18+ Pros and Cons of Online Designing Apps (Explained)

  Designing of an App encompasses not only the User Interface or UI, but also the User Experience or UX. The style of the app as a whole, including the entire colour scheme of the app, the selection of the fonts to be used along with the buttons and widgets to be put in the app for the user, falls under the purview of designing an app. 

  Nowadays there are several online apps which have brought this whole complicated process to our fingertips. Online designing apps provide a quicker and cheaper alternative to traditional app designing and it is so easy that even a person with negligible knowledge in app designing can do it flawlessly. 

Pros of Online Designing Apps 

  • Programming Skills

The online apps are built keeping in mind that a host of it’s users might have minimal to absolutely no knowledge of programming. So the app development process is kept fairly simple. So, any content and/or component, when it is added it is also shown during preview in the corresponding section, in real time. 

  • Savings

Opting for the use of Online Designing Apps, provides the user with the opportunity to save a significant amount of money, which might otherwise have been spent on acquiring the services of any professional designer. The total savings from using these online designing apps can range anywhere from 40% to 80%.

  • Development Speed

This type of apps, compresses the whole time that is required to build the new app(s), to only a few hours. The full process of development may require several days to be completed and around a couple of weeks more for it to be placed in any App Store. 

  • Architecture

Users do not have to spend time on placement of the elements in the building process, as the builders of the online apps put in ready-made templates along with examples. It depends on the user if he/she wants to start from scratch or make use of any of the templates for any specific app type. 

  • Support

The building service that these online apps provide, also include placement of the developed app(s) in stores. The service also includes any further support the user may require. Also any additional features can be turned on or off by the user, at any point in time that he/she chooses. 

  • Accessibility

This is one of the most alluring features of online designing apps as this is what allows the user to access the app, under development, from anywhere he/she can access the internet and make any necessary changes to it whenever he/she wants. This free and easy access is not possible with a professional app developer. 

  • Update

There are a huge number of people who use these online apps for designing apps of their own. So the developers of such apps always keep their apps updated to the latest version(s), so that the user experience is top-notch. So users always get the best tools possible to design their apps.

  • Flexibility

These apps, owing to the fact that they are online, have the capability to be used on every device, unlike native apps. Their programming allows them to be run on any available operating system. Android, iOS and Windows are just a few of the many operating systems it can appropriately adapt to. 

  • Easy Setup

New users can easily get set up and running with designing, on these online designing apps. The only thing needed is the creation of an account which includes provision of a URL, the preferred username and finally a password. The whole process can hardly take a couple of minutes in total. 

Cons of Online Designing Apps

  • Template Design

One of the main drawbacks of using these online designing apps is that the design samples or templates that come with these apps, cannot be changed. Even though it is possible in certain cases to alter the design, that too only partially, in most cases, even that is not possible. 

  • Editing

Online Designing Apps have templates or features which drastically limit the possibilities of making any change in the code and/or structure. So basically, significant modifications cannot be made to this structure. Similarly, the service owners limit the user’s capabilities to modify the content of the app(s) with subscription plans. 

  • Limited

In case of using an online designing app, to create a new app, that new app gets tied to that particular proprietary platform forever. So it is basically impossible to transfer that particular website to any other platform and if done, it will always be in violation of the rules. 

  • Ownership

The user has only partial ownership of the app that is created. In fact the app designing service used can, lawfully, at any point of time and at their own discretion, unilaterally, prevent the user from using the product he/she created and/or block or even delete the user’s account and/or refuse any cooperation with the user in future. 

  • Extension

The apps that are designed on these online designing apps do not have the capability to integrate third-party services and/or develop no-standard functions to the fullest extent possible. The fact always remains that only the features that have already been offered on the platform, can be connected and implemented. 

  • Additional charges

Growth of the app being designed can get hindered owing to the additional charges that might be applied owing to the degree of use of the online designing app. In case of increased usage, internal queries the online service receives and data stored increases, which may increase cost that is incurred. 

  • Internet

Being online, these designing apps are completely reliant on the user being able to access the internet. So, while it might be very problematic, with an unstable internet connection, it is going to be completely impossible to access any particular online designing app in an area which has no internet connection. 

  • Website issues

Online apps have severe imperfections in their workings in the absence of a quality corporate website and in case of any website issue(s), the user’s application lands in trouble too. Problems in the development of the website can cause problems in it’s loading, etc. which leads to issues regarding access to the app. 

  Online Designing Apps are at their core still apps and they have a lot of issues, but with careful planning they can be used by the user to his/her advantage. Like, these apps can be the perfect option if the desired product does not include major modifications in code and functionality and/or the templates on offer in the online app are suitable and/or the user is only looking to test one particular niche before developing an actual product later. 

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