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21 Pros and Cons of Sex Toys

Some use them to spice up their love life, and some use them for their own personal pleasure. One thing is for certain — people may not like to talk about them, but sex toys can make or break people’s sex routines. 

Using sex toys is something of a personal choice that depends on how well you communicate your needs with your partner. If used right, these adult toys can bring you a lot of happiness and a world of unimaginable sexual gratification. However, there certain are disadvantages as well, so we will examine the pros and cons of sex toys.

Benefits of Sex ToysDrawbacks of Sex Toys
Can be used to heat up your sex lifeIncorrect use of sex toys can physically incapacitate a person
Great for personal gratificationSex toys can pass off STDs
Stimulates both mind and bodyThe material of the adult toy can cause allergies
Creates an intimate bond between you and your partnerBattery operated sex toys can malfunction at the wrong moment
Improves cardiac health
A great option for the disabled community
Can be used to improve a relationship
Can be helpful in treatment for certain disorders

Advantages of Sex:

  • Can be used to heat up your sex life. 

If you are looking for something to spice up your intimate moments, sex toys are a sure fire way of achieving sexual fulfilment. Many couples want to explore the different facets of pleasure and carnal satisfaction, and there are several types of sex toys that will succeed in this endeavour.

  • Great for personal gratification. 

Sex toys can be used for various purposes, even if it’s one person looking for personal satisifaction. Vibrators, fleshlights, etc. are toys that can be used for personal sexual gratification. Sex toys prove that you do not really need another person to satiate your sexual appetite. Sex toys can be great partners suited for carnal delights.

  • Stimulates both mind and body. 

Obtaining pleasure from sex toys can be beneficial both psychologically and physiologically. Fulfilling carnal desires helps release serotonin and dopamine in your brain, chemicals that induce and elevate a response of happiness and euphoria. The physical response elicited by sex toys results in glowing skin and radiant skin, better immunity and an overall positive mood.

  • Creates an intimate bond between you and your partner. 

If you plan to use sex toys with your partner, make sure you talk to them about the toys before introducing them to your bedroom. You should ensure your partner feels comfortable with the idea of using sex toys. Sex toys bridge carnal gaps between partners, and creates an intimate bond between you and your partner.

  • Improves cardiac health. 

Sex toys help direct blood flow to your genitals, especially your sensory input, that is, your pleasure centre. Your heart works faster to pump blood downwards, and the exercise that is employed in using sex toys burns off many calories. Therefore, sex toys have shown to be beneficial for cardiac health in many studies.

  • A great option for the disabled community. 

Sex toys are a great solution for the disabled community. People who cannot whet their sexual appetites due to physical deformities or mental problems can use sex toys to satiate themselves. After all, everyone has a right to be happy, and to do what makes them happy without hurting themselves or others.

  • Can be used to improve a relationship. 

If you find that your partner is drifting away from you in your relationship, or that there is a great chasm opening up between you two and them, sex toys can be used to improve matters. Many marriage and sex counselors are advocates of sex toys, and recommend theior clients to use the same to improve their relationship.

  • Can be helpful in treatment for certain disorders.  

Sex toys can help in the recovery of certain genital disorders. Problems like atrophy in the muscles of the vagina, vaginal aches and itchiness as well as dryness among other issues can be improved and even cured with the help of sex toys.

Disadvantages of Sex Toys:

  • Incorrect use of sex toys can physically incapacitate a person. 

Most sex toys are the penetrative sort — vibrators, anal beads, dildos, ovipositors, etc. The problem with these penetrative sex toys is that if they are inserted incorrectly, they can end up causing accidents, some of which can be life-threatening. Hospitals regularly receive patients who have met with unfortunate accidents due to the incorrect usage of sex toys. Read up on how to use the toys prior to buying them.

  • Sex toys can pass off STDs. 

If you share, or plan to share sex toys with your partner or partners, you should absolutely desist from doing so. Sharing such intimate things can be the cause of the propagation of STDs. Sex toys can be a suitable conduit for the passage and growth of STDs and STIs.

  • The material of the adult toy can cause allergies. 

The material which covers the external part of the sex toy can elicit an allergic response in people. If you’re looking to buy sex toys, get them from reputable shops and stores, and check if the material suits you prior to using it. Otherwise, you might end up with rashes and infections on your private parts.

  • Battery operated sex toys can malfunction at the wrong moment. 

Many sex toys are battery operated, or require chargers to be juiced so that they can be used. Such sex toys can suddenly malfunction, and either stop at a climactic moment, thereby causing disappointment, or else cause small accidents. Adult toys that require electricity to work can malfunction and jolt you with sudden bursts of electricity.

Sex toys have a lot of mental and physiologivcal health benefits. They are quite inclusive — there are sex toys available for disabled people who want to sexually stimulae themselves. There are many types of such toys, and are suited to serve your wildest fantasies. However, be aware of duplicitous shops that sell cheap sex toys which are quick to malfunction — don’t skimp on such things, because they can cause great harm as well. 

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