24+ Pros And Cons Of Steroids (Explained)

Steroids are chemical substance that has a certain pattern of carbon structures formed in them. There are a variety of steroids that can be oral or can take be taken as an injection. Steroids are popular in the bodybuilding industry as it increases the mass of the muscles and enhances strength in the consumer.

It also decreases inflammation and cures injuries with less time. It cures dangerous diseases like cancer, AIDS, and should be taken with proper guidance from doctors who can continuously monitor your changes in the body and suggest a proper cure to it.

Benefits of SteroidsDisadvantages of Steroids
Enhances StaminaIt Causes Acne
Helps in Weight ReductionShrunken Testicles
Remedies to imbalancesGynecomastia 
Increased Production of Red Blood CellsCauses High Blood pressure
Speed Up the Rate of Muscle RecuperationCauses High Cholesterol 
Increased Muscular BuildLeads To Liver Failure
Increased PerformanceCauses Balding
Increased AppetiteCauses Cardiovascular Problems

Advantages of steroids

Enhances Stamina 

It increases stamina and is helpful for people who are more into bodybuilding and fitness. They take to gain muscles and endure prolonged physical activities that re hard on the body. When you are physically fit you become energetic and feel more lively.

Helps in Weight Reduction 

People who attend the gym are more likely concerned about their weight and men who want to increase their body mass can take steroids. It helps you to become muscular and gives you a toned which is much desirable and never goes out of trend.

Remedies to Imbalances 

Bodybuilders take steroids to endure the injuries that they may get during their workout sessions and the consumption of steroids is proven to reduce ailments and cures the injury faster.

Increased Production of Red Blood Cells 

Anabolic steroids increase the count of red blood cells. Red blood cells are required to supply oxygen to different organs of the body.

It also supplies oxygen to muscular tissue which enhances their flexible movement improving the endurance of the consumer. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts prefer steroids to increase their strength in workout sessions.

Speed Up the Rate of Muscle Recuperation 

During physical activities athletes may get injured such as muscle strain, steroids help muscular tissue to recover faster as compared to other medicines.

As steroids help to balance the cortisol production that protects the muscular tissues. Although excessive production of cortisol can cause damage to muscles which is successfully balanced by steroids.

Increased Muscular Build 

Steroids can increase body mass which means can lead to the quick growth of the body and hence muscles. Without any exercise the consumer can see the results within a few days of consumption, this happens because steroids increase the level of testosterone leading to muscle growth.

Increased Performance 

As the strength is increased with the intake of steroids energy level is increased which is visible in the performance. It increases the stamina and endurance of the consumer.

Increased Appetite 

With the increase in metabolism foods and other consumptions are digested with much ease so the appetite increases to a great level.

Disadvantages of Steroids

It Causes Acne 

Taking steroids can worsen the acne problem. Intake of steroids increases the sebum secretion of skin and people with oily skin can face real-time problems.

Adults who already have an acne problem if start taking steroids can cause a serious problem in the sebaceous gland and overall health issues. Taking steroids without proper medication can be harmful.

Shrunken Testicles 

It can lead to reduced production of sperms as the brain restricts the body from producing it. And the reproduction of sperms can be difficult. The body gets the required sperms from outside and that can be harmful too.

It leads to Gynecomastia

This is a problem that is not really talked about. Taking steroids can lead to the production of female hormones in the male and female bodies as well. So when men take steroids production of estrogen can increase their breast size which can be awkward for them. Testosterone production is reduced which leads to serious malfunctioning of the body.

Causes High Blood pressure 

Intake of steroids can put pressure on red blood cells and prevent flushing of salt and water than what is required in the general functioning of the body.

As more salts remain in the body it causes heart problems and sometimes hearts failure which becomes irrecoverable. It also leads to an increase in the level of hematocrit in the body.

Causes High Cholesterol 

High cholesterol level is a side effect of high blood pressure in the body. As the blood pressure rises that causes the improper balance of lipoproteins which are responsible for cholesterol balance in the blood. It can cause problems in reaching blood in the heart and brain leading to attacks and stokes.

Leads To Liver Failure 

Taking steroids, especially oral ones can cause the formation of different types of cysts in the liver which are generally not identified until they become a serious threat to a patient’s life.

Studies have found that reduction or stoppage of steroids has led to the disappearance of these cysts. If not treated well these cysts transform into tumors and can result in cancer.

Causes Balding 

Steroids if taken regularly without break can first lead to hair fall and finally baldness. This process is irreversible and cannot be cured at any cost. It is preferred not to take steroids for bodybuilding or weight loss which can eventually become life-threatening.

Causes Cardiovascular Problems 

Steroids have always been a part of bodybuilding and excessive consumption of steroids has weakened the heart and affected the proper functioning of the body as a whole. Likewise, if steroids are taken for muscle production forces the heart to produce more blood to the newly grown muscles affects the heart, and can cause cardiovascular problems.

Responsible for Insomnia 

Steroids can bring a problem to your sleeping routine and hence increases the chance of bad health reducing your productivity to great extent. It causes a breakdown in a day to day life making you feel drowsy and puffy eyes.

Steroids are not harmful if consumed under proper medication. They can make you healthy but most of the time doctors prefer not to mention side effects because they fear they might lose patients and then a bad image publicly.

Take steroids if only needed. Researchers have found that excessive overdosage of steroids can cause mood swings and body imbalances but proper consumption cures rashes and other diseases like asthma.

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