25+ Pros and Cons of Spinal Decompression (Explained)

Spinal Decompression is a therapy, in which, no or negligible pain is incurred. This procedure is when the spine is lifted and then the vacuum is created, in order to repair a bulge in the area. 

Pros of Spinal Decompression

No addictive/digestive tract damaging drugs are involved

During this spinal decompression, no addictive or digestive tract damaging drugs are involved. Thus, besides the negligible pain, no drug that can cause harm to an individual are involved.

 Short recovery period is required

Being bedridden for weeks is a hedious task. This is usually the case with surgery. On the other hand though, spinal decompression would require few hours with the chiropractor and they are good to go. The pressure on the spine is eliminated in no time and one can happily back on feet, to experience their daily life.

No medication required

Taking medications is something not everyone like. So, with this treatment, one can get rid of the chronic back pain easily and do not even have to take medications. Moreover, buying prescribed medications can be a lot expensive and also one has to deal with their side effects.

Cost is less

One, who might be suffering from chronic back pain, but may not have much money, for a surgery. The surgery may cut deep into ones’ pocket but this method, would not cost even half of the amount of money needed for a surgery.

No pain incurred

One of the best thing about spinal decompression is that, it is painless. All that one has to do is sit back and relax and give way to the chiropractor, to carry out the procedure. Later, the feeling is so good, that the person on whom it is done, one may want to do it again. 

A very effective treatment

The first session of this procedure is a 100 per cent surety to have a positive effect on ones’ back. A harness is generally used to gently align the spine in to it’s natural position, while stretching it up.

Completely safe

While compared to surgery spinal decompression is a safe option. In addition to this, it is safe, except the concerns of age. As this is done by professionals, nothing can ever go wrong. Once performed, the inflamed spinal discs would start to heal on their own.

It proves to be relaxing

For the ones’ who faced sleepless nights due to excessive back pain, this therapy of decompression, often results in them experiencing a sense of relaxation.

The process is really quick

As it is dependent on specific needs of the patient, a spinal decompression treatment takes only about forty five minutes. Thus, it proves to be real quick.

Cons of Spinal Decompression

Medical insurance does not cover this aspect

During the procedure of spinal decompression, one may need up to 30 sessions, in order to feel the positive effect. If so, the treatment could be expensive and may be put to huge dent in ones’ pocket. Unfortunately, most of the insurance companies do not cover this under medical cost.

Many sessions are needed for a positive result

For an effective result, the most needed thing is undergoing at least 30 sessions, though it depends on the severity of ones’ condition. The procedure thus may prove to be time-consuming but getting back to the chiropractor on a regular interval, would definitely bring pleasure to the concerned person.

May not be effective in terms of fixing the problem

While this process is effective for the majority, for few, the treatment may not be that effective. It may not be able to fix the root of the problem. The pain may subside for a time period but may reoccur.

One has to take a wise decision with regard to what kind of treatment they are most comfortable with. If this treatment does not cause much effect, one should shift to other forms of treatment to get better results.

Side effects may appear sooner or later

Spinal decompression very often, comes up with very few side effects, but only for a couple of patients. 

Consultation is time consuming

Understanding about the treatment, which is one of the prime factors before the treatment starts, can prove to be time consuming. A specialist, imparts the knowledge to the patient.

Immediate result may not appear

While few patients come across the relief in pain almost immediately, for the others, it may take a good amount of time.

Might prove to be frightening

The very concept of lying on a decompression table, is not very welcoming. This might result in few people, getting afraid of taking the first step towards the table.

It is completely dependent on a patient as to which mode of treatment they choose in order to get rid of their back pain. Considering all the pros and cons of this treatment, one can decide for themselves if they want to go for it or not.

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