21+ Pros and Cons of Security App Lock (Explained)

We depend a lot on our mobile phones. From keeping pictures, videos, contacts to personal information and important data related to work, our phones are used for almost everything. But these devices can also be quite vulnerable and the data present can fall into the wrong hands if we are not careful.

Security app locks are therefore the best thing to have. If your phone has a good security app lock, then you can be rest assured that your data will not be found by anyone with ill intentions. Security app locks are available for both iPhone and Android devices and they can be easily found on the Google Play Store or the App Store. 

Pros of Security App Lock

  • Personal information can be kept safe:

Phones often contain confidential information, especially personal information. Such data needs to be protected because if compromised, you might have to place a lot of trouble. Security app locks effectively protect all personal information present on your phone and require proper authorization before allowing access. 

  • Video and images can be hidden:

If you have sensitive images or videos on your phone then you can keep them hidden by using an advanced security app lock. Even if people have access to your gallery, they will not be able to find any of these videos or images. 

  • Does not allow unauthorized access:

When you place an app under a security app lock, only you are authorized to access the information on that app. No security app lock will allow any unauthorized person to view what that app contains. All the data on the app is confidential and is kept absolutely safe. 

  • Each lock can have a different password:

You can use a security app lock on several apps but this does not mean that the password has to be the same for each app. You can keep a different password for a different app. This provides far more security than a similar password for all apps. 

  • Most security app locks are free:

There are a number of security app locks available and most of them are free of cost. You can easily download a suitable security app lock for free and install it. These free security app locks come with all essential features and can protect information on most apps. 

  • You can decide which apps are to be locked:

When you install a security app lock on your phone, it does not mean that all apps are automatically locked. You can decide which app you want to place under the app lock and which you will keep open. You can only place the apps containing important or sensitive data under a security lock. 

  • Many security app locks have an option for intruder selfies:

Advanced security app locks have an option for intruder selfies. If someone tries to override the app lock or somehow hack into an app, the security app lock will capture a selfie. This will allow you to identify who was trying to gain access. 

  • Several security app locks can disable the power off option:

You can use a security app lock to disable the power off option on your phone. This is very helpful if your phone ever gets stolen. If your phone is kept on, it is easier to track and you stand a chance to get it back. 

  • Incognito browser:

Many security app locks have an added feature of the incognito browser. While an incognito mode is available on any browser, the security app lock will hide the data even if you do not close the tab. This is very convenient and allows you to protect your search history from anyone else using your phone. 

Cons of Security App Locks

  • It is difficult to manage if you forget your password:

If you forget the password of the app lock then it  can be very difficult to gain access. You might have to uninstall the app and then download and install it again to override the app lock and get access to all the data. 

  • Factory reset might be required in case of technical glitches:

A security app lock is obviously based on certain advanced monitoring technology and this means that you might have to deal with technical issues. If a glitch occurs, then you might have to go for factory reset which will wipe all the data on your phone. 

  • Requires permissions:

You will have to grant permissions for most security app locks to function. Now, this might make you uncomfortable especially if you are not sure about sharing data or providing important information to an app lock developed by a third party. But all security app locks will require this before they can be applied to any of the apps on your phone. 

  • Not all security app locks come with face recognition:

Biometric recognition is advancing and it is a part of technology that is most effective in matters of security. However, not all security app locks have it. Most come with a fingerprint sensor but lack the more effective face recognition technology. 

  • If the app lock comes with basic options, it can easily be overridden:

Many security app locks have some basic options like pattern lock and a passcode. They lack advanced security options. These app locks can be overridden quite easily and therefore cannot protect the information on your apps properly. 

  • Paid security app locks can be too expensive:

While there are many free security app locks available, not all have a wide range of features. The better ones come at a price. These paid security app locks can be very expensive and therefore are not very popular, even though they are rather efficient. 

  • Might not allow customisation:

Free security apps often cannot be customised. Customisation does not only mean having an attractive theme to suit your phone’s background. In app locks customisation allows you to choose from different security features. Most security app locks lack versatility and have too few features which end up not being very effective. 

Each security app lock has a different set of features. Some might not be very advanced and this can be a problem. Therefore, it is important to browse through the different options and look for one with the most suitable features.

If you are able to manage a security app lock properly and make the best use of all the options that it offers, then all information on your phone will stay completely safe. 

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