Pineapple: 30+ Pros And Cons (You Must Know)

Pineapple was named as one of the healthiest fruits in the world and has some seriously amazing benefits. This one contains no fat and cholesterol along with plenty of vitamins.

However, eating pineapple also has some side effects which are major drawbacks. To understand more about this, here are the pros and cons of pineapple.

Pros Of Pineapple Cons Of Pineapple 
Boost immune system Might be allergic 
Reduce allergy of swelling and sinusesSpike the sugar level 
Reduces stress Damage teeth 
Keep hair thicker Excess menstrual flow 
Nail strengthen and healthy Lead to diarrhea 
Reduce acne Cause bromelain reaction 
Good for nausea Bad for medications 
Good for chapped lips Cause oral allergy syndrome 
Prevention from cancer 
Good for mental health 
Improve foot cracking 
Strengthen gums
Strength the bones 
Decrease blood clotting 
Relief for cold and cough 

Pros Of Pineapple

Boost The Immune System

Pineapples have a powerful source of Vitamin C. According to the Food and Drug Administration, this one contains half of the daily recommended value that adults should have in their diet.

Vitamin C primarily is a water-soluble antioxidant that helps in fighting against cell damage.

Remedy For Allergy Swelling And Sinuses

Vitamin C and bromelain help in reducing the mucus which is present in the nose and throat.

So if you are suffering from seasonal allergies, add pineapple to your diet along with bromelain supplements to improve.

Helps In Strengthen The Bones

Pineapples have loads of vitamin c along with manganese which helps in connecting the tissue and strengthening the bones.

According to a study, it suggests that magazines can help in the prevention of osteoporosis in women in post-menopausal.

There are over 70% doses of manganese in one cup of fresh pineapple juice which is recommended for daily doses.

Eating a few chunks of pineapple can help in keeping the body strong.

Reducing Stress

Well, eating pineapple can also help in reducing stress. The fruit contains several  B vitamins which help the brain to function better.

Also, it helps in increasing the ability to deal with stress. And improve the efficiency.

Helpful In Cold And Cough

Pineapples have anti-inflammatory bromelain and Vitamin C. This can be a great remedy that can help in treating coughing and nasty colds.

Bromelain can help in reducing the problems related to respiratory and swelling.

Pineapples also have enzymes that reduce inflammation and clean up the mucus in the respiratory system.

Decrease The Clotting In Blood

Bromelain present in the pineapple helps in reducing the excessive coagulation in blood.

Also, it can be helpful if you fly frequently, flight attendants and movers. Add this fruit to your snack to reduce the chances of blood clotting.

Improves The Eye Health

Since the pineapple has a high level of vitamin C and antioxidants, this helps in reducing the chances of macular degeneration which is an eye disease. This can even cause vision loss, especially for elders who are exposed to this.

It has beta carotene too which is an important element to keep your eye healthy and functioning properly.

Prevention From Cancer

Pineapple has a lot of antioxidants which helps in capturing as well as fighting against the free radicals

Not just that, it helps in slowing down the process of cell damage. It leads to the prevention of some types of cancer.

According to some research, pineapples have enzymes that can kill and shrink cancer cells.

Improve The Fertility

You can improve fertility, and free radicals make the reproductive system bad.

Getting the regular use of antioxidant pineapple which can help you in recommending the couples who are trying to conceive.

Keeps Your Mental Health Improves

Pineapples also have the amino acid tryptophan, which also helps you in creating the happy hormone.

So when you have enough amino acids, vitamin B, and other nutrients, this keeps the neurological system working.

Make Your Nausea Relieve

Taking pineapple juice can help in improving if you are going through morning nausea. And if you are pregnant, this can help you.

Anyone suffering going through motion sickness with the help of drinking the juice. Also, you can take this with you while you are traveling.

Cure The Chapped Lips

If you are having the lips which are to happen, you can use the pineapple and mix it with coconut.

Apply it on your lips and it will keep it hydrated and keep the skin smooth.

