30+ Pros And Cons Of Tomatoes (Explained)

Tomatoes contain antioxidants that help in protecting against a wide range of diseases including diabetes, cancer, etc.

 Tomatoes are called Solanum Lycopersicum scientifically and originated in the south and central Americans.

There are huge benefits and side effects of tomatoes, but to understand what you are getting from this, here is the list of pros and cons for better understanding.

Pros Of Tomatoes Cons of Tomatoes 
Preventing cancer Leads upset stomach 
Reduce acne Urinary issues 
Reduce body fat Increase blood pressure
Good for pregnancy Lowers the sugar level to dangerous point 
Reducing the cholesterol Not for cancer patient 
Counters smokers effect Trigger migraine 
Prevents gallstones Over Consuming cause problem to pregnancy 
Treat dark circlesCause kidney stones 
Improve scalp Cause allergies 
Condition hair Acid reflux problems 
Treats oily skin 
Improve vision 
Improve the heart health 

Pros Of Tomatoes

Tomatoes Are Good For Preventing Cancer

According to the American Institute of cancer research, tomatoes have lycopene which is responsible for the anticancer properties.

It’s also an antioxidant and belongs to the carotenoid family.

Tomatoes have companies that help in preventing several cancer cell types.

Reduces The Acne

Tomatoes have pimples and acne. It has natural salicylic acid and it helps in exfoliating the skin.

Not just that, it prevents the pores from getting clogged.  This restores the pH balance of your skin. And keep it healthy and less prone to help in preventing skin infections.

Reduce The Body Fat

According to a Chinese study, using tomato juice can help in reducing body weight, waist circumferences, and body fat.

Apart from this, it’s helpful to lower cholesterol and contribute to losing weight.

It has a rich source of antioxidants, fiber and is low in calories.

 It’s Good For The Pregnancy

Women who are pregnant need vitamin C which is important in order to keep themselves as well as the baby healthy.

It helps in the formation of keeping the bones, gums, and teeth healthy.

The vitamin helps in proper absorption, another important nutrient that you need during pregnancy.

Reduces Cholesterol And improve Heart Health

Tomatoes that have lycopene can help, and add this to your diet for a few weeks.  With this, you can help in lowering down  LDL cholesterol which is bad cholesterol by 10%.

You need at least 25mmg of lycopene per day, and you can get half a cup of tomato sauce.

Counters The Cigarette Smoke Effects

Smoking leads to the production of free radicals, and it can be countered by taking vitamin C.

And because of this, you need tomatoes if you are a smoker.  According to the National Institute of Health,  if you are not smoking, you need around 90 mg if you are a man, 75 mg if you are a woman.

And if you smoke, you need at least 35 mg extra.  Taking 100 grams of raw teams has 13.7 mg of vitamin C.

Improve The Vision

Tomatoes have a rich source of vitamin A, and this is one of the reasons that can help you in improving your vision.

Your retinas also need vitamin A and when you have low levels of vitamins, it can lead to blindness.

Also, lycopene helps in counting the free radical damage.

It Treats The Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you can use tomato as its natural ingredient for treating.

The tomatoes help in controlling the oil secretion and sebaceous glands.

It also helps in keeping your skin oil-free and is a remedy to treat your open pores.

It Treats The Dark Circles

You can use the tomatoes for getting rid of dark circles. Also, it has brightening properties and contains anti-occident.

This helps in treating the dark circles. It contains a rich source of vitamin C, and it’s beneficial for rejuvenating dull as well as damaging skin.

Enhances Your Digestion Health

Tomatoes have a rich source of chloride, it’s an essential component that is useful for digestive juices.

According to a report, it says that lycopene which you get in tomatoes helps in preventing gastric cancer.

It contains fiber and further promotes gut health. Eating such food can help in dealing with gastritis-like problems.

Prevents The Gallstones

According to Michigan State University, tomatoes can help in reducing problems like gallstones and kidney stones.

