20+ Pros and Cons of Online Drawing Apps (Explained)

 Drawing is an art and it can also be a very enjoyable and engaging pastime activity for people. It is also possible to earn money by creating drawings. The recent advancements in technology has led to the development of a hoard of different online drawing apps that have improved upon the way many people draw. 

  These online apps help people to easily create drawings in far less time than traditional methods and act as a great tool for teaching drawing to newbies. In this digital age, online drawing apps provide an attractive digital alternative for the ancient activity of drawing. 

Advantages of Online Drawing Apps

  • Accuracy

This is one of the major advantages of using online apps for drawing. The resultant creation has a far better level of accuracy associated with it when it is made using these online apps. The user can easily achieve more perfect lines, the exact shade required, the exact brush for use, etc. 

  • Features

The features that come already built in with these apps directly assist the user in drawing and allows him/her to easily achieve the exact creation that he/she has in mind. In fact there are even tools already into the app that the user can use to build on like different shapes eg. Circle, Rectangle, etc. 

  • Quality

Something that comes assured with the use of online drawing apps is quality. These apps make sure that whatever the aesthetical content of the creation may be, the visible quality will always be of the highest order. The drawing(s) can even have the resolution adjusted for viewing and/or printing. 

  • Speed

This is another advantage that drawing on online apps provides as the substantial amount of time that is spent on drawing while using traditional methods, is completely eliminated. The plethora of different features and tools that assist in the drawing process, available on these apps, make the process much easier and faster. 

  • Correcting Mistakes

This is arguably a completely unchallenged advantage of online drawing apps. Using traditional methods leaves almost no room for error and mistakes often require the whole process to be restarted. Any mistakes here can just be omitted at the click of a button and the save feature allows for restarting from any point desirable.

  • Hassle – 

Drawing generally involves a host of arrangements before even starting on the whole drawing process. This may include acquiring paper, colours, brushes, etc. just to name a few. However online drawing apps drastically brings down these requirements. Since they can even be accessed using smartphones all that is needed is opening the app. 

  • Colour shade

Artists have to usually put in a lot of work like mixing different shades, combining different materials together to achieve a shade that can be used as paint, etc to find the exact colour shade needed. Using the colour bar on these apps, all that is required is moving the cursor to get the required shade. 

  • Accessibility

Generally to create a drawing, you are stuck at one particular location while completing the whole process. Drawings can be made when and where the user prefers. Owing to the fact that it is digital, the user can even draw while being physically on the move without having to compromise on the drawing quality. 

  • Learning tool

Owing to their beneficial features like less time spent, ease of correcting mistakes, attractiveness of creations, etc. a host of educational institutions and organisations around the world have started to use these online apps to get children accustomed to drawing and thus getting some of them hooked onto this beautiful artform. 

  • Ease of use

These apps are developed for the mass and so they are designed to be very simple to use. Often hovering the cursor over a tool icon gives all the information about the tool. So even someone who is new to apps and using them can easily get a hang of the process and start creating drawings. 

Disadvantages of Online Drawing Apps

  • Reliance on features

One of the biggest problems of these apps is that with continued use the users actually start getting overly reliant on all the different features available on the online drawing apps. So after one point in time they lose their practice of making any creations without the help of these features. 

  • Internet

Owning to the fact that these drawing apps are online they are very heavily dependent on the user having access to the internet. In case the connection to the internet is either lost or the connection is not stable and/or secure the apps will not work properly, if at all. 

  • Glitches

Owing to the fact that these are all digital apps, they also fall prey to their fair share of glitches, crashes, freezes, etc. The user can undergo several experiences where the particular app hangs. In case the file has not been saved properly, this can result in complete loss of the drawing. 

  • Extensive practice

Like in the traditional methods of drawing, even creating drawings on online drawing apps require extensive practice to create something of incredible aesthetic quality. Several of the drawing tools available on these apps can be very hard to get under complete control at first and it requires practice, time after time, to finally get it right. 

  • Advanced Versions

The designers release the basic versions of these apps, to be used free of cost. However, the true professionals will not be satisfied with the scope and quality of these versions and the high quality versions of the apps can only be bought, and that too at very high prices. 

  • Spoilt for choice

The host of different features that are available on the online drawing apps also have a huge downside as they provide the user with simply too many choices and possibilities. The users can create innumerable shapes, colour shades etc. This creates an endless amount of possibilities, which might result in creative paralysis. 

  Human beings are inherently creative creatures. As a result, online drawing apps help to keep the artist in us alive along with benefitting our brain functions. These apps definitely have several downsides like all other digital apps.

However, in a time when human beings are turning more and more into machines and children are losing their patience and want, of learning art, these online drawing apps might just help in keeping the art of drawing alive in one form or another. 

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