22+ Pros and Cons of Photo Editing App (Explained)

Photo editing apps are the new inventions for the new generation. Previously only software like Photoshop would be considered for editing purposes, but since the popularization of smart phones and the availability of good cameras on nearly every smart phone, photo editing apps have become the norm of a world that is ready to click and edit at the first opportunity that it finds.

Photo editing apps have the useful tools to make your selfies and your landscape images look amazing. The reason photo editing apps are important is because the photos can be edited to one’s own desire after the initial click.


  • Great for Beginners:

Photo editing apps are the best way for a beginner photographer to find their way around a camera and the many details of a camera and photos in itself, like tone, brightness, contrast, etc. Photo editing apps help amateurs realise their goals as photographer and learn simultaneously.

are photo editing apps beneficial for beginners
  • Better Presentation:

Photo editing apps are better for presentation of photos as well. They help in the transformation of fairly simple photos and make sure the work of a photographer is well received in the beginning of their career. The work of a photographer or a social media personality is made easy with these apps.

do they provide better presentation
  • Learning Process:

As mentioned before the photo editing apps are great for learning as well. In details one could say that the concepts of photography are cleared by these apps, some of them which have tutorials as well. These app are also helpful for people who want to maintain a social media presence because of the filters provided.

  • Simple Interface:

The interface of photo editing apps are fairly simple to use and to complete projects. These apps use the kind of interface that resembles social media sites, and hence make it easier for the user to get accustomed to the ins and outs of the editing app.

  • Fast Processing:

A lot of the speed of apps depends upon the speed of computers or the mobile phone you are using, but photo editing apps tend to have built in speed that is required to process photos faster and show you more options as filters at quicker pace.

  • Better than In-Built Editing Apps:

Photo editing apps downloaded from the internet are much better than the ones already installed in the memory of the phone. These apps are also better qualitatively than the in-built phone versions of photo editing apps. They offer a lot more options and have more grit.

  • Altering Image Size:

In built phone apps do not have the option of altering an image size. This is something that these photo editing apps provide. Hence they are more advantageous than the normal editing apps of the phone. They also help in resizing the pixels of the photo you would like to edit.

  • Removal of Unwanted Items:

Unwanted parts of images that you wish to edit can be removed after the editing has been completed. This is also a feature that is not available on normal photo editing apps in built in the phone. They ensure that the photos are perfect for presentation to an audience.

  •  Noise Reduction:

The photos that you have captured, especially if captured with a mobile phone can have a lot of noise and have to be edited by a professional. Photo editing apps have a manual option of noise reduction that helps it become a better than normal photo editing apps. 


  • Space Issues:

One of the biggest problems that users of the photo-editing apps face is the use of space in the mobile phone or laptop. These apps usually take up a lot of space that could be used to install other apps. This is one reason people hesitate in downloading these apps.

  • In-app Purchases:

A lot of the features of this app are not accessible readily without the purchase of these features separately from the registered seller. This makes it difficult for college goers and beginners in making the most out of these apps. The apps make sure that they are made profitable by leaving out important extra features.

are these apps expensive
  • Distorts Perception of Beauty:

The beauty of these apps is in the editing features that these provide, but at the same time, these apps also set unreal standards for beauty where the people taking photos of themselves edit the images to such an extent that they look unreal and create false standards.

do photo editing apps distort the preception of beauty
  • Time Consuming:

The photo editing apps can also be a distraction to working people as they create lots of distractions by adding new features and enabling you to create images that may be better than the clicked image, but also have the possibility of making it difficult to get off quickly.

  • Spoils Natural Beauty of Image:

These photo editing apps also have a problem when it comes to images of natural landscapes, where these apps tend to auto-edit the image to such an extent that they do not look nice anymore. There is the option of disabling the auto-edit option.

  • Limitations to Skill:

Just like these apps are good for beginners to learn editing and the craft of making it easier to shoot photos, it also makes the case of limiting the skill of the photographer by providing heavily edited, refined images without any effort. This is a hindrance in development.

  • Not a Good Replacement for Natural Talent:

No app in this world can replace or substitute the essence and beauty of natural talent, which separates the best from the good. Learning the skill of editing photos is better than any other automated development app. This is a substitute that cannot be bought.

The photo-editing apps that are now so popular are actually really good editing apps for beginners and professionals looking to click some light and easy pictures. If used with caution, these apps will generate a lot of productive material and productive photos that will challenge the photographers of the community. 

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