18 Pros and Cons of Riding Cycle to Work

Vehicle emissions are one of the leading causes of growing climate change and global warming. In the United States, one-fifth of the total carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases are emitted by private cars and trucks. These gases are responsible for acid rain, having severe health hazards, and degrading the environment.

Not only this, but vehicles also result in noise pollution. To combat this, cycling to work seems like a very good alternative. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also good for individuals who are cycling. 

Benefits of Cycling to WorkDrawbacks of Cycling to Work
It is a form of exerciseYou might get sweaty
It is beneficial for the environment      2.   It might restrict your wardrobe
You can enjoy the view outdoor      3.   Not possible in all weather.
It is a social experience      4.   Not possible in some terrains
It is cost-effective      5.   You will need safety gears
Can avoid traffic jams      6.    Might take longer to go to work
It will help you lose weight      7.   You might need to buy a cycle
Medical expenses might be saved       
It might be a safer option
Better than taking the bus
Cycling is especially good for women
You might get incentives for it

Advantages of Riding Cycle to Work

  • It is a form of exercise

Cycling to work is a very good form of exercise. This way you manage to accomplish your morning cardio goals, on the way to your office! Doctors also approve of this, as commuting by cycling proves to be beneficial for your cardiovascular system.

  • It is beneficial for the environment

Vehicle emissions prove to be lethal for the environment. Cycling to work has the potential to reduce these harmful emissions by a large margin.

  • You can enjoy the view outdoor

The early morning activity of cycling to work is an experience in itself. The busy corporate lifestyle often requires Americans to work for about 45 hours a week. This hardly leaves any time for enjoying the outdoors.

  • It is a social experience

You might meet other office goers who follow the same route to the office and might end up making a few new friends as well, with whom you can bike for a couple of kilometers!

  • It is cost-effective

Americans tend to waste a lot of money behind personal cars and their maintenance and insurance. Biking might be a cheaper alternative. 

  • Can avoid traffic jams

Being stuck in a traffic jam while commuting to the office can be very unpleasant. Biking, on the other hand, lets you travel swiftly without having to worry about a jam. Also, you don’t have to ever look for a parking spot!

  • It will help you lose weight

Cycling is a very good form of exercise and biking to work might help America reduce its rate of obesity.

  • Medical expenses might be saved

Bicycling has many positive impacts like reducing stress levels, aiding sound sleep, etc. You also tend to soak less harmful emissions when you cycle to work rather than sitting in your car which is stuck in traffic!

  • It might be a safer option

More number of Americans tend to suffer from car accidents compared to those who cycle.  

  • Better than taking the bus

You are more likely to contract diseases and infections by traveling in closed spaces like buses and tubes than by taking a bike.

  • Cycling is especially good for women

Women often tend to suffer from osteoporosis, as they age. Research conducted by a team of Swedish scientists concluded that biking provides support for the bones and women who commute by bike tend to suffer fewer fractures due to injuries.

  • You might get incentives for it

The “American League of Bicyclists” is a program in which heads of major Fortune 500 companies have come together and pledged their support for the “Bicycle Friendly Business” initiative. They are encouraging more and more employees to commute by cycle and are also giving them handsome incentives for it.

Disadvantages of Riding Cycle to Work

  • You might get sweaty

Since cycling is a pretty intensive exercise; it will most likely make you sweat. You might not want to turn up all sweaty and panting to work!

  • It might restrict your wardrobe

There is a limit to what you can wear if you cycle to work. The ends of your carefully ironed trousers might get creased and your polished shoes might get dirty.

  • Not possible in all weather

Cycling to work during winters is not an option. Cycling while it’s snowing can lead to lethal accidents.

  • Not possible in some terrains

The cycle might be difficult or even dangerous in certain rocky and uneven terrains. 

  • You will need safety gears

Helmet and elbow pads are necessary to prevent injury from a fall. You will have to spend additionally on these safety gear before you can start biking to work!

  • Might take longer to go to work

If the distance between your home and office is substantial, then it will take longer to reach work by cycling that it will by car or bus.

  • You might need to buy a cycle

You might need to purchase cycles for each member of your family if all of you decide to use a cycle as a means of commute.

With the combined ocean and land temperature rising by 0.07 degrees Celsius every ten years, since the 1880s, it is imperative that do something to help curb this. We are moving towards a world where every individual will have to do his part in trying to save the world and make more sustainable lifestyle choices. We can start by cycling to work.

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