21 Pros And Cons Of Sex Education

Sex Education is a subject that is gaining traction as a subject that is being taught in schools. It can involve education on the sexuality of individuals, sexual intercourse, relationships, etc. It is a process that provides knowledge and forms attitudes about sexual identity and intimacy among others.

The main reason for the subject to be taught in schools is to help young students protect themselves against sexual abuse, exploitation, unwanted pregnancies, and any STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) like HIV, etc.

Pros of Sex EducationCons of Sex Education
Proper source of informationControlling the classes can be very difficult
Makes young students more awareCan hurt the religious beliefs of the students
Helps in curbing STDsTeachers are not always properly trained
Greatly prevents teen pregnancyGuardians can react negatively
Teaches the practice of safe sexInadequate education in the subject can have opposite effects
Reduces sexual activity between minorsImportance of the subject is not taught to students properly
Teaches the importance of consent
Assists in the subject of Biology
Students learn to communicate their sexual problems
It can have long-lasting beneficial effects on the students

Advantages of Sex Education in Schools

Information Source

In order to have a proper well-rounded education, young students also need to get educated about their own bodies, the human reproductive system, diseases that can be transmitted sexually, pregnancy, contraceptives, etc.

In case of no reliable source of information, young curious minds can look for the information from negative sources such as Porn Films.

Awareness and Education

Human Beings need to learn how to act in their sexual relationships. Sex education in schools gives them the awareness to discern between the myths and reality regarding sex, the dos, and don’ts of a sexual relationship, to respect another person, etc., and this important part of education creates individuals with strong morals. 

Sex Education In School Could Provide Awareness And Necessary

Prevention of STDs

Sexually Transmitted Diseases are a dark reality and owing to the inadequate measure of control over themselves, young couples engaging in unprotected sexual encounters, fall prey to it easily.

Sex education teaches them properly about unprotected sex and the severe dangers associated with the phenomenon. They learn about contraceptives that can stop STDs. 

Teen Pregnancy

The rates of teen pregnancy have increased quite a lot and this phenomenon can prove to be detrimental for young souls.

However, studies have shown that teenagers are far less likely to get pregnant if they undergo sex education classes than if they do not and the programs teaching prevention techniques are generally more successful. 

Safe Sex

Sex Education teaches the importance of practicing safe sex. This helps not only when people are young and at school but also when they are adults.

Studies have shown that a great percentage of students either stopped or greatly reduced the amount of unprotected sex they engaged in before the start of the classes. 

Reducing Sexual Activity

Sexual Intercourse brings with it its own set of complications and people engaging in it, should be completely aware of the responsibilities that come with sex.

Young students learn these responsibilities through sex education and can understand the importance of waiting to engage in sex till they are adults and capable to handle them. 


Human beings must understand the extreme importance of consent, far before ever engaging in any sexual activity.

Since the activity involves two people, the consent of both individuals is of utter importance. This is something that sex education classes engrave into the minds of young students, setting them up to be great individuals. 

Help with Biology

Sex Education Classes in schools often give the students a well-rounded education about the anatomy of the human body.

This not only helps them understand their own physical bodies better, but these classes also can assist with their Biology education, complete with exams, assignments, etc. and grading that can add up to their graduation credits. 


Sex Education helps young students open up more about the problems they might be having in their sexual relationships and/or their sexuality as a whole.

Often people are unwilling to share these problems with their parents, but they feel more comfortable in talking to their teachers of the sex education classes. 

Lasting effects

The “taboo”, that sex is often made out to be, many people can be having several problems regarding their sexual relationships, sexuality, etc. but never understand the problems and/or know what to do.

Learning about sex properly, from an early age can help the person grow into a much more complete individual. 

Sex Education Can Prevent Teen Pregnancy

Disadvantages of Sex Education in Schools

Class Control

Controlling a sex education class can be a very tricky situation. Young students do not necessarily want to maintain discipline and the subject might be embarrassing to them and/or they might get overly excited.

The students can resort to laughing and passing inappropriate comments, creating an inhospitable environment for the sensitive subject. 

Religious Beliefs

The subject of the classes can not only hurt the moral and/or religious beliefs of an individual but make him/her want to discontinue classes.

Also, several religious beliefs and practices include abstinence, marriage before sex, etc., while most sex education classes teach the art of practicing safe sex. 

Teacher Training

This is a common occurrence where an educational institution, introducing sex education classes instead of hiring specialists, delegates the responsibility of teaching the classes to their pre-existing staff.

Inadequate training in the subject can lead to the young students’ knowledge about the subject being improper and unfinished, defeating the whole purpose of the classes. 

Some Schools Have Inadequate Sex Education

Guardian Attitude

The attitude of guardians, religious leaders, etc. can often be very negative towards sex education classes as they can feel that their wards are being introduced to a subject that they were better off not knowing.

This phenomenon can create severe conflict within the young impressionable minds of the students. 

Inadequate education

In the absence of the implementation of comprehensive sex education, the classes cannot truly be effective.

For example, in case of teens are not taught adequately about the proper use of birth control, they might still carry out the activity improperly and then get pregnant falling into severe problems that scar them for life. 


Even before attending the classes young students need to be made aware of the importance of sex education classes.

Without that, students can often look at the classes as simply “recreational”, rather than treating the sensitive subject with the importance that it deserves. This can simply render the classes ineffective. 

The subject being relatively quite sensitive, sex education in schools is bound to have a number of disadvantages. But, the benefits of teaching young individuals about the subject far outweigh the problems and is something that should definitely be adopted by more schools around the world. 

Attitude Toward Sex Education Is Negative Among Many Societies

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