22 Main Pros and Cons of Pinterest (You Must Know)

Pinterest is an online platform that allows you to literally “pin” your “interests”. The site allows you to create a board that you can customize howsoever you like. People use this site to create boards with customizable themes with the things they like.

Users use this site to gain inspiration and creativity by pinning the items they like on their boards.

This site is particularly useful for drawing inspiration for art, do-it-yourself materials, and various other things. However, with all the good things, there are also disadvantages to using Pinterest. We will now see what the advantages and disadvantages of using Pinterest are. 

Advantages of Pinterest

Allows creativity:

Pinterest is where people come to draw inspiration from. By searching for the type of thing you are interested in, you can get various options from which you can be inspired.

You may have seen artists create wonderful pieces on social media, and have credited Pinterest for inspiration. Therefore, Pinterest allows for creative juices to flow. 

Based on the visual:

Pinterest operates on the principle of visuals, and users can post pictures of the things they like or things that they are interested in. This site gets a lot of traffic based on the visual aspect. People post videos, pictures, short films, etc. You can share these images or videos, or even put them up on a website. 

It is meant for fun:

The site operates on making the users feel satisfied and enjoy the content that is posted by other users. While it does not have the workings to include business accounts as of yet, Pinterest genuinely wants people to enjoy and be inspired by the material that is posted on the site. 

inbuilt Search Engine Optimization:

The site Pinterest has an inbuilt Search Engine Optimization (SEO) What does this do? Well, the SEO creates a link that is stored each time a Pinterest user posts and pins something on their board.

This way, the search results are refined each time, and every time you search for a particular interest, your search is automatically refined by the links stored by SEO. 

The amount of referral is pretty high:

Pinterest outranks all other social media platforms in getting referrals. In fact, Pinterest has the highest amount of referrals, even over online social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. A high amount of referrals help in boosting a site and generate more revenue. 

Acts as a motivational site:

Pinterest offers various interests. It promotes healthy hobbies and inspirational activities that come as a change of air.

If you are looking to pull yourself out of funk and looking for the next big idea, you can hit up Pinterest, and check out some boards that carry your interests and hobbies. 

The concept of boards:

Pinterest offers users “boards” that are customizable, and users can post whatever they want on them. Usually, a user picks a theme and posts aesthetic images and videos that correlate to that theme. This is a good way to while the time away if you don’t have anything to do. 

Users can have as many boards as they want:

Pinterest does not restrict users by offering them only a single board. As a user, you do not have to stick with one board, nor do you have to create multiple accounts to have multiple boards.

Pinterest offers multiple boards to users, so if you have more than one interest, as it usually goes, you can create as many boards and themes as you like. 

Great stress buster:

Pinterest can be a great stress buster. After a long day, if you are looking for something to take your mind off of something, you can hit up Pinterest and search for new activities to do, or just chill out and see some paintings, or other activities that will relieve stress. 

 Primarily a female centred site:

Most users on Pinterest happen to be of the female gender. Females actually make up 85% of the user source. You will find many boards and accounts that are operated by females. Pinterest is a female encouraging site. 

Disadvantages of Pinterest:

Can be addictive:

Like any online social media platform that is not taken in moderation, Pinterest can be very addictive, and create a harmful impact on your life.

Addiction does not happen one fine day — it slowly creeps up ok you, and suddenly, you will find yourself whiling hours away, focusing on nothing but the site, while your other aspects of life lay neglected. 

There are problems of copyright infringement:

While you can post anything on Pinterest, there is a chance that your posts may be outright stolen as “inspiration”, and copied by countless others. Pinterest does not have a copyright on the items that you post  and in a way, nor do you.

If someone were to copy your original idea, they could do it with little repercussions. Even you could copy someone else’s idea off of Pinterest. 

Pinterest is becoming redundant:

Online social media platforms that operate solely on the visual aspect are coming to the forefront. Sites like Instagram and Snapchat concentrate on the visual, which is therefore making sites like Pinterest redundant.

This is the reason why Google+, a site similar to Pinterest and operated was by the multinational conglomerate Google, was taken off the market. 

Expectations created by Pinterest are unrealistic:

Pinterest offers some amazing interests to users. People post aesthetic photos of celebrations, travelling, creativity, etc., but in reality, these things are quite unrealistic for users.

These images are sometimes created with the help of Photoshop, but that is hardly ever revealed. Users who cannot live up to these expectations may get affected, which will create negative feelings of envy and gloom. 

Therefore, Pinterest is a creative site that will give you many ideas and inspiration for your next activity. However, be careful that you do not get sucked into this addictive social media platform, or influenced by the very unrealistic expectations promoted by Pinterest. 

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