23 Main Pros and Cons of Selling Art in the Age of Globalisation

The globalisation of the world is a process that many debate about even in this day and age, hence making it a topic that is very controversial and one consisting of several opinions. This makes the globalisation of art an even more controversial topic as the reasons for the globalisation of art have several pros and cons.

Art itself is considered to be a process of functioning that ensures the people performing the art or in the line of producing art have several years of practice and dedication devoted to their craft.

This makes the debate about the globalisation of art an even trickier one. It takes several opinions to formulate a common ground and basis.


1. Your Art has a Wider Base

1. Artwork Based on Profits

2. Your Art can Become International

2. Chances of Remaining Unseen

3. Chances of Receiving International Donors

3. Corporations are Choosy

4. Become an International Artist

4. Art Loses its Local Character

5. Get Reviewed by International Critics

5. Folk Essence under Threat

6. Better Opportunity for Struggling Artists

6. Competition in Art World

7. Chances of Visit to Various Countries

7. Monopoly of Art

8. Financial Security

9. Larger Audience


  • Your Art has a Wider Base:

The artwork that you will be commissioned to do will have a wider audience with a bigger base. This audience will cater to your art and fund your various projects. This ensures that your financial stability is intact, keeping your passions in place with your career.

  • Your Art can become International:

The globalised nature of your work will ensure that your art becomes an international project and you no longer have to stick in your own localised space for the creation of your artwork. With an international landscape you can become better at your art and craft.

  • Chances of Receiving International Donors:

The donations that you will receive from localised landlords and businessmen will be nothing compared to the kind of donations that international artists receive from the globalised market. As we all know, to sustain a career in art, one must receive enough donations to continue working as an artist.

  • Become an International Artist:

The prestige and respect of becoming an international artist is not one that is received by all. Hence it is important to remember that the age of globalisation will enhance your reputation as an artist and give you the benefits of the struggle that you exert.

  • Get Reviewed by International Critics:

The critique and reviews of international art critics will surely enhance your image as an artist to the international audience and this can only be possible if the globalised market reaches you and spreads your art work to various obscure parts of the massive world.

  • Better opportunity for Struggling Artists:

Struggling artists are bound to receive more donations and exposure with the arrival of globalisation or in a globalised market. Selling your art in the age of globalisation will ensure your struggles as an artist come to an end due to the various corporations financing art projects.

  • Chances of visit to Various Countries:

The artists in the world have to make it through their lives with very little due to the financial pressures of being an artist. This makes it difficult for the people to finance art projects and Globalisation ensures they can visit other countries to showcase and exhibit their art. 

  • Financial Security:

Selling you art in the age of globalisation will mean that the art that you are selling no longer remains confined to a specific aspect of the world and to a specific audience, but can branch out to various artist with the financial security of having a good base for art.

  • Larger Audience:

The audience becomes a vast one after you sell your art to various corporations and by selling your art in the age of globalisation, you can ensure that you are not keeping your art restricted to a specific audience in your own localised space. This makes your art more valuable to the world.


  • Artwork Based on Profits:

The effect of globalisation is that it immediately reduces your artwork to concepts of demand and popularity, hence making and commissioning only those artworks which will sell more and make more profits. This runs the risk of many struggling artists losing their jobs.

  • Chances of Remaining Unseen:

The globalisation effect promotes your art, but at the same time makes your art quite lucid and unknown to the world audience if you are not a very famous artist. This can reduce your artwork to a mere concept of making money and not value the true aesthetics of your art.

  • Corporations are Choosy:

Corporations can be very picky and choosy when it comes to selling your art in the age of globalisation, and can only choose the artwork that is suitable to their choices and the demands of their audience, hence leaving the artist high and dry if the artwork produced is not popular.

  • Art Loses its Local Character:

The problems of selling your art in the age of globalisation is also that your artwork or art in general tends to shift from a localised base into the general trend of the pop culture of the world

  • Folk Essence under Threat:

It is very difficult to sustain various forms of art and craft, as selling your art in the age of globalisation sometimes eliminates other forms of localised art. This can be a massive drawback to anyone who tries to keep their heads down and do folk art in times of globalised art business.

  • Competition in Art World:

Globalisation massively enhances the levels of competition in the art world, making it easy only for popular artists who have commissioned work or a base of their own, but making it impossible for artists of less face value from making it to the top of the charts.

  • Monopoly of Art:

Art too becomes a monopoly business, making the selling of your art in the age of globalisation a task that ensures you will be a puppet in the hands of various big corporations, who will keep you busy with your artwork, but only if you listen to them.


The selling of your art in the age of globalisation also ensures that you are lost in the space of the globalised world, but at the same time if you make it to the top you are bound to have a very fortunate career and life. This makes the globalisation of art a tricky question to deal with.

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