26+ Pros and Cons of Permanent Hair Strengthening (Explained)

Many a times we have looked at that perfect hair of some actress and wondered what they might be doing and how much they might be spending to have such beautiful hair. We are very fast to consider having such flowing and beautiful hair outside our means. But there is no reason to consider the dream of having beautiful straight hair just a dream. 

We can have beautiful and straight just by spending a few hours in the salon. In these few hours, the hair stylists can turn our frizzy and tangled hair into straight silky hair permanently.

Benefits of permanent hair straighteningDrawbacks of permanent hair straightening
Silky hairIrreversible
Hair looks perfectNo volume
SustainableThin hair
Lesser tanglesHigh maintenance
Less frizzy hairSplit ends
Manageable hairExpensive
New lookDamaged hair
Easy to style


  • Silky hair:

Almost no one in the world is satisfied with how their hair looks and feels. All of us want hair that feel good to run fingers through and appears silky. This kind of hair is not possible for people living in every climatic condition. But with good care, a bit of time and a few hours in a salon, even this is possible in every climatic condition. If you go for permanent straightening, then you can have that silky and smooth hair that you once dreamed of.

  • Hair looks perfect:

We all have stared at someone or the other, be it an actress or a mere passer-by, flipping their perfect hair while walking in the airport or while getting out of a car and wished to have their hair. You might not get to have the identical hair as them but you can definitely have perfect hair by opting for permanent hair straightening.

  • Sustainable:

The popular notion is that one has to spend a considerable amount of time, at least a few hours, every other day in the salon if one wishes to have good hair. Such is definitely not the case. One does not need to spend so much time in a hair salon to fulfil their wish of having good hair.

One just needs to spare a few hours in the salon to have good hair and one is good to go for at least a few months.

  • Lesser tangles:

If there is hair, there must be tangles- this is what we normally know. Everyone who has long hair suffers from tangles and are irritated with them.

Every time one goes forward to comb their hair, a lump of hair will come off if not they meticulously spend their time in detangling their hair. Permanent hair straightening can almost solve this problem as it reduces the tangles noticeably.

  • Less frizzy hair:

After a long day when we barely get to care for ourselves in any way, let alone our hair, we come home to see our hair frizzy and sticky. This is most definitely not a good image that we get to see in the mirror. People do a lot of things to rid their hair of frizz but that needs constant haircare. Permanent hair straightening can solve this problem once and for all.

  • Manageable hair:

Sometimes we get tired of trying to make our hair behave. No matter how many tricks or hacks we try, we just cannot get the desired result out of them. But when one opts to straighten their hair permanently, it not only gives them the perfect hair but also makes it manageable.

  • New look:

Every once in a while, we might feel like trying out a new look. The overall look of a person is hugely influenced by how their hair looks. If one wants to try out a new look, changing their hair is the first thing they should do. Permanent straightening changes the look of a person completely.

  • Easy to style:

It is redundant to say that after one’s hair is straightened permanently, it becomes silky, smooth and manageable. This helps the person to style their hair in many different ways and try out various hairdos which they would have avoided otherwise.


  • Irreversible:

Permanently straightened hair looks great but if one has a change of mind and they feel like going back to how their hair look naturally, without straightening, then that becomes a problem. Permanent hair straightening is irreversible and once done, it cannot be undone.

  • No volume:

If you are someone who loves their hair bouncy, then permanent straightening is not for you. Permanently straightened hair suffers a heavy reduction in volume and becomes very smooth and silky.

  • Thin hair:

As permanently straightened hair suffers a heavy reduction in volume, naturally the hair appears to be thin and almost sticks to the scalp. For the initial two or three months after the process, it might even appear like one is wearing a wig.

  • High maintenance:

The measures that one needs to take to maintain their straight and smooth hair are a lot. They need to use specific shampoo and other products specially made for artificially straightened hair.

  • Split ends:

It has been seen that permanently straightened hair is more prone to split ends that any natural hair. It beats the purpose of having good hair if it is not healthy.

  • Expensive:

The procedure of straightening one’s hair is very expensive. The cost increases with the length of one’s hair. Moreover, the specific products that one needs to use after the process also costs a lot.

  • Damages hair:

The heat used in the procedure of permanently straightening one’s hair makes it unhealthy. The heat damages the hair even though measures are taken to protect the hair from being damages by heat.

Permanently straightened hair gives one the conventionally beautiful straight hair but it also damages the hair due the heat that is used in the procedure. One is free to use every means which they think will make them look more beautiful, but it is also essential for them to know the damage it might cause.

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