It’s tasty and healthy, and you can use it to keep your lips looking good.

Makes Your Gums Feel Strengthen

Pineapple can help you in keeping your gum feel, tighten tissues, and help in preventing oral cancer.

It consists of an astringent agent abundant and it helps to fix the teeth loss and problems of gums.

It helps you in keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

Improve The Digestion

If you are going through a digestion problem, adding pineapple to your diet can help in getting rid of the digestion problem.

Pineapples have vitamin C, dietary fiber, bromelain, etc which helps in improving it better.

Reduce The Blood Pressure

Pineapples have a lot of vitamins and minerals, they have a lot of potassium.

Potassium has a vasodilator that is strong in nature, this eases the tension in blood vessels and promotes proper blood circulation to the body’s various parts.

When the blood vessels relax, blood pressure helps reduce the blood flow which is restricted.

Help For Improving  Foot Cracks

If you are going through foot cracks when you have been hitting too long on the road. You can treat with the pineapple scrub to get something for swelling and inflammation.

Reduce The Acne Like Problem

Pineapple is also good for the skin conditioner. It contains all the anti-inflammatory qualities including Bromelain, Special enzymes, and vitamin C.

You can use it for a natural mask, add some turmeric and use it on your face.

Makes Your Nails Strengthen

If you are going through nails that are getting too much of break and crack a lot, you might be lacking vitamin A and B.

So if you want to keep the nails healthy and strong, you can use pineapple.

You can either use it applying and munch.

Keeps The Hair Looks Thicker

Vitamin C antioxidant properties help you in keeping your hair growth and improve overall health.

You can also apply this on the scalp, and provide the vital nutrients to make the follicles improve and grow better.

Also, you can get a shiny bounce and thicker.

Cons Of Pineapple

Pineapples have different side effects, however, it’s important to eat the right portion, in fact, it’s important to know what suits you.

So if you are eating too much or if it’s not for you, here are some of the major cons that you might get.

You Might Have Allergy

Consumption of pineapple can also lead to allergic reactions. Pineapple has properties that are quite similar to meat tendering. And these are causing allergic reactions.

Mostly it can cause the resolve on their own, however, if it is, then you need to be consulted.

It Can Cause The Sugar Levels

One of the major effects that you need to be aware of, it has the issue that can heighten blood sugar levels. It can also be complicated for people who have diabetic problems.

They have natural sugars which are high, and because of this, they can relate to the sugar level in the body.

It Can Have The Bromelain Reaction

PIneapple haze the bromelain and it’s an enzyme that can be found in their stem and juice.

This can be the cause of reactions to the body. Also, this can lead to blood thinners and risk excessive bleeding.

It Can Have The Drug Interaction

Pineapples have problems with the medication or certain types of drugs.

This can also lead to major effects and problems. The fresh pineapples have antibiotics like tetracycline and amoxicillin, which increase the side effects of the antibiotics.

It can cause symptoms like chills, fever, chest pain, bloody nose, and dizziness.

It Can Cause The Oral Allergy Syndrome

Oral allergy syndrome can also be an allergy to airborne diseases like pollen or dust.

This can also happen when the immune system consumes the protein which you get from the pineapple.

The system can cause irritation or itching feeling on the tongue especially after consuming the pineapple.

It Can Problems Like Diarrhea

Eating too much pineapple can lead to different symptoms, not just that it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and heartburn since it has a high vitamin  C.

It Can lead To Excess Menstrual flow

Especially to women, eating the right amount of pineapple is crucial. If you are eating too much of it, it can cause excessive menstrual flow, not just that it can also lead to problems like nausea and skin rash.

It Can Damage The Tooth

The fruit can be healthy and delicious, but it can also desensitize to tooth decay.

Fruits like this have higher acidic in nature which has the chemical process in the mouth when you eat it. Also, it can soften tooth decay and enamel.

With this, you can get extreme sensitivity and tooth pain when you consume too cold and hot.

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