22+ Pros and Cons of the Electoral College (Explained)

The debate of having electoral colleges is one that has lasted in the United States of America and several other countries for a long, long time. This is because when the United States was formed, the founding fathers of the United States of America considered the country to be too uneducated and illiterate to vote on issues of national interest.

This means that the people who were going to vote of issues of public administration could be easily swayed by campaigns and hence there would be what they called the ‘tyranny of the majority.’ This is the prime reason that they suggested electoral colleges.


1. Small States are Better Represented

1. The Popular Vote is Diminished

2. The Politicians have to Concentrate on Small States as well

2. The Singular Vote is Reduced

3. The Big, Populous Cities are not the Main Deciders

3. The System is Confusing

4. The Chaos of Elections is Reduced

4. Lack of Interest in Voting

5. The Rigging of Polls is Reduced

5. People are Swayed Easily

6. The Final Decision is Fairer

6. The Swing States are More Important

7. There is More Transparency
 7. The Electoral Colleges are Often Swayed

8. The Campaigns are Less Expensive

9. Re-election in Constituencies of Dispute Only


  • Small States are Better Represented:

The states which have lesser population and consist of voters who are not very influential to the country’s national vote immediately receive more importance due to electoral colleges. This is because the State electoral colleges will have a vote in the upcoming Presidential election.

does the electoral college help the smaller states
  • The Politicians have to concentrate on Small States as well:

The politicians, knowing that they cannot miss out on the small States’ votes have to come up with solutions and campaigns for these states. Hence they have to understand that the people of the small constituencies are not liabilities but citizens of the country they will represent.

  • The Big, Populous Cities are not the Main Deciders:

The big populous cities of New York and other states of the country often have more density and more population living in them. This makes these spaces quite important for the functioning of the democracy. It is often the case that these states are given more priority.

  • The Chaos of Elections is lesser:

The chaos of election and democracy is a chaos that is necessarily one that keeps the people busy and causes inconvenience. Add to that the problem of campaigns and lobbying. Electoral colleges reduce this pressure because it performs indirect voting based on constituency.

  • The Rigging of Polls is reduced:

In a democracy the polls are often rigged to the core. For instance in a country like India, rigging is part and parcel of the elections and it is normalized as well. This problem is avoided by electoral colleges due to the process of indirect voting.

  • The Final Decision is Fairer:

The decision that is represented at the end of the process and the elections itself is much fairer and more compliant of due process. This is primarily because the people of the country vote through electoral colleges and these colleges in turn vote for the Presidential candidate.

  • There is More Transparency:

The process involved in electoral colleges is much more transparent because it ensures voters know who they will be voting for even if it is indirect. This means that the voters will have to get to know their representatives better. An advantage of the electoral colleges over other forms lies here.

does an electoral college have transparency
  • The Campaigns are Less Expensive:

The campaigns of elections are extensively expensive and the amount of wealth that is spent on election campaigns could very well be used for the development of the country. This is one aspect that the electoral colleges reduce through its processes of well functioning.

  • Re-election in Constituencies of Dispute Only:

The process of re election is one that keeps the people on their toes even in constituencies that undertake several forms of development. This is because elections are often rigged and sometimes even falsified. In the case of the electoral college, re election would only happen in the disputed space.


  • The Popular Vote is Diminished:

The vote of the majority of the people is diminished to a mere number and this approach many political thinkers find wrong. The majority sentiment should not be replaced through a method of electoral colleges. This is something that the electoral colleges would diminish.

is the popular vote diminished in electoral colleges
  • The Singular Vote is Reduced:

The vote of the single voter is reduced to the iota of just a mere representation. This is one of the many reasons that many of the population also believe that the electoral colleges should be transformed into other forms of electoral process voting.

  • The System is Confusing:

The system of electoral colleges in itself is quite confusing to those who have been not associated with the process of voting. This is also confusing for first time voters. This is also one of the reasons why electoral colleges should be transformed to direct voting.

  • Lack of Interest in Voting:

The people using the electoral colleges system often have less interest in voting because they know that their vote does not directly count. It is more of an indirect process. This is why this system if often said to create disinterest in the voters.

  • People are Swayed Easily:

The people who are voting do not always have the right knowledge of the representatives of their electoral colleges. This is a big reason why the voters do not feel it is the right process. The candidates of the electoral college do not campaign either.

  • The Swing States are More Important:

The states that are known as the swing states in the United States of America are often the ones that receive most amount of attention when the elections happen. This is because these states do not follow a trajectory and tend to vote either Republican or Democrat.

does it make the swing states more important
  • The Electoral Colleges are Often Swayed:

The Electoral Colleges are often swayed in the process of elections by the candidates who are part of the electoral colleges itself. This is a big drawback to the system and hence keeps the voters in doubt about who they should vote for.


The system of electoral colleges is one that should definitely be used in the countries which are often plagues by voting chaos and rigging. This system has its drawbacks, but it is one that can be used for good at the same time. The choice lies with the voters of the countries.

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