19+ Pros and Cons of Pixi Cosmetic (Explained)

Beauty products are something that is considered almost essential by most of us. We need these products even to keep up the minimal health of our skin. Earlier, people used to mix natural ingredients that were rich in nutrition and beneficial for our skin in order to tend to their skins. 

But in today’s world, in the hustle bustle of our life, we lack the time to collect ingredients that can have a positive effect on our skin and then mix them properly to apply on our skin. Therefore, packaged beauty and skin care products come to our rescue.

Benefits of Pixi cosmeticsDrawbacks of Pixi cosmetics
Natural lookNeed to apply sunscreen
Fresh feelingAdded fragrance
Created by a renowned makeup artistMight not suit sensitive skin
Time efficientSmell might not suit everyone
Easy to maintain with a busy scheduleFew products do not go well with oily skin
Necessary products availableExpensive
Trusted brandOther packaging easier to use
Cruelty free


  • Natural look:

Most of us care about looking good and keeping our skin healthy. We want our good physical health to reflect on our skin. But the does not mean that we want to look like something that appears extraordinary or unnatural. It is not healthy to copy and aspire to look like someone, rather it is more beneficial if one focuses on looking naturally beautiful and healthy. The cosmetics and products by Pixi focus on giving its users a natural look that belongs exclusively to each user.

  • Fresh feeling:

Most of us have to hustle all day long to sustain a living standard. This life of constant hustle tires us out at the end of the day and that reflects on our physical health as well as our skin. To feel fresh is something that feels like a dream at that point. Pixi products give its users a feeling of freshness that helps them carry out their hustle all day long as well as feel fresh. They can keep the tiredness of their skin at bay by using products from Pixi.

  • Created by a renowned makeup artist

No one can place a trust on a brand that is established by any random person. But if a certain brand is established by an expert in the field or at least someone who knows about the things that the brand aims to propagate, then it is easier to trust that brand. A brand should not just have business motive, it can also be created to channelize the passion one has for the products that the brand is creating. Pixi is a brand that has been established by a renowned makeup artist and thus, can be easily trusted.

  • Time efficient:

Time is something that we always have less of. There can never be enough time to something. In this scenario, skin care and beauty are things that we do not have much time to spend on. Pixi is considerate of this shortage of time and has made products that do not take up much time to be used.

  • Easy to maintain in busy schedule:

The owner of the brand, Pixi, is a working woman and thus, is well aware how a busy schedule looks like. She has therefore, brought forward products that takes up the least of their time and can be used even while maintaining a busy schedule.

  • Trusted brand:

The brand has been around for quite sometime now and is trusted by many people. It has created a loyal customer base, which makes it easier for the newer and potential customers to trust the brand.

  • Necessary products available:

Once a person starts trusting a brand for a certain product, they tend to go back to that brand to check out other products. Pixi has products of all types and ranges, so that once a person trusts the brand, he does not have to go anywhere else.

  • Cruelty free and vegan:

There are numerous beauty products from brands that are guilty of testing their products on animals and torturing them to serve their own needs. Pixi is not one amongst them. It is a vegan and cruelty free brand and one can use the products without hurting their conscience.


  • Need to apply sunscreen:

Some Pixi products contain alpha hydroxy acid. While this acid helps in the generation of newer and more pigmented cells to replace the old cells on the skin, it also increases photosensitivity and thus, makes it essential to apply sunscreen separately.

  • Added fragrance:

There are multiple downsides when a product adds artificial fragrance to the natural fragrance of its ingredients. This acts as a disadvantage of using Pixi products as most of their products have artificial fragrance added to them.

  • Might not suit sensitive skin:

The artificial fragrance added to the products do not suit all the skin types. This makes it hard for people with sensitive skins to go for Pixi products as it might not suit their skin type.

  • Smell might not suit everyone:

Whenever a fragrance is added to a product, it should be taken care that it suits the olfactory senses of everyone. This is not possible as everyone has subjective choices when it comes to smell.

  • Few products not suitable for oily skin:

When it comes to practical use, few of the products produced by Pixi do not get along very well with oily skin, which makes the brand lose customers.

  • Expensive:

The products from Pixi are on the expensive side and can not be afforded by many people. So, only the people who are at a privileged position can buy them.

  • Other packaging easier to use:

The packing of the products from Pixi are more complicated when compared products from other companies.

Pixi is a brand with a loyal customer base and thus, can be trusted. Considering the products suit one’s skin, Pixi is a brand that one can swear by and can use without any guilt or doubt.

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