20 Pros And Cons Of Naps (Explained)

Taking a nap sounds good especially when you feel the afternoon slump, and it also has different benefits for the individuals.

However a lot of people feel that power naps are not as effective as others believe, there is a lot of discussion on how much taking naps can be helpful.

To understand the pros and cons, here are different pointers you might need.

Pros Of Power NapsCons Of Power Naps
Reduce side effects of lack of sleepFeel groggy
Improve job performanceMakes you disoriented
Boost memory Disturb the sleep pattern
Prevent errors and mistakesIncrease insomnia 
Boost good feelingsSleep disorder issues 
Makes you feel alertHard to find fatigue reasons
Lower blood pressureCranky and moody feeling
Reduce anxiety Lead to diabetic problems 

Pros Of Power Naps

There are different benefits that you get when you take power naps once in a while.

However, here are the pointers that you need.

Reduce The Side Effects Of Sleep Deprivation

A lot of times, you might miss a good amount of sleep. This can lead to sleep deprivation and there are side effects of it.

Temporary sleep deprivation can occur when you are not getting a good amount of sleep once in a while.

If you are experiencing a recurring lack of sleep, this can cause sleep debt and naps are going to fix it.

Improve The Job Performance And Memory

A quick nap, it can help you in improving your performance in the work you do.

Especially If you are younger, power naps can help you a lot. You can also get better results in the memory too.

Regardless of age,  job performance, or physical performance can help in enhancing by keeping the eye shut for a brief time.

You might feel sluggish while you are at work or school, you will be able to improve the situation while taking a power nap.

It Helps In Lowering The Blood Pressure

Studies show that for those who are suffering from hypertension, taking short naps can help you in improving reading.

Also taking power naps can also lower blood pressure and improve health.

Prevents Errors And Mistakes

Sometimes sleep deprivation can lead to mind fog-like problems,  you might not know if you are going through it or not.

This leads to making more mistakes and errors while doing the job.

Especially if you are working in operating machinery or driving, this can be a serious problem.

Taking a power nap can help in reducing errors and mistakes as your mind is fresh and active for performing the work.

Release From The Stress

If you are going through something difficult, this stress can make your body feel exhausted, pain, mood duration, and pain.

Taking a brief nap can help you calm the body, also allowing the body to heal inflammation as well as industry along with improving the mood.

Makes You More Alert

Fatigue can affect your alertness too, it can make you lose focus and make you less attentive.

That’s why taking a 10 or 20-minute rest can help you make you feel more ready for the rest of the day and attentive.

According to a NASA Study, It showed that taking a 40-minute nap helped the astronauts and pilots to improve their performance by 34% and alertness by 100%.

Make You Feel Good

When you don’t have complete rest, it makes you feel moody and dull.

Taking a nap can help you rest and rejuvenate. Also, you can cure the irritation that you cause during the afternoon and wake up with a fresh and new mindset.

Cons Of Power Naps

Where you get a lot of pros of taking power naps, there are some of the cons that you also face.

And here are some of the points.

Make You Feel Groggy

Well, there is no myth that taking a long nap can do harm instead of good. Also if it’s too long, you might find yourself more tired than fresh and groggy.

This means, you enter REM sleep or deep sleep but wake up before completing the cycle which makes you feel groggy instead of refreshed.

Can Make You Disorientated

Along with feeling groggy, you can also get disorientation as a result when you have an interrupted cycle of REM.

That’s why sometimes you find yourself feeling not so good even when you have your power nap.

Makes Sleep Pattern Disturbed 

When you are taking a power nap, it’s really important to choose the right time. If it’s too close to bedtime, you might end up disturbing the sleeping pattern.

This results in you feeling awake at night, and you find it hard to get your quality sleep which results in a groggy morning and the cycle keeps repeating.

Lead To Insomnia

If you can’t sleep at night, it might be the result of power naps.

If you are taking a nap later in the afternoon, you can end up altering the circadian rhythms that dampen the sleep drive.

This can even cause insomnia and make it difficult to sleep when it’s actually needed.

Suffer From Sleep Disorders

If you are going through OSA or obstructive sleep apnea, it will be difficult to cure it if you are taking naps.

You might be suffering from something unidentified or poorly addressed problems related to sleep, and taking a nap will never let you find it.

Never Going To Know Reason Behind Daytime Fatigue

Aside from causing sleep disorders, there are other problems that you might find.

Also, it can cause the problem from precipitation medication that is for problems like mood disorders and depressions.

The Best approach to getting rid of daytime fatigue is to consult with a doctor and address what can help to reclaim daytime energy.

Chances Of Developing Diabetes

According to research,  sleeping more than an hour is linked to type II diabetics.

As per the University of Tokyo Observation studies of over 300,000 people found that long napping might have the link in increasing diabetes to 45%, especially when it lasts more than 60 minutes.

Can Cause Headache And Tired Feeling

If you have migraines, not having proper sleep or incomplete sleep can be a trigger.

This can lead you to feel a headache, also might make you feel too tired and also not good to deal with the other half of the day.

Can Waste A lot Of Time

It’s extremely important to control how much sleep you are getting while you do the power nap.

If you slipped, it might end up taking too much time and you might waste a lot of time. This leads to disturbing the routine and causing problems to your schedule.

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