21+ Pros and Cons of Republican Candidate (Explained)

A Republican candidate is elected by “The Republican Party”. He or she essentially belongs to a representative system of government. A Republican candidate is obligated to follow the constitution’s tenets. He or she represents the government and has a power or say in the decisions of the government.

The whole process of electing these candidates or officials is to some extent democratic and these representatives, in turn, are answerable to the people of the nation. A Republican candidate has the right to determine the functions and activities of the government. He or she protects the rights of the citizens. 

Now let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of a Republican candidate. 

Benefits of a Republican candidate.Drawbacks of a Republican candidate.
Representative 1. Parochial interests
Serve the citizens collectively      2. Can be expensive
Constitutional      3. Cannot prevent corruption
People have the power to elect      4. Cannot function properly in large diverse republics 
Not an imposed leader      5. Time consuming
The rights of the citizens are protected
There are adequate laws and orders

Advantages of a Republican candidate:

  • Representative:

One of the greatest advantages in this system of government is that a Republican candidate essentially represents the government. He acts as a political advisor and decision-maker who takes important decisions on behalf of his countrymen. There is an implicit sense of solitariness that gets reflected in his welfare policies and pronouncements. 

  • Serve the citizens collectively:

A Republican candidate has the responsibility to serve the citizens and protect their collective interests. Since his decisions, laws and policies are remarkably dependent on the conditions of his countrymen, he is unequivocally committed to serve his people unflinchingly without any deceit or manipulation. In this regard, a Republican candidate must be inevitably democratic in nature and his consequent actions. One wrong decision on his part can malign the entire political system of his country. 

  • Constitutional:

In a representative system of government, a Republican candidate is obligated to follow the doctrines of the country’s constitution. The laws that are formulated must strictly adhere to the principles of the constitution, otherwise the whole political agenda of the republican party may collapse leading to unavoidable corruptions and loopholes. 

  • People have the power to elect:

Although a republic is not entirely run by its people, but the people have the power to elect their representative. Hence the people’s right to vote enables them elect the leader whom they find suitable for his post. The people also have the right to re-elect another representative if needed. 

  • Not an imposed leader:

In reference to the previous point that has already been mentioned, a Republican candidate or official is no way an imposed leader. The people of the nation can exercise their power in electing the deserving candidate and hence the one who becomes the representative of the government is collectively chosen and supported by the mass. 

  • The rights of the citizens are protected:

If the leader of a nation is elected by the majority, he is accountable for protecting their rights and liberties. The rights of all the citizens, belonging to different sections of the society must be ensured and protected. Discrimination of any kind shoud not be practised or promoted by an elected leader, because if he does so, the majority may feel betrayed under his fascist rule. 

  • There are adequate laws and orders:

A Republican candidate or official formulates adequate laws and orders that can protect the public interests of the entire nation. These laws passed by the parliament are expected to be democratic in nature and also must be acknowledged by the country’s judicial system. These laws and orders, to a certain degree, are important to regulate the economic, political and social issues of a nation. 

Disadvantages of a Republican candidate: 

  • Parochial interests:

A Republican candidate may prioritise his parochial self interests over the collective interests of the people who elected him. Although he represents his constituencies, he can misuse his power and be deceitful in the truest sense of the term. So, a Republican official may have his selfish interests to protect and cultivate. 

  • Can be expensive:

The elections conducted in a republic government can be expensive. Unlike a democratic country, only a representative is elected or chosen to rule the country on behalf of its people. Hence, the policies, laws, bills and orders authorised by the elected representative can be a little expensive, especially if the country is economically poor and backward. 

  • Cannot prevent corruption:

Despite being elected by the majority, the representative of the union has greater power in his hands and if he has selfish interests, he may misuse his power. The political hierarchy by default, bestows more power on those who are positioned at the apex. Hence a sense of superiority surfaces in the entire administration leading to the generation of certain corruptions and an autocratic government. 

  • Cannot function properly in large diverse republics:

In a republic system of government which includes candidates from diverse sections of the society, the government may become stagnant and non-functional. Smaller communities, contrary to this, do not face this struggle because a lot of like-minded people stick together to make policies and take important decisions.

However, in large countries where a cultural diversity automatically segregates the opinions and ideologies of different people, the singular spirit of the government and the entire nation may collapse. This acute administrative flaw is ingrained in a republic system of government. 

  • Time consuming:

A representative system of government can be pretty difficult to run because the administrative and legal procedures can be complex, lengthy and time consuming. If a law is formulated by Republican officials, it needs to undergo certain parliamentary procedures before it comes into effect. Hence, a lot of issues can take a back seat during the whole process. 

There are certain drawbacks that a Republican candidate may possess. In many countries fair elections do not take place and as a result the candidate is not ideally elected. Also certain politicians have a fair chance to be manipulative and deceitful. These corruptions and loopholes must be taken care of. 

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