20+ Pros and Cons of Snapchat (Explained)

‘Snapchat’ is a messaging app that has multimedia features and is used almost everywhere across the globe. Through this multitasking mobile application one can share images, text messages, videos and even drawings.

Young people have started using this app excessively and ‘Snapchat’ has become extremely popular for the innovative filers it features. One of the most unique features of this mobile app is after one shares a photo with somebody, the photo disappears in a few seconds from the phone of the recipient.

‘Snapchat’ indeed has revolutionised a fun way of interaction by implementing features that can attract you instantly. 

Now let us explore some of the pros and cons of ‘Snapchat’. 

Pros of Snapchat: 

  • Snapchat ID:

One can create a ‘Snapchat’ ID within a few minutes. It is not difficult at all to create a ‘Snapchat’ account. Once you share your ID, you can interact with anyone you want using this mobile application. 

  • Security:

‘Snapchat’ is an absolutely secure platform. The user is not obligated to share his or her personal details to open an account here. Also, the user receives constant notifications whenever anybody views his profile. If someone endeavours to take a snap of the user’s image, the user will be notified immediately. So, so far as security issues are concerned, ‘Snapchat’ is a safe virtual space. 

  • Simple Interface:

‘Snapchat’ has a simple interface. Using this mobile application is a cakewalk. Its user-friendly features make this mobile application run smoother and faster compared to many other social media platforms. 

  • Exciting filters:

‘Snapchat’, in all probability, is one of the first mobile applications that introduces you to exciting face filters. If you are interested in taking a snap by applying a funny filter and send that instantly to your friend, then this is exactly the app you have been looking for. You can also use ‘Geofilters’ on this app to specify your locations. Exciting designs along with these fun filters are like cherry on the cake. 

  • Stories:

In recent years, the concept of ‘Stories’ has evolved to a large extent. You can share your everyday moments with your peers, family members or colleagues by updating your ‘Stories’. ‘Snapchat’, again, is one of the first few mobile applications to have launched this idea of ‘Stories’. These stories are interactive and more engaging than the usual text messages. You can create interesting content and share your ideas with other ‘Snapchat’ users whenever you want. 

  • Little startups:

If you are an entrepreneur and you are eagerly looking for a platform to share your business ideas or display your products then ‘Snapchat’ is one of the best platforms you need. Branding your products and finding suitable customers on this app is not difficult at all. A strong bond between the brand and the customer can be developed when a one-to-one interaction is established between the entrepreneur and the customer. 

  • ‘Discover Feature’:

This feature is pretty exciting. It suggests those users you can add on ‘Snapchat’ and connect with and it also gives you an opportunity to explore premium content. 

  • Storage:

‘Snapchat’ does not store your images or videos. They are displayed temporarily and they disappear within the span of a single day. If you experience a dilemma regarding a particular post and you wonder where you can post it, then this is your ideal platform because you wouldn’t have to worry whether ‘Snapchat’ will store your content in its database.

Hence, to participate in an overall experience and enjoy all these interesting multimedia features, ‘Snapchat’ is the best mobile application for you. 

Cons of Snapchat: 

  • Snapchat audience:

Every app has a list of cons and ‘Snapchat’ is not different in this regard. This mobile application has so many modern features to explore that the number of its older users is limited. Of course it offers you a scope to engage in amusing interactions but many people find the basic applications provided by ‘Snapchat’ in other social media platforms as well. As a result, not many people use ‘Snapchat’ except the millennials. 

  • Stories are temporary:

Other ‘Snapchat’ users can go through your stories for a limited period of time because the stories disappear after the duration of a day. This is a problem for the entrepreneurs who are obligated to display their product details every day and need a certain number of viewers to follow their stories on a daily basis. Hence, they cannot reach out to a lot of customers pertaining to this technical drawback. 

  • Addictive:

This is a problem faced by many users who find this platform a little addictive. ‘Snapchat’ has so many features to offer that people cannot put their phones down. They constantly try different filters or share their moments and pictures with their friends and hence their day-to-day activities get hampered. 

  • Resharing option:

Another disadvantage is you cannot reshare your content. If you really want to reshare your pictures or videos then you either have to keep them saved in your device or you have to take screenshots of your content. This is again a difficulty that the entrepreneurs with their startup business ideas have to face. A customer may request you to share your product details again, but due to this difficulty, you cannot accept the request and as a result, the brand suffers a loss. 

  • Advertisements are expensive:

If you have a brand to feature and if you use ‘Snapchat’ for that, then you have to pay a good deal of money to publish your brand advertisements. This is a difficulty encountered by those entrepreneurs who have small-scale startup ideas. Instead of gaining profit, you may suffer a huge loss. 

  • Time Constraint:

The duration of a video that you can post is only 10 seconds. 

Keeping these disadvantages aside, ‘Snapchat’ is indeed a very interesting app that has revolutionised the art of interaction. Basic text messaging apps do not offer so many features as this app does. If you want to make your conversations more amusing and entertaining then nothing can be better than ‘Snapchat’. 

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