24+ Pros and Cons of Plastic Surgery (Explained)

Plastic Surgery is a medical procedure to modify, re-form or sculpt the human body. While aesthetic or cosmetic surgeries are the most common types of plastic surgery, reconstructive surgeries are not so much designed to increase appearance, but to repair the damage to the body and make it look as though it was before the trauma.

It is also the result of low self-appreciation and self-acceptance. We wouldn’t feel that we have to change anything if we really liked and loved ourselves. In particular, women are prepared to look good. There is so much pressure for beauty and slimming, which causes emotional distress to women all over the world and huge amounts of self-loathing.

BENEFITS of Plastic SurgeryDRAWBACKS of Plastic Surgery

Advantages of plastic surgery:


Those who are born with birth defects like palate splinters have trouble speaking. That’s why they might find it difficult to say what they want to say, while being teased by other young children. It can emotionally influence you and cause you to think less of yourself and have little self-appreciation.

On the other hand, victims of burning can also be affected by their conditions and women who have undergone mastectomy cannot feel comfort to other persons. Those problems can be resolved with plastic surgery and patients can eventually regain self-esteem.


Children with cleft palate, webbed finger and non-limbed children can undergo reconstructive surgery to perform daily activities. A child may undergo speech therapy after the splinter palate is fixed. In due course, he or she will be able to talk clearly about what is important if he or she plans a broadcasting career.

The same goes for children born and without limbs with webbed finger. Those children can act like ordinary children by working on the hands and using prosthetic devices. In most cases, plastic surgery is a necessity.


People want to feel good and how they look is a major factor in this matter. Although some born with congenital defects are okay, some are affected psychologically by what you see in front of the mirror. The self-image of a person can change for the better with plastic surgery.

Moreover, some studies show that the attractiveness of physical activity corresponds to professional success such as recruitment, promotion and salary.

Some studies have shown that attractive people in restaurants and retail facilities receive favourable treatment. If you work in an appearance or in a youth-driven industry, plastic surgery can boost the youthful look of your career.


There are children born with detached retina, tiny eyes and imperf-orate anus. If not treated, pain and discomfort may be caused in patients. These children can be spared further pain and suffering through reconstructive surgery. Breathing, vision and bowel movement will be normal.

Breast reconstruction can restore their body image for a surviving breast cancer who has a single or double mastectomy. Reconstructive surgery can make the person feel free again for a patient who has lived with an obvious disfigurement. It can face a world that is no longer stared and live free of any pre-existing judgment. Plastic surgery can in many cases be an incredible event that changes your life.

Disadvantages of plastic surgery:


Like any other procedure, either minor or major plastic surgery is likely to go wrong. Both preparations and considerations should be made. Before any type of surgery, the patient should be physically and mentally ready. Major damage is incurred in some cases. In selecting a plastic surgeon to perform the procedure, patients should be careful because a simple error may have resulted in serious complication.

The potential psychological and social adverse effects from plastic surgeries have much to do with the pre-surgical expectations of a patient and its mental and emotional pre-surgical condition. It is vital to recognize that although plastic surgery can provide positive rewards, your life, problems, or relationship problems will not change. It is also important to realize that physical “perfection” does not exist.


The amount of money needed to do this is another drawback of plastic surgery. This can cause thousands of dollars, depending on the type of procedure. For those who do not have sufficient money for surgery, this can be a problem.

Some do not even have health insurance coverage. There are also conditions under which multiple procedures are required to achieve the desired results. Cases such as large burns and imperforated anus require a number of surgeries in addition to other therapies in the meantime.


Another concern regarding plastic surgeries is that patients such as skin grafting may have pain. It takes time for recovery, and pain, discomfort, and patients receive medicine to reduce pain are part of the healing process.

However, some people cannot tolerate pain, to the extent that they depend on pain relievers and medicines. This may lead to drug problems if this is not monitored.


Plastic surgery is an occasion for some people to fix a perceived defect which has troubled them over many years. The thinking goes, we ‘d be so much nicer if we’d get it just fixed.

However, people who strongly perceive imperfects within themselves may experience body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). An obsessive attachment to a perceived physical defect marks this psychological disorder. It is equally influential for 1.7 to 2.9 percent of men and women, usually starting in adolescence and affecting both Hollywood players and performers and ordinary people.

Persons with BDD have in many cases undergone plastic surgeries but their outcomes are chronically unhappy. They wanted, ultimately, to have never undergone them.

It is important, and mainly a personal choice, to reconstruct and restore body parts. Anyone who believes they need plastic intervention shall have the right to do so. However, the time for research, contemplation and preparation for any surgery is always best taken. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery, making the right decision is easier for an individual.

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