20+ Pros and Cons of Atkins Diet (Explained)

The Atkins diet plan is divided into four phases where the goals are clearly defined. Intake of high protein and high-carb is essential for proper balance in the body. This article is focussed to mention the pros and cons of the diet plan. It is recommended to get into this diet after visiting a doctor who can monitor the effects of dietary changes in your health and body.

Helps in Weight LossReduced Fruit and Grain Intake – 
No Calorie Counting It Has Possible Side Effects
Hearty Eating Plan It is Restrictive
Clearly Defined GuidelinesIt Is Hard To Maintain 
It Focus On Healthy CarbsCounting Net Carbs
Resources Widely Available It Can cause Health Risks
Increasing Mental Awareness Lower Extent of Vitamins and Minerals  
Forbidden Food ConsumptionRegain of Weight 
It Shows Quick Results 
It is Simple to Use

Benefits of the Atkins Diet

  • Helps Weight Loss 

The Atkins diet is one of those unique diets where you can have high protein and fatty foods without restrictions and that too with advantages like decreasing weight. Eggs, meats are highly preferred in the Atkins diet. Full of carbs and lots of calories makes this form of diet stand out in the space. This diet is beneficial in the long term.

  • No Calorie Counting 

Calorie counting has always been a hot topic for fitness enthusiasts. Maintaining weight has been tedious but the Atkins diet made it easier. As suggested by the expert intake of carbohydrates is important to maintain the proper functioning and energy level in the body. Restricting calories to a great extent can be harmful so visit doctors before you start your Atkins diet.

  • Hearty Eating Plan 

People love and prefer the Atkins diet because it includes all of their favorite food from pizzas to salads, this diet has it all. Researchers have found the Atkins diet a good plan as it includes all the required proteins and vitamins in it. The calorie-rich food if once eaten reduces the appetite for a longer period time which in turn reduces hunger and consumption and hence calories. 

  • Clearly Defined Guidelines 

This diet plan comes with four different phases and with each phase weight reduction, calorie, and carbs intake are properly mentioned in the diet plan. When goals and programs are clearly defined enjoying food and keeping up with the diet plan are less tiresome. The results of the diet plan are visible within a specific time period.

  • It Focus On Healthy Carbs 

This full-proof diet plan focuses more on green veggies rather than baked food. It encourages people to drink normal water rather than cold drinks or alcohol with increases weight and can cause hindrance in the diet plan. Although the difference between refined and natural carbohydrates are understood in the later stages of the diet. Besides, green vegetables boost immunity and level of energy at the same time.

  • Resources Widely Available 

The Atkins plan has gained popularity in the recent past. There are lots of stuff available online such as books and blogs where they guide you about the diet plan properly. Even though the meals to be cooked can take some time you can always go for the bars and the readymade meals available in the local store.

  • Increasing Mental Awareness

High protein and carb diet will enhance your energy level and makes the digestion process simple putting less stress on the stomach so that you can concentrate on other work. The simple and easy approach to the diet plan has been embraced by many people irrespective of their age.

  • Forbidden Food Consumption 

Many diets, unlike the Atkins diet, restrict many foods that are promoted by the Atkins diet. Foods like butter and other fatty foods are present in this diet. 

  • It shows Quick Results 

People are motivated to follow this diet plan as it gives quick results and shows visible results from the first week. This plan tends to increase good cholesterol in the body that are helpful to diabetic patients and are highly recommended to people with high blood sugar level.

  • It Is Simple to Use 

Although this diet shows some truths about good and bad carbohydrates but includes and allows all food that is restricted by other diet plans such as a low-carb diet plan. A simple and easy application is the unique feature of the diet plan.

Disadvantages of the Atkins Diet

  • Reduced Fruit and Grain Intake 

People who love fruits and whole-grain can face problems in keeping up with the diet plan. Citrus fruits and other fruits like bananas and apples are restricted to achieve the desired goal through this diet plan. Fruits are known to make your immune system strong but the elimination of them poses threats to your health.

  • It Has Possible Side Effects 

The introduction of high protein and high carb foods sometimes results in mood swings, dehydration, constipation, and other problems. This phase is sometimes named as keto flu by researchers. This plan brings in sudden dietary changes that become difficult for people to adjust.

  • It Is Restrictive 

This diet is restrictive in the sense that people who are more on starchy food may struggle with the drastic change that comes with this diet plan. American people generally have food that is rich in sugar so it is suggested to make dietary changes for a long period of time rather than jumping into the Atkins diet that can be dangerous for their health.

  • It Is Hard To Maintain 

Like any other diet, the Atkins diet is also hard to maintain. As this program restricts one from having whole-grain, flour, and baked food, it has been observed sticking to the plan becomes difficult when you hang out with your friends and creates a blockage in losing weight in the long term.

  • Counting Net Carbs 

Although this diet plan keeps a check on the calorie count but misses out the carb intake. It promotes the consumption of carbs which increases weight in the long run.

In any diet plan, people are more concerned about calories so many of the restaurants have the calories mentioned besides every dish but they fail to mention the carb intake which should also be included in the menu. So check the carb intake before you eat any of the dishes for your Atkins diet.

  • It Can Cause Health Risks 

A high protein diet can cause problems that are irrecoverable and the consumption of fatty foods can cause heart problems and strokes sometimes. Digestion problem is a common problem in this diet plan.

  • Lower Extent of Vitamins and Minerals 

Lack of vitamins and minerals is the cause of fewer vegetables and fruits in the diet. It reduces the immunity level and energy level. This can lead to a lack of nutrients in the body.

  • Regain of Weight 

The Atkins diet should be accompanied by regular exercise so as to maintained the diet as well as the carb intake. Weight increases due to the fatty and high carb contained in the food.

Atkins diet plan is great to start with if you feel that other low-carb is too tough for you to maintain. Irrespective of other plans this plan includes all the food that people love to eat except some vegetables, fruits, and grains. This plan gives visible results but should be adopted over a wide span of time else it may cause health issues. 

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