25+ Pros and Cons of Quarantine (Explained)


Quarantine is defined as a state of isolation or detention that is imposed upon humans and in special circumstances also on other animals, plants, etc., by the government(or some governmental authority) to prevent the spread of any disease that is highly infectious and/or contagious. 

Benefits of QuarantineDrawbacks of Quarantine
Prevention of Rapid Disease SpreadDepression and Anxiety
Countering Lack of Protective GearDaily Earners and The Homeless
Need for Hospital Bed and EquipmentDaily Rations
Lesser need for TestsCrime Rate
Pollution on the waneEconomic Depression
Global Warming and the Ozone LayerPay cuts and Mass sacking
Forging Strong RelationshipsLack of Connectivity
Pace of LifeLack of Medical Attention
Building Character
Flourishing Art

The worldwide quarantine imposed by the different governments of the different countries owing to the COVID-19 pandemic is one of the best examples of quarantine in effect. A huge percentage of the global population has already been affected by the unforgiving virus and the quarantine has turned out to be one of humanity’s biggest weapons against it. But, like every measure, quarantine also has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of Quarantine

  • Prevention of Rapid Disease Spread :

Curbing the spread of the disease is the most obvious advantage of quarantine. Eliminating human contact, makes sure that the infection does not spread from one person to another directly, hindering it’s rate of spreading. The spreading once contained, it gives the authorities the chance to eliminate the threat completely. 

  • Countering Lack of Protective Gear :

In times of crisis, hospitals and medical staff should be the people who get first priority for acquiring protective gear because without them we cannot fight the disease. Quarantine eliminates the need for protective gear for the mass, making more of it available for the people directly fighting the disease. 

  • Need for Hospital Bed and Equipment :

As the number of affected people keeps rising there will definitely come a time when there will be a shortage of beds for patients at hospitals, alongside a shortage of Medical Equipment. Quarantine greatly hinders the spread of the disease, allowing for the existing number of beds and equipment to be sufficient for battling the disease. 

  • Lesser need for Tests :

Fast and accurate Tests are essential for countering any disease outbreak. But, as COVID-19 clearly showed, it’s not possible for Medical Staff to cope with both testing and tending to the sick people at the same time. Quarantine greatly depreciates the number of people that need to be tested for the disease. 

  • Pollution on the wane :

Quarantine, eliminates the derogatory human effects on the earth’s climate. Air, Water, Sound, etc., all types of pollution take a huge hit. As a result the whole climate improved drastically. It becomes evident, as the areas which are generally infested with humans sees the return of nature and it’s different creatures.

  • Global Warming and the Ozone Layer

Human-Produced greenhouse gases are eliminated by quarantine. This improves upon the already scary state of global warming across the globe, with the melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels. Also with quarantine in effect, the production of Chlorofluorocarbons also goes down, helping in the repair of the ozone layer too. 

  • Forging Strong Relationships :

Quarantine forcibly brings families closer. People have to spend more time with their families without any kind of external pressure like work, travel, etc. This helps build stronger bonds. Also, the people who are forced to stay apart will find their bonds only growing stronger owing to the forced physical distancing. 

  • Pace of Life :

As time goes by, humans are becoming increasingly impatient. An important factor of that is the pace of our lives, which constantly keeps increasing. It’s very hard for people to keep up with it and quarantine provides an extremely necessary respite from that. It allows for the mind to recalibrate with a much needed rest. 

  • Building Character :

Quarantine allows a person to shift their complete focus to their own personal development. Keeping oneself productive with regular improvement on the quantity and/or quality of production, while confined in one particular physical space is one of the best uses of time during quarantine. Finding one’s true self is often a byproduct of the process. 

  • Flourishing Art :

Art, is getting completely eradicated from our lives. Quarantine allows people to let loose the inner artist. Be it anything from painting, music, drama, etc. to things like cooking, writing, etc. everything, takes centre stage during quarantine. It is the perfect time to indulge in all our hobbies and forgotten passions. 

Disadvantages of Quarantine

  • Depression and Anxiety :

A constant feeling of loneliness is a byproduct of quarantine. This instills a sense of innate fear in people. So even people not directly affected by the disease, pick up mental health problems which can even result in physical symptoms. Depression and Anxiety is a very real problem during quarantine. 

  • Daily Earners and The Homeless :

These two groups bear the worst of quarantine. Daily earners basically are left without any income and without any means to sustain themselves. Effectively their situation becomes the same as the homeless. They are all left without basic amenities and daily rations. Quarantine can literally mean death for these people. 

  • Daily Rations :

With everyone locked up in their homes, the production of daily rations, like rice, wheat, etc. also goes down drastically. This leads to increase in prices making it even harder to acquire for the low earners. Moreover, with people hoarding rations, the scarcity situation increases exponentially. It is one of the hardest quarantine problems to tackle. 

  • Crime Rate :

Crime thrives in chaos and unrest. As a result during times of quarantine the rate of crime takes a huge upturn. Alongside that, with increasing frustration levels, domestic violence and harassment, reach an all time high during quarantine. Specially, while being locked in, with little or no intervention from family and/or police. 

  • Economic Depression :

Quarantine forces industries, and the like, to close down for unknown periods of time. As a result of this, entire workforces are stuck at home without work. This directly leads to extreme desperation in the global economy. Quarantine leaves countries without a source of income, making them suffer severe financial crisis. 

  • Pay cuts and Mass sacking :

This is a direct result of the economic depression caused by quarantine. Businesses, Companies, etc., without any new income, owing to zero production, turn to pay cuts and firing employees to reduce their losses. Employees in both the private and public sectors have to face the brunt of this phenomenon. 

  • Lack of Connectivity :

One of the biggest problems of quarantine is the shutdown of the whole transportation system. As a result even people in real need of transport, are left with no choice but to walk unimaginable distances. Even sick patients often find it extremely difficult to get to and from a hospital.

  • Lack of Medical Attention :

A quarantine is imposed to fight against one particular disease. But there are always other medical problems ailing people. It becomes extremely hard to reach medical personnel during a quarantine. Also hospitals, with reduced staff, shift all their focus, to people with the particular disease the quarantine is imposed for. (eg. COVID-19). 

In times of severe crisis, the first objective is to limit the final damage to the bare minimum. Quarantine has a number of glaring disadvantages. Having said that, it is still the most effective way to combat fast spreading disease(s). Thus governments, the world over, implement it, in times of need. 

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