24+ Pros and Cons of Tatting (Explained)

Tatting is an innovative handcraft through which you can render various patterns on durable lace. You can make myriads of decorative pieces such as collars, necklaces, attractive earrings and doilies. The lace can be formed from multiple knots, double-stitches, loops, half-hitch or cow hitch.

The term “tatting” is derived from an Italian word “Occhi” and in Italian it is known as “chiacchierino”. There are various types of tatting which include “shuttle tatting”, “needle tatting” and “cro-tatting”. It is an excellent hobby which you can also turn into your profession. With a bunch of threads and laces you can create magic. 

Now let us explore the advantages and disadvantages of tatting. 

Benefits of tattingDrawbacks of tatting
A creative pastimeTime consuming
A novel idea for businessNeedle end can be blunt
An economic pursuit  Using a shuttle can be tough
Does not cause pollutionChoosing the right sized thread
Needle tatting is less stressful Tatting jewelry is difficult to make 
Numerous possibilities
Various products can be made through tating

Advantages of Tatting:

  • A creative pastime:

Tatting is indeed a creative pastime. You can trigger your greyscale through tatting and make gorgeous decorations using laces and threads. This is an innovative artwork that involves dedication, patience and hard work. If you are sitting at home and wondering what you can do to excite your brain cells, then this is undoubtedly a wonderful pursuit. 

  • A novel idea for business:

If tatting is your passion which you are extremely interested in converting into your profession, then that can actually be a novel idea for business. You can take up your needle to stitch your favourite patterns and sell them to your clients.

These creative pursuits are always encouraged by various people across the world and the handicraft industry is blooming each day. It can be a golden opportunity for you to explore your tatting skills and earn money from it. 

  • An economic pursuit:

Tatting is not expensive at all. Even the supplies that you need for tatting which include threads, scissors, needles and shuttles are available everywhere. Neither do you need costly tools, nor do you need materials that are not affordable.

So, if you make it your profession, and start a business with your gorgeous laceworks on fabric items, then chances are high that you may earn profit and your business may prosper. To start this business, you will not even have to invest much, hence it is indeed an economic pursuit. 

  • Does not cause pollution:

There are many artistic endeavours that cause pollution of some sort. Either they use toxic chemicals, or spray mists that are hazardous. But tatting does not cause any pollution at all. The supplies are pretty affordable and the whole process of tatting is eco-friendly as well. 

  • Needle tatting is less stressful:

Needle tatting is considered to be an easier technique because needles come in different sizes and a needle has a uniform length and diameter. So tatting through a needle is way more fun and easier. Since shuttle tatting does not involve any needle, the stitches are not firm enough and it is comparatively a more difficult technique for the beginners. 

  • Numerous possibilities:

There are various techniques that you can adopt for tatting. Needle tatting, shuttle tatting, cro-tatting- there are myriads of options that you can explore and master the technique that suits you the best. 

  • Various products can be made through tatting:

starting from laceworks on fabric items to jewelries, brooches, bookmarks and accessories- lots of products can be produced through tatting. 

Disadvantages of tatting: 

  • Time consuming:

time is a big factor and to create something magnificent, you need a lot of time. The intricate detailing and final touches require extra care and that is the reason why tatting is indeed a bit time consuming. If you want to make it your profession, then you will have to invest a significant portion of your day in making these delicate lace designs. 

  • Needle end can be blunt:

If you are into needle tatting, then you are expected to be a little extra careful because the end of a needle can be blunt and thus can affect your productivity and reduce the speed of your work. Another problem with needle tatting is that the thread can get tangled up. Unless you are acquainted with the basics of knitting, it is a bit difficult to hold a needle and start tatting. 

  • Using a shuttle can be tough:

As already discussed, shuttle tatting can be extremely stressful and difficult because you do not use a needle to stitch. Also it takes days for someone to learn using a shuttle. This technique is comparatively an older method and all you have to depend on are your hands, a thread and a shuttle. People who have arthritis find it extremely difficult to use a shuttle. 

  • Choosing the right sized needle:

Choosing the right sized tatting needle  can be a little tricky because unless and until you can determine the actual length of the needle that you need for tatting, the whole process may get jeopardized. For this, the first thing that you are supposed to do is picture the design in your head and then keep a record of the requirements that you need to render that design.

Once you get a concrete idea, it will get easier for you to choose the size of your needle for different thread or yarn sizes. 

  • Tatting jewelry is difficult to make:

It is quite difficult to make tatting jewelries. It is a tedious and lengthy process that involves a lot of time and patience. If you have a startup jewellery business, then try not to make tatting jewelries unless you have enough resources. 

Despite some of these practical disadvantages and drawbacks, tatting is indeed an innovative form of art through which you can create attractive lace patterns and designs using threads and laces. Not only are these designs visually aesthetic and eye candy, but also they can be a source of artistic expression. 

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