23+ Pros and Cons of Specflow (Explained)

SpecFlow is a testing framework. It is a software that allows the testing and functioning of developers of code to write code and develop a new program. SpecFlow also helps in co-ordination between the several developer of a specific code and keeps the communication between them top notch and sufficient enough to help them stay at home and develop code.

This is a software that runs on the basis of Behaviour Driven Development. It supports the functioning of Behaviour Driven Development, making the life of developers easier when compared to the ones who have to write code on testing apps that are not behaviour driven.  

Pros of SpecFlow

Cons of SpecFlow

1. Use of Unit Test

1. Not Good for Short Projects

2. Drive the Design

2. Yet to Develop

3. Tests are Written in English Grammar

3. Expensive

4. Low-level Cost of Bugs

4. Time-Consuming

5. Living Documentation of Data

5. Use of BDD Takes More Time

6. Collaboration of Writers

6. Requires More Effort

7. Means of Better Co-ord

7. Requires Regular Meetings of All Stake-Holders

8. Better for Long-term Projects

9. Simples Grammar Language


  • Use of Unit Test:

The basis of SpecFlow is Behaviour Driven Development, hence the developers no longer have to think in terms of ‘tests’, but can think in terms of ‘behaviour’, when developing a program. This makes it easier for the developer to introduce concepts that are a little more complex.

  • Drive the Design:

The desing on SpecFlow can be driven when collaborating between the business analysts, the designers, the programmers and the producer, hence making the software a place where the contributors of the team can simply run the tests and see for themselves together what is really progressing.

  • Tests are Written in English Grammar:

The tests run on SpecFlow are written in plain English grammar, helping even the producers of the program give input to the programmers on the parts that they would like to keep and the parts they would like to remove, making it a good collaboration.

Low-Level Cost of Bugs: The testing apps like SpecFlow have a low-level cost of fixing bugs since the developer can see what they are developing in real time. This makes it easier for the developers to see what they can change while they are writing and coding the said program.

  • Living Documentation of Data:

Unlike other software and data development programs, SpecFlow, since it runs on Behaviour Driven Development helps the entire team to document their progress and failures while they are writing the code and testing the programs. This makes it a great addition to the arsenal.

  • Collaboration of Writers:

The unique characteristics of SpecFlow make it such a software that the writers can develop the software and the code of the program they are writing when they want to through the means of live collaboration. The added advantage is the use of English in writing.

  • Means of Better Co-ordination:

SpecFlow is known for being a better collaborator of the code that the developers may write, since it allows not only developers to real time their discussion and inputs, but also allows the producers and clients take part in the process, marking the unique experience.

  • Better for Long-term Projects:

Since SpecFlow is an exclusive, state of the art program based on the Behaviour Driven Development of code and program, the application is naturally better for long-term projects which require a lot of collaboration and meetings. This makes the program a high recommendation in serious developer circles.

  • Simple Grammar Language:

SpecFlow is inspired by a language based on a program called Cucumber, and uses language called Gherkin to support the developers write the program. The uniqueness of the language is that it is not only in proper English grammar, but also the language can be customized by the developers.


  • Not Good for Short Projects:

The problem with SpecFlow is that working on the program can be time consuming and since it pays such attention to detail, the programmers looking to do a short project cannot afford to use this program it is costly for the development of short projects.

  • Yet to Develop:

The other disadvantage of SpecFlow is that it is a relatively new software and yet to develop even more to suit the needs of not only long term projects but also short term projects. This makes the use of SpecFlow a little unreliable for overtly serious projects.

  • Expensive for Starters:

Since SpecFlow is still a program in development, it remains a little expensive for those coders and programmers who are just starting out in the world of coding. This makes it quite a challenge for those who would like to afford the program, but cannot afford it due to its price.

  • Time-consuming:

The program is a problematic experience for those who want to keep their duration of work to a short amount of time. This makes it a curse for those who want to finish a quick project to cash in some money and develop more programs in the future. 

  • Problem due to BDD:

The problem of the Behaviour Driven Development is that it makes the use of the program unstable till all the developers have come into the scene and ensure the development of the program is kept stalled until all the programmers have arrived and are contributing simultaneously. 

  • Requires More Effort:

The simplicity of regular code development programs is that it keeps the project hanging until the developers have tied up every loose end to test the program, but the development of programs like SpecFlow keeps running the project after every little development, this is a boon as well as a disadvantage. 

  • Requires Regular Meetings of All Stake-Holders:

Since the program is based on the concept of Behaviour Driven Development it requires constant meetings of all stakeholders to keep the program running and decide what part to do next. Without the development of one programmer, it is difficult to ensure the development of other programmers.


The SpecFlow is an advantageous programming developer if the programmers wish to contribute to the development in a series of simultaneous testings, and writings, but it is disadvantageous to those who want to run a quick project and then move on to other projects. This makes the use of SpecFlow a unique experience for whoever tries their hands on it.

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