations in excess of two hundred, the Olympic games are considered to be arguably the foremost sports competition in the whole world.

This premier International Sporting Event features sports competitions during both the summer and winter months, where athletes from across the globe come to participate, in the thousands. 

 Every two years, in the break period of four years, the Olympic Games keep switching between the Summer Olympic Games and the Winter Olympic Games. The International Olympic Committee (IOC – Olympic Governing Body) found in 1894, always makes sure to uphold the Olympic charter when the Olympic Games are in progress. 

Advantages of the Olympics

International Platform

The Olympic Games provide a huge international platform, for all athletes taking part in this leading sporting event. Athletes are always on the lookout for a stage that will allow them to portray their true potential in front of the world. The Olympics offers them that stage owing to its international viewership. 


An increase in the profile of a city and/or country almost invariably has prolonged economic benefits.

The Olympic Games act as a sure way of increasing the profile of any City and/or Country. Countries, including the cities, that host the Olympics are assured of a definite increase in their worldwide recognition along with tourism. 

Olympic Games Increase the Host Country or Citys Profile


One of the major benefits that a host country of the Olympic Games enjoys, is the long-term investment that always takes place during the preparation for such a magnanimous event.

The structures built, the infrastructure imported, etc. along with the legacy that the host location acquires will live on far after the Olympic Games have ended there. 


The Olympics are responsible for the creation of a huge number of jobs, especially in the planning years of each Olympic Games.

This can turn out to be a huge boon for depressed cities, as this mass employment can revitalize the cities, leading to a huge increase in the economic output of the whole host country. 

Sports Promotion

It’s a mammoth task to host any leading sporting event but the Olympics makes sure that the whole sporting scene of the host country takes a huge boost. The most apparent examples of this characteristic are the state-of-the-art sporting venues, practice grounds, etc. that are built for the Olympics. 

Economic Benefits

The Olympics sees a huge surge in the population of the host country due to the influx of tourists, athletes, and media from across the globe. Thus there is an injection of money from across the world into the economy of the host country. Despite being a short-term benefit, this advantage cannot be ignored. 

Does Hosting an Olympic Game Help the Countries Economic Stature

Social Benefits

A premier sporting event of the stature of the Olympics creates unprecedented excitement along with interest for such an incredible spectacle. The eyes of the world converge on one location at that time. Throughout the country, volunteerism gets a huge boost and this encourages the Civic attitude in the whole population. 

Global Culture

Athletes from all different corners of the world, coming from different cultures, with different heritage and religions, take part in the Olympics. Thus, the Olympics turn out to be a melting pot of culture and so the Olympics also act as a great teacher of the Global culture for the Global audience. 

Disadvantages of The Olympics


The cost of hosting the Olympic Games is enormous. Presently this cost has amounted to billions of US dollars. This cost includes firstly bidding for the right to host the Olympics, the cost of building new sports venues, etc. It often takes years for the host country to pay off the whole debt incurred. 

Does Hosting Olympic Game Cost Extravagantly

Usage of Structures

In the absence of proper planning beforehand, reusing the incredibly large sporting venues constructed for the Olympics can prove to be a huge task. For example, a stadium that has the capacity to hold more than eighty thousand people will really be completely full while hosting any event other than the Olympics. 

After the games do the magnificent infrastructures cease to be useful

Negative Publicity

The eyes of the world focused on one location for an extended period of time, it is extremely easy for the host country to face extreme negative publicity in case anything goes wrong. Several negative factors including corruption cost overrun(s), the death toll during venue construction(s), etc. can give a very bad name to the host country. 


Any kind of lapse in the security of the athletes, dignitaries, etc. can prove detrimental for the Olympics and the host country as a whole. Not only do these incredibly high levels of security demand severe costs, they can also incredibly hinder the daily lives and freedom of the locals. 


It generally takes years for the host country to pay off the debt incurred. This often leads to high increases in taxes. The hosting cities play a huge part in footing the bill for the Olympics and the local taxpayers are the ones who often bear the burden of all the run-off costs. 

Local Businesses

Major corporates acquire exclusive rights to the Olympics owing to the massive funding that they provide to the organizers and this leads to almost all local businesses and suppliers being excluded from the Olympics. Even the cost of food and beverages is drastically high at the venues and the local suppliers are simply not allowed to compete. 

Focus on Issues

A longstanding argument against the Olympics is that the magnanimity of this sporting event forces the governing body of the host country to overlook a lot of the pressing issues already in existence in the country and focus all of its attention and resources to only on hosting the Olympics properly. 

  The Olympics is a true celebration of sports. Athletes dream of getting a chance to take part in the Olympics. Undoubtedly the hosting of such a mammoth event comes with its fair share of problems.

Even then every country wants to acquire the privilege of hosting The Olympics and with careful planning, it can become a legacy the country creates for itself. 

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