21+ Pros and Cons of Registering a Business on Manta (Explained)

Business is hard to start in itself, more so if it is a small one. Every small business needs all the help and exposure it can get because if people do not come to know about the certain business or give their valuable feedback on the business, the business will not grow or propagate.

Manta is such a platform that where people can register their business for free so that local people can find them very easily and reach out to them. This gives boost to the small local business that otherwise get little or no exposure.

Benefits of registering a business on MantaDrawbacks of registering a business on Manta
Can link your business while answering questionsAdvent of SEO
People tend to look into the business siteOvertaken by Google
More website trafficManta has become redundant
Genuine questions from customersManta has become obsolete
Know about customer’s problemsNot much benefit from paying for Manta
List the business for freeProblems with site
Can search for local business in various categoriesIncorrect information on site
Legitimize small business without website
Business can come from anywhere


  • List the business for free:

After establishing a small business, one needs to advertise the business so that people come to know of it. There is a certain budget allotted for advertising in every business. But for small businesses, this budget allotted for advertising is not a lot. Thus, any help that the company can get to advertise its business is welcome. Manta allows the company to list their business for free on the website and thus helps in marketing.

  • Can search for local business in various categories:

Small local business will prioritize the customer’s need the most and will deliver the orders within a very short span of time. Therefore, even if it might not have that much of brand value, it is very beneficial for the customers to approach a local business. Manta makes it easier for people to find these businesses by listing them in various categories.

  • Legitimize small business without website:

Though it is very easy to build and pay for a website in recent times, many small businesses might not have the budget to pay for a website. But it also very important for every business to have an online presence in some way or the other in order to legitimize themselves. Manta gives the small businesses without a website a platform to legitimize themselves.

  • Genuine question from customers:

The customers ask genuine questions they have about the business on Manta. Answering those on a regular basis can help the business gain the trust of its potential customers who might turn to be customers.

  • Know about customer’s problems:

A business always has endless opportunity to grow and improve itself. But to make the growth of the business happen, the company need to religiously take note from the feedback of its customers and try to solve their queries and problems. Manta offers a platform for this to happen. It is a platform where people can give their feedback or present genuine queries which make the company aware of its shortcomings.

  • Can link your business while answering questions:

Manta gives a platform for the customers and potential customers to communicate with the business and directly get answers about the queries from them. After resolving the query of the customers and potential customers, the company can try to drive these people to the private website of the company, if any. This can be done by linking the business website of the company with the answers of the questions.

  • People tend to look into business website:

It is granted that the official website of a company will have more information about the company than what is available on Manta. Therefore, if people find a company on Manta and is interested in the company, they will tend to search for and look into the official website of the company for more information.

  • More website traffic:

Online presence is very important for every business. Stronger the online presence of a company, the more successful it tends to be. Strong online presence can be fostered by high website traffic. Manta lends to the reason for high website traffic. Be it the company directing the customer towards the official website while answering questions or be it the customer’s own interest to search up the website of a business that he found on Manta;

Website traffic is granted.


  • Advent of SEO:

Earlier, Manta was the site where people came to search for local small business from which they could obtain services. But with the advent of a powerful SEO that provides refined search results, it is not required anymore.

  • Overtaken by Google:

The services that were provided by Manta for free are now provided by Google Business. It is redundant to say that Google Business is used more widely and is more popular. So, people tend to register their business on Google Business as it proves to be more beneficial for the company.

  • Manta has become redundant:

Because Google already does all the job that was previously done by Manta and has also become more popular then Manta, the existence and use of the platform offered by Manta is considered redundant.

  • Not much benefit by paying for manta

As Manta has almost become obsolete, there is not much to be gained by paying for Manta’s paid features. Instead, social media promotion works better.

  • Problems with site:

It has come to notice of many people that the website of Manta sometimes poses some problems like making private information public.

  • Incorrect information on site:

Apart from posing various problems, the site suffers from lack of update and thus sometimes displays outdated and incorrect information like listing closed businesses as running ones.

Manta was a go-to place for small businesses once upon a time. But with Google overtaking Manta and offering more, Manta has become mostly obsolete.

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