20+ Pros and Cons of Puzzle Parking System (Explained)

A car parking system that is fully automated, that has a combination of “pallets”, thus allowing the parking spots to move both vertically and horizontally is referred to as Puzzle Parking. It gets it’s unique name, from the fact that it works exactly like a puzzle. This automated system can work independently. 

 It has a configuration which allows it to be customised to any requirement. The “pallets”, in this type of parking system, are basically hydraulic systems which are responsible for the movement of the platforms on which the cars are parked. An innovative solution to the huge space crunch in terms of parking in the present day, Puzzle Parking also has it’s fair share of pros and cons. 

Advantages of Puzzle Parking

  • Multiple entries

This is one of the key advantages of Puzzle Parking. Multiple entries minimises the time required for drivers to deposit or retrieve their car(s). Multiple entries allow for more than one driver to be serviced at the same time and as a result the waiting time is almost completely eradicated. 

  • Maintenance

Maintenance time and cost is one of the main criteria while choosing a parking system to implement. Owing to the ease with which it can be maintained, Puzzle Parking is becoming the parking system of choice across the globe. Easy maintenance, from time to time, is enough to maintain full functionality. 

  • Operating Cost

Puzzle Parking is an extremely advantageous Parking System, owing to the cost incurred to keep it fully operational. In comparison to all other parking systems, it has arguably, one of the lowest operating costs. Hence, it maximises profits, making it an extremely sustainable parking system for the long run. 

  • Installation Cost

The cost(s) incurred for the installation of the Puzzle Parking Sytem, is also relatively quite low. As a result of this, the number of places it can be installed drastically increases, as then even low-end parking lots are able to afford installing and maintaining this type of parking system. 

  • Operating System

To increase profits, the number of staff employed to operate the parking system is kept to a bare minimum. With it’s incredibly easy operating system, Puzzle Parking System requires minimum staff for it’s proper operation. Moreover, it can be fully automated completely eliminating the need for operators, thus decreasing waiting time and increasing profits. 

  • Parking Space Available

This type of Parking System has a huge number of parking spots(platforms) available to accommodate multiple cars at the same time time. The whole system is divided into upper and lower levels. As a result, Puzzle Parking effectively doubles the whole space available for parking without any extra excavation. 

  • Independent Access

Puzzle Parking allows for access to each parked car or each empty parking spot without affecting any of the other cars or spots. Basically, a car can be parked into any of the empty spots or any of the parked cars can be retrieved from it’s spot, without having to move any of the other cars. 

  • Accommodation

Puzzle Parking basically uses the stacking method of parking, i.e. cars are stacked in levels on top of each other. However, in this type of parking system, there is no problem in accommodating all different models of cars with each other, (Suv, sedan, etc.) as all can fit into the spaces perfectly. 

  • Pit Requirement

This type of Parking System has another big advantage, which is that it completely eliminates the requirement for a pit to park the cars. It being a multi-level parking system, this is extremely essential, as it allows for this type of parking system to be used even in a garage’s upper levels. 

Disadvantages of Puzzle Parking 

  • Unfamiliarity with the system

Puzzle Parking System houses a huge number of cars at the same time and as a result, a large number of drivers use the system. So there is always a chance that a number of these drivers will be unfamiliar with how the system works, and this leads to difficulty in parking and/or retrieving their respective cars. 

  • Parking Angle

Among the huge number of drivers that use Puzzle Parking on an everyday basis, there is always a huge difference in the skill level and driving experience that each of them possess. So tricky parking slot configurations can very quickly lead to disasters in a system with such high parking density. 

  • Need for Lighting

Puzzle Parking is essentially a system that houses several different levels in which cars are stacked above each other. As a result it is heavily dependent on artificial lighting throughout the structure, as large parts of the structure remain dark throughout the day racking up huge energy consumption and thus cost. 

  • Safety

Not only is light needed in this type of a parking system to illuminate all parts of the parking structure, it has also been seen that crime tends to thrive in such multi-level parking structures. Sometimes even with security measures in place. As a result, burglaries are not unheard of in such a system. 

  • Structural Integrity

This type of parking structures have to bear huge amounts of  weight owing to the high density of cars they house at the same time. As a result the structural integrity deteriorates at a relatively accelerated rate. This coupled with changes in weather and environment can prove detrimental for the structure(s). 

  • Buying Cost

One of the biggest deterrents of the Puzzle Parking System is the cost incurred to acquire one. It is way more expensive to buy a Puzzle Parking System than any parking system that consists only of a single level of parking space(s). It requires a substantial amount of capital investment at the start. 

  Puzzle Parking is one of the most technologically advanced forms of parking systems that is available in the present day. However, it is definitely not perfect. Like, every other parking system it has a host of flaws and drawbacks. However, the range of utility and functionality it provides, far outweighs all of it’s disadvantages making it the most attractive parking system available. 

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