23+ Pros and Cons of Quilling (Explained)

Quilling is an innovative art form with colourful paper strips. You roll these strips of paper and glue them together to render unique designs. You can fold, curl or twist a paper strip to render various shapes and designs and use them to decorate, boxes, greeting cards, jewelry and many such interesting items.

You can roll the paper into a circular shape and create different designs. People who are extremely interested in art and craft often end up learning this form of art for decoration. Even, these days, 3D miniatures can be created with exceptionally advanced quilling techniques. 

Now, let us explore some of the advantages and disadvantages of quilling.

Advantages of quillingDisadvantages of quilling
It’s an easy art formSome quilling tools are expensive
EconomicalTime consuming
An effective stress relieverNot a practical business idea
Brain stimulatorDifficulty in using the right amount of glue
Engaging for kidsTool choices
A startup idea
Fuels your imagination

Advantages of Quilling:

  • It’s an easy art form:

Anybody can learn this unique art form at any point of time. Even if you are an amateur, it should not be a concern because one does not need to be a genius, or hold a degree to master this form of art. It is easy and super fun! Of course you are supposed to get acquainted with all the advanced quilling tools if you take this up professionally, and learning itself requires a lot of interest and patience. But other than these minor concerns, quilling is easy to learn. 

  • Economical:

Quilling is extremely economical. All you need for quilling are paper strips, a glue and a tool. If buying a quilling tool seems difficult, then one can improvise it too with the help of a needle and push pins. In fact, if you look around your household, you will find various quilling tools with which you can customise your own innovative designs. For quilling, you don’t require a huge canvas or an elaborate art kit. It is extremely easy, economical and affordable. 

  • An effective stress reliever:

Believe it or not, but quilling is indeed a very effective stress reliever. In fact, it is extremely meditative and therapeutic. You are rolling papers to create various interesting shapes.

You are developing a picture with the help of these paper shapes. It takes a lot of time to finish quilling a design, but the process helps you get rid of your daily stress. Quilling is almost like an exercise with your fingers and your brain. The more you keep them occupied, the better you are going to feel. 

  • Brain stimulator:

Quilling stimulates your brain and helps you come up with amazing designs. Once you get acquainted with the basic skills, the rest solely depends on your own creativity.

If you visualise a picture and try to create it using this art form, then you have to be a bit creative and imaginative. Hence, we can say that quilling is almost like a mental exercise and if you practise quilling more, you’ll improve a lot. 

  • Engaging for kids:

It is always advisable to keep your kids engaged with activities that are productive. Instead of video games or mobile phones, a quilling kit is more engaging and interesting. Quilling keeps a child engaged and focused.

A child learns to become more patient and creative if he or she comes across this beautiful form of art. It is a proven fact that productive and artistic activities like quilling promotes cognitive development in children. 

  • A startup idea:

Quilling can be an excellent business startup idea. If you have always been someone who is interested in art and craft and if you want to commercialise your art, then you can actually think about it. People can make jewelries, greeting cards, posters, portraits, boxes, bags and even dreamcatchers through quilling. Converting your hobby into a full-fledged profession is always exciting. 

  • Fuels your imagination:

As already discussed, quilling is an art form that fuels your imagination. Since a lot of products can be created with the help of quilling, your imagination and creativity can actually monetise this part-time hobby into a full-time business. 

Disadvantages of Quilling: 

  • Some quilling tools are expensive:

Although for beginners certain household items can be improvised and used as quilling tools, it is not a preferable long-term measure. If you aspire to make quilling your profession, then you need advanced professional quilling kits and they can be expensive. To use them on a regular basis can be challenging. 

  • Time consuming:

One of the greatest disadvantages of quilling is that it takes a lot of time to complete one design. If quilling is your hobby, it can hamper your other activities because after a point it becomes addictive but you can’t really give up on it unless you finish a design. Even for professional quilling artists it can get increasingly difficult to finish a design within a deadline. 

  • Not a practical business idea:

If you are good at quilling, of course you can think of starting a business but you’ll have to compartmentalise the work skilfully so that you can earn profit and your business runs well. Since time is a big factor, quilling is not a very practical business option. 

  • Difficulty in using the right amount of glue:

If you are a perfectionist and want to create a flawless design then you’ll have to be very cautious while using the right amount of glue. If you fail to use it properly, it can damage your entire design. 

  • Tool choices:

Quilling helps you make a lot of interesting things. However, choosing the right quilling tools for your artwork can be a mammoth task. Beginners cannot choose their quilling tools properly. 

Despite all these minor difficulties, quilling is indeed a sophisticated form of art that requires a good of patience, dedication, imagination and creativity. It is extremely therapeutic and a great exercise for all the art lovers. Many people have become professional quilling artists and have succeeded in their artistic ventures.   

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