25+ Pros and Cons of Owning a Ford F150 (Explained)

It is very handy to own a truck if you are planning to buy only one vehicle. A truck comes handy for multiple purposes whereas a car can only be used for travelling to places. One can use a truck for personal travelling purposes as well as for delivering bulk goods. 

But it is important for a person to take care to choose which truck is favourable to their needs. Ford F150 is one of the trucks that has been around in the market for years now and has become a reliable brand that people can trust with eyes closed.

Benefits of owning a Ford F150Drawbacks of owning a Ford F150
Choices of engine availableNeed to choose engine carefully
Stronger frameIncreasing cost
Improved crash protectionSystem lag
Safe to rideLacks fuel efficiency
LCD Productivity ScreenLow predicted reliability rate
Wi-Fi hotspotSlow to respond
Spacious interior
Low noise
Mileage and power


  • Choices of engine available:

Each type of engine is designed by the engineers to perform and excel at a certain aspect. That does not mean that a certain engine designed to provide more mileage will not provide power or vice-versa. It just means that an engine will excel at what it is built for. One might buy a truck for various purposes and it will vary from person to person.

Each person will look for a different kind of engine in order to suit their needs. There are a number of choices available for the engine of a Ford F15o, each one to suit a specific need.

  • Stronger frame:

A strong frame is very crucial to a truck. As trucks can be used for numerous purposes, it is essential for a truck to be built with a strong frame. One can use trucks for serving business needs such as delivery services and thus it is important for them too be built strong enough so that they can endure being used roughly and constantly throughout.

  • Improved crash protection:

Accidents, though uncalled for, can happen anytime and anywhere even if one is very careful. Thus, it is better that the truck has as much protection as is possible, in case it crashes and meets an accident. To reduce the damage caused by a crash, Ford F150 is built with a strong frame by using aluminium that has lesser quantity of steel. Steel has been mainly used in the underbody of the vehicle to give better crash protection.

  • Safe to ride:

Riding a vehicle is a risk in itself. So, the vehicle must be built and designed in such a way that the driver should feel safe to drive the vehicle. Ford F150 is built in such a way with stronger frame and better crash protection, the driver feels safe to drive the truck.

  • LCD Productivity Screen:

The LCD Productivity Screen is extremely helpful for drivers as they can change the settings of the LCD Screen so that it displays the information that is relevant to the driver. This helps the driver to get hold of important information just by glancing at the screen once and also makes their drive a lot smoother.

  • Wi-Fi hotspot:

In recent times, with the advent of technology, wi-fi hotspot has become an essential feature for almost every vehicle. So, it is redundant to say that Ford F150 is also equipped with wi-fi hotspot. The driver can use this hotspot even when he is 50 feet away from his vehicle and also can connect 10 devices at once to this hotspot.

  • Spacious interior:

In case of most vehicles, people always prefer a bigger one to a smaller one. Space and comfort are the important factors for any vehicle. Ford F150 is not just suitable for delivery services, it makes it possible for families to travel together because of its spacious interior.

  • Low noise:

Some people feel uncomfortable to drives trucks or vehicles that make a lot of screeching or squeaking noise. Ford F150 has taken care that no such discomfort occurs. The truck makes almost no noise even when one is driving at a high speed. This is comforting for a lot of people.

  • Mileage and power:

Some people expect mileage from their truck while others expect power. With its choices of engine, Ford F150 has something to please everyone. It even has an engine that provides both mileage and power in a balanced way.


  • Need to choose engine carefully:

Granted that there are a lot of choices in case of the choice of the engine of Ford F150 and there is something to fulfil almost everyone’s need. But in case the person chooses the wrong engine, meaning the engine that is not well suited to his purpose, then it will be a problem.

  • Increasing cost:

There are a number of trim levels available for the Ford F150. People who want more comfort in their truck will try to look at the higher levels of trim. As one goes up the trim ladder, the cost of the truck starts increasing. So, if one does not want the entry level truck, they will need to pay a considerable amount for climbing up the trim ladder.

  • System lag:

The infotainment system is found in the upper trim level of Ford F150. Mostly, the system is user friendly and works pretty well but sometimes, as has been reported, it lags a bit. Also, the XL trim level truck lacks any kind of infotainment system.

  • Lacks fuel efficiency:

When compared to the other pickup trucks in the market, it can be said that Ford F150 lags behind in the area of fuel efficiency, even though it has several choices of engine available.

  • Slow to respond:

The transmission of the Ford F150 is not the most perfect one and is slow to respond even though it gets the job done.

Owning a Ford F150 is overall beneficial with its flexible choices of engine and higher level trims. Driving it is not just a matter of comfort and also something you can boast of. 

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