There are a few ways that can help in adding tomatoes to the diet in preventing gallstones, which could be added to the stewed version or canned in stews and soups.

You can also make the salsas, and add tomatoes as topping along with eggs, meat, and salads.

Improves The Condition Of Your Hair

Tomatoes contain vitamins A, B, C, and E which can help you in stimulants for the hair.  This can help in preventing hair loss, give a natural shine, and improve the scalp odor as well as dandruff.

Eating tomatoes around 4 to 5 helps in ensuring shiny and hair health.

You can use the tomato for the natural condition of the hair, applying the pull on the hair and leaving it for 15 minutes along with cold water.

This contains victim C,  it can treat the problems such as psoriasis, eczema, dandruff and boost the collagen to issues in the scalp.

If you are having an itchy and dry scalp, you can use the tomato puree and oil for getting the reload,

Wash it off using cold water to get better results.

Cons Of Tomatoes

Lead To Upset Stomach

Although tomatoes can help in keeping your digestive system healthy, it’s also important to keep them in moderation.

However, if you are consuming too much of it this can affect you in reverse.

Especially if you are going through irritable bowel syndrome, tomatoes can make your symptoms and lead you to feel bloating.

Apart from this, tomatoes lead to diarrhea and this is because of Salmonella.

It Can Cause Acid Reflux

Tomatoes contain acid which is high in level, it can already make you suffer from heartburn and reflux.

It’s important  to consider the amount intake, as they process more acid which can cause the gastrointestinal tract to upset

Tomato contains malic and citric acid which triggers acid production and causes gastric reflux.

Increase The Blood Pressure

If you are consuming the tomatoes in raw, they don’t have the high in sodium, it will not interfere with the blood pressure levels

But it can reduce the risk of high blood pressure.  On the contrary, if you are opting for tomato soups and canned tomatoes, these contain a lot of high amounts of sodium.

It Can Cause The Allergies

There are a lot of people who have allergies which are because of histamine, and tomatoes can lead to allergic reactions.

The allergy might have the symptoms which are skin rashes, eczema sneezing, hives, itching sensation in the throat, and swelling to the face or tongue

Tomatoes cause dermatitis, and it leads to breathing troubles.

Suffer Through The Kidney Stones

People who are going through kidney diseases can be advised to limit their potassium intake.

Tomatoes are rich in potassium, which can lead to problems.

Another important point is that tomatoes are high in oxalate and lead to kidney stones formation.

It’s Not For The Cancer Patients

The tomato contains lycopene which is good if you are taken in moderation.

However, a study says that this can also aggravate the symptoms of prostate cancer.

Not just that, it also causes problems with chemotherapy medication. To those who are going through treatment, this can lead to exercising caution which is consuming too many tomatoes.

Triggers The Migraines

Tomatoes also have problems that lead to triggering migraines according to experts.

This leads to an Iranian study. And experts say that migraine can be controlled if you are taking the diet properly, however, there are only 40 % chances.

If you are going through migraine headaches, this leads to making sure to consume tomatoes.

Risk For The Pregnancy

If you are consuming too much of it, this can lead to a problem.

However, tomatoes have an excellent source of antioxidants and nutrients.  It is safe for the pregnant and you can consume it well.

But the overdose can cause a risk to the pregnancy.

It Cause The Low Sugar

Tomatoes are beneficial for people who have diabetes since they have a low glycaemic index.

It releases the sugar at a slow rate to the bloodstream, it prevents the blood sugar levels from boosting up.

But if you consume it beyond the intake, you can dip dangerously and even lead to hypoglycemia.

This can cause blurry visions, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, sweating, etc.

So if you are on diabetes medication,  it might not be something you should have in your diet.

Causing The Urinary Problems

The tomatoes are acidic which can cause the problem to the bladder and make it irritating which leads to incontinence.

Also if you are prone to frequent tract infections in urine, eating too much pot can make your symptoms worse and also lead to the irritation and burning season in your bladder.

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