26 Pros and Cons of Smart Cars

Cars are an essential for the everyday city life commute. People aim to buy a car for themselves as soon as they can save enough money for it. If one owns a car, they can go out whenever and wherever they want to instead of checking the schedule for public transport. Even the travel becomes a lot more peaceful as one stays in one’s own private space even while commuting.

Technology has advanced a lot and it is time that we start looking into the working of smart cars and see how it suits our needs over traditional cars.

Benefits of smart carDrawbacks of smart car
Fuel efficientNot suited for bumpy roads
Less maintenance issueCannot handle speed
Might become cheaper to drivePrice
Latest technologyLess availability
Does not make much soundSmall size
Easy to parkStorage problem
Built-in navigationAppearance
Environment friendly
Well suited to city life


  • Fuel efficient:

Buying a car might grant one the privacy and comfort while travelling to places, but the cost of that is not any less than using public transport. Driving a car regularly means that one has to refuel it from time to time.

The cost of car fuel is a huge cost to carry as the cost of car fuel keeps increasing day by day. So, one seeks to buy a car that is fuel efficient so that it saves the many trips to the gas station. This problem is solved in case of a smart car as most smart cars run on electricity.

  • Less maintenance cost:

Fuel is not the only cost that is associated with cars. Cars need regular maintenance and above that, certain parts of the car need to be changed or repaired from time to time. All these additional costs add up to become quite heavy on one’s pocket. Owning a smart car is convenient and requires less investment as smart cars tend to have lesser problems and thus, does not need to be repaired every now and then.

  • Might become cheaper to drive:

With the readily advancing technology, everything device we use for our daily convenience is getting smarter. Soon enough there might come a day when driving a smart car will be a lot cheaper than driving a smart car because of its efficient use of technology and lesser additional costs.

  • Latest technology:

Technology has taken over every aspect of our life, be it communication or education or travel. It is a wiser decision to stay as updated with technology as possible because it is nowhere to go. This technology is also being used to its fullest in a smart car.

  • Does not make much sound:

There were cars in the older times that made a lot of sound as they moved from place to place. Though, nowadays the traditional cars make much less sound than they used to but that is not completely soundless. With smart cars, there is little or no sound that the car makes while being driven.

  • Easy to park:

Wherever one goes with a car, they need to find a space to park their car so that they can carry on with the rest of their work. In most cases, parking the car becomes a problem either due to the lesser or no availability of parking space. It really helps the cause if one has a car that is easy to park and does not take up much space. A smart car is a compact car that can be parked easily.

  • Built-in navigation:

If one is headed somewhere they have never been, then finding the place becomes a huge task. They have to constantly look into the map or keep asking the passersby. But a smart car has a built-in navigation that guides the driver and makes traveling to New places easier.

  • Environment friendly:

It’s high time that we start taking care of the environment and use things that are environment friendly. A traditional car with its car fuel is not an environment friendly option whereas a smart that runs on electricity does not emit any harmful gas into the environment and is thus, an environment friendly option.

  • Well suited to city life:

If you are a city dweller, then smart car your kind of car. It runs smoothly across cities and can help make the life of its owners easier with all its safety features and built-in navigation.


  • Not suited for bumpy roads:

Smart cars might be well suited for city roads but it does not work well enough on roads that have potholes and are bumpy.

  • Cannot handle speed:

If you are someone who likes to drive their car at high speed or are looking for a car that can handle high speed, then smart car is not the one for you. A smart car starts shaking at high speed.

  • Price:

At this point, the price of a smart car is no less than a traditional car; rather in some cases, it is more expensive than a traditional car. So, people prefer buying the traditional car that they are more familiar with.

  • Less availability:

Even if a person decides to buy a smart car, there are not a lot of of options available for smart car everywhere. So, people might not be able to buy a smart car even if they decide to do so.

  • Small size:

A smart car is very small in size. There are various advantages to this as much as there are disadvantages. One cannot travel with their family if they take a smart car, which is a problem in itself.

  • Appearance:

If a person is buying a car, they try to opt for a car that looks good and a colour that looks good. Frankly speaking, smart cars do not look very attractive or cool. This affects the decision of people who want to buy a smart car.

Smart cars are relatively new in market and need a lot of improvements to suit the needs of everyone.

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