17+ Pros and Cons of Tinder (Explained)

Tinder, the dating app is used by more than 50 million people worldwide. It is basically a kind of a mixed bag. Its algorithm produces potential matches via location and then you choose to accept the match or not by swiping right or left respectively.

10 million people tend to use Tinder every day, so your chances of meeting someone, even on the day you sign up, are pretty good. There are a number of dating apps out there, but the most widely used one and one of the most popular one is ‘Tinder’.

Many people use it and some has also claimed that they have actually found true love in that app. It is also fun to use.

Advantages of Tinder

One can actually find true love:

Many people out there have claimed that they have actually found true love on Tinder. With tinder, you tend to get many options at a time and you are likely to find a true match.

With more than 10 million people using tinder on a daily basis, it basically increases the chances that you might find a match within few days after you log in to tinder. Many people have also claimed that have found their match on the day itself they started using tinder.

Furthermore, it is advantageous because you do not have to waste much time behind using the app for finding a match.

This app can save one from getting bored:

This app is very useful for you if you tend to get bored. A person who has ample amount of free time, then this app can serve as a very good time pass.

One can keep swiping on the app and can explore the various people on the app. If you do not really want to have a relationship, then you can make good friends over there and can have qualitative conversation with them.

Having qualitative conversation with different set of people can also help you groom you as a Person and also can save you from getting bored by a great extent.

Can boost self-confidence:

Another one of the greatest advantage of using various dating apps like Tinder is that when you get a number of likes from various people, and when a number of people approach you in a positive way, you tend to feel good and eventually that boosts your confidence.

There are girls who does not really feel good about themselves and they feel that they are not desirable, but with such dating apps,

when they see that they are getting ample amount of attention, it eventually makes them feel good about themselves and brings a positive change in their behavior.

Can let one forget one’s ex:

This is another advantage of having a good dating app. There are people who really cannot get over a paste relationship and they keep on pondering over their exes.

Also, they often tend to make themselves ill and depressed. But, with this dating app, people can the chance to meet different types of people and they can distract themselves from the bad memories of a past relationship and the person who has wronged them.

Talking to numerous people using a dating app can actually make some get over their exes very quickly.

Can help to make friends:

Tinder has many people and it customize the search by showing you the people from your own locality and your own age group. You can get the people of your choice and eventually raise the chances of yours to make new and good friends.

You can chat with them and can even fix a meeting and can become real time good friends.

Improve one’s analytical skills:

You have to find out as much as you can about a stranger merely by the little information that they have put up on their Tinder profile.

This means that you will become quite observant, focusing on what is there in the background when it comes to pictures and by analyzing the implications of what they have shared in their bio.

Disadvantages of tinder

Can get trapped in a bad company:

This is probably one of the biggest disadvantage of tinder. It is an often heard matter that the people get trapped in a bad company by using this app.

Not everyone is the way they seem to be. Some also make some fake profiles and pretend to be someone else. This is often the biggest fear associated with online dating, that there is possibility of the person being fake and the one with wrong intension.

Chances of getting pranked or tricked:

As mentioned earlier, not all profiles on tinder is real or genuine. There may be many people with some wrong intention as well. So, it is possible that if a person goes on a blind date with some, he may tick the person and abduct her, or do some offensive behavior with her.

So, it is on one of the biggest concern of using tinder and it is to be taken care of that a person should verify the truth before going on a date or before fixing a meeting with an unknown one.

Deceiving pictures:

This is one of the most discussed disadvantages of Tinder. Many a time, it is seen that people upload a fake picture of theirs and claims it to be real. Unfortunately, there is no way to verify it.

So, the other person tend to end up believing that it is the real photo of the person and choose to go ahead with him. But afterwards, come to know the reality that they have been deceived by a fake photo. 

Increases the chance of cheating in a relationship:

Dating apps like tinder tend to give people many opportunities to cheat on their relationship. It can connect you a huge number of matches of the opposite gender, increasing the probability that one may end up cheating partners.

These days, having multiple affairs have become very common. It basically makes it easier for the people out there to connect with new and charming people, they can start a conversation within just few clicks.

Many people have reported to have been cheated on by their partners due to a dating app.

Increase the disposability of people:

According to many, this is the probably one of the biggest downside of Tinder. It actually makes people simply disposable.

If you do not feel an instant connection with this person, you need not to worry as you have plenty of other options available.So, you do not really bother trying.

There are a thousand more people at your fingertips. This tends to makes you more inclined to quickly give up on people.

So, above are potential few advantages and disadvantages of using tinder. Everything in the world comes with some pros as well as cons, and by reading the above list of pros and cons, you can decide whether you should go for using this or not.

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