23 Main Pros and Cons of Social Media Marketing For StartUps


The best thing about having a start up in today’s world is the variable ease that can be afford in building it on the virtual space. The virtual space has all kinds of scenarios nowadays and keeps the people engaged and busy with the latest news and the latest updates.

For this reason there are several start ups which use the function of social media marketing to enhance and boost their brand’s content. This is one of the reasons that the people who use social media have such an easy time in boosting their content or letting people know what they are doing with their companies. 

Wide ReachBuilding the Reach
Custom your NeedsSocial Media Algorithms
Choose Favoured DemographyChances of Spam
Choose your Favoured Age GroupFinancial Drawbacks
Option of Posting Daily UpdatesSocial Media Spaces are Limited
Build an AudienceProblems with Content
Choice of SponsorsInaccurate Predictions
Customers Stay Up to Date
Additional Advertisements


  • Wide Reach:

The reach that a person can garner for their start up in a social media platform is something that cannot be matched at such a quick pace in real life. This is one of the main reasons that the people who want to establish a form of advertisement succeed. 

  • Customise your Needs:

The needs of the advertisement and who it should reach, who should be able to see the ad, or become interested in your start up becomes much easier when it comes to the question of spreading a post through the process of social media advertisement.

  • Choose Favoured Demography:

The demography of your audience can also be set in a space where the people who once had an interest in your products or had purchased a service from your start up can be selected and sent updates through the means of social media. 

  • Choose your Favoured Age Group:

The favoured age groups of the people you wish to target can also be selected on social media platforms. For this reason the age groups which are interested in your products will be able to see every single update that you may have to buy these products.

  • Option of Posting Daily Updates:

The option of publishing daily updates in a space where your only competition is yourself is something that all start up owner and entrepreneurs will thoroughly enjoy in doing. This is one of the reasons that the people who have such start ups should do this. 

  • Build an Audience:

The audience that you build in the course of time and the audience that becomes consolidated over the course of time will have better ideas about your company and your brand after experiencing the process of building this start up. This is one of the reasons that the people who build start ups can use social media.

  • Choice of Sponsors:

The sponsors who sponsor the content of your ads and other products that you may sell will also be able to contact you directly through the social media platforms and enhance your understanding of the deals that you could make to get better investment in the start up.

  • Customers Stay Up to Date:

The customers stay up to date with the ideas of the brand and the start up that you advertise and this helps them in understanding the process of the start up and the way that it functions over the course of time. This is a great advantage of marketing on social media.

  • Additional Advertisements:

The advertisements that you publish on social media platforms can be restricted to a certain audience but if you want to move beyond that certain audience then you will have to understand that payments can help you unlock newer demographics in advertisement. This will be a great advantage.


  • Building the Reach:

The reach that you would like to build on the social media websites or platforms is often limited to a mere space of the same people. This becomes a problem for people who want to have a wider reach for their start ups.

  • Social Media Algorithms:

The social media algorithms work in a manner that is difficult to decipher for those who do not have the habit of using social media for marketing purposes. This is one of the reasons that the people who use these platforms often fail.

  • Chances of Spam:

The chance of you sending messages and posting about your start up may become a spam message for the people who are accessing your social media start up page or profile. If the customers feel like they are spammed then you may lose some customers.

  • Financial Drawbacks:

The financial drawbacks of a website or social media platform curtail the growth of small scale start ups and other micro companies. The big companies and relatively bigger start ups have more money to advertise and hence fund their ad campaigns.

  • Social Media Spaces are Limited:

The social media spaces are limited to a certain demography across a given country. The reason this happens is because the social media spaces are restricted in space and form. The rural belts or the places where people do not access social media are missed out.

  • Problems with Content:

The social media platforms often have very strict rule and guidelines about content and what can be posted and what cannot be posted on these spaces. For this reason it is often the case that something you may post may be removed from the site for privacy or security concerns. 

  • Inaccurate Predictions:

The inaccurate predictions that the social media sites often make are based on its sometimes flawed algorithm which keeps the same audience building on your page and the same people keep sharing and following your updates. For this reason the predictions of the page may be completely different to what happens in real life. 


The biggest problem with social media marketing for start ups is that these spaces are restricted and limit your reach to a certain audience, but they can also be proactively important for the growth of your business when you are trying to ensure better marketing methods of your company.

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