21+ Pros and Cons of Online Movie Streaming Apps (Explained)

Online movie streaming apps have grown really popular over the last few years. There are many different apps available; Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, to name a few and they have a great range of movies. These online movie streaming apps allow multiple viewership and are available at quite reasonable rates.

They can be accessed by many people, at different parts of the world and therefore are quite convenient. Most of these online movie streaming apps also come up with original content.

These original movies or TV shows are often rather good and quite enjoyable. However, if you do not have access to proper internet connection, then none of these will actually work, unless you have downloaded a movie. 

Pros of Online Movie Streaming Apps

  • Movies can be viewed from anywhere, at any time:  

Online streaming apps are generally used on mobile phones. You can watch a movie wherever you want, as long as there is proper internet connection. If there is proper internet connection, then the movie will stream without buffering no matter where you are. 

  • Provides access to a wide range of movies:

There are many movies available on an online streaming app. The movies can be of different languages and from different countries. These apps provide a wide range and you can check out your desired content whenever you want. The content ranges from popular to lesser known movies and you can find really great content if you browse through the options. 

  • Movies can be viewed on any device with internet connection:

While online movie streaming apps are usually downloaded and used on mobile devices, they can be accessed from other devices as well. You can watch a movie at home on your desktop computer or you can view it on your mobile when you are out or maybe, on a flight.  

  • There are no ads to interrupt viewing:

When you are watching a movie on the television, every fifteen minutes there will be a break for advertisements. This does not happen when you are watching a movie on an online streaming app. There are no ads and you can watch a movie without constant interruptions that often ruin the whole experience. 

  • Many people can have access to one app:

Most online movie streaming apps allow many people to watch simultaneously. These apps have multiple screens or simply allow many people to share viewership. This is very convenient. It helps to divide up the subscription fee and more people can watch the movies at the same time. 

  • Streaming quality can be adjusted:

If you are using your mobile data to watch a movie, then you can adjust the streaming quality so that too much data is not consumed. On the other hand, if you have unlimited data or are using Wi-Fi connection, then you can view the movie at extremely high quality. 

  • Movies can be downloaded for later viewing:

We cannot always stream a movie when we want to. But online streaming apps allow users to download content. Sometimes, the internet connection might not be consistent and if that happens, then it is easier to download the movie and watch it later. You will not need any internet to watch downloaded content. 

Cons of Online Movie Streaming Apps

  • The internet connection has to be absolutely secure at all times:

To stream a movie on any app, the internet connection has to be absolutely stable. There has to be a 4G connection and if you do not have that then there will be buffering and the whole experience will be rather unpleasant. 

  • Popular movies or very old movies might not be available:

The content that you desire might not be available in all online movie streaming apps. Usually, these apps do not contain newly released, popular movies. Those take a while to arrive and some do not make it to these apps at all. It is the same for older movies. Very old movies, no matter how good, are not available on most apps. 

  • Several movies are eventually removed from the app:

The content available in an online movie streaming app does not stay forever. Movies are added and then removed. You might not get to watch one because it got removed too soon. Since all content cannot be viewed at once, this is a major problem. 

  • The experience of watching a movie in a packed theatre is lost:

There is quite something about watching an action packed blockbuster or a beautiful rom-com on the big screen. That experience is definitely lost when you are viewing a movie on your mobile phone or even on the desktop. The screens are unable to capture the larger than life emotions that the theatre offers. 

  • Some streaming apps are quite expensive:

While most streaming apps are available at affordable rates, there are some that cost quite a lot. Even if the content offered is excellent, high subscription costs will make online streaming quite a difficult task for many people. If an online movie streaming app is too expensive then people will have to depend on cable and will miss often out on good content. 

  • All movies are not available in all regions:

Most online movie streaming apps limit their content according to the region they are being accessed from. People in the United States might have age to a wide range of movies. But people from other countries will have to wait a long time to watch those movies or might have to miss them completely. 

Online movie streaming apps are used by many people and because of this the movie theatre industry is suffering. More and more people are depending upon online movie streaming apps to get their entertainment, instead of buying a ticket to see the latest movie. Now some movies take too long to be added to an app, or do not arrive at all, and they have to be viewed at the theatre.

So for these movies, you will have to get a ticket and go to your nearest movie hall. But, obviously, online movie streaming apps allow you to watch a movie from the comforts of your home and nothing can truly beat that. 

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