25+ Pros and Cons of Torrent (Explained)

Torrent is one of the most famous and well known cinema, television and gaming download hosts of all time. It is a service that allows you to download content for free and lets you save what you are downloading on the computer. It usually gives you the original file with no cuts and problems, but sometimes may be a little deceiving.

This is particularly the case for films, which are often not what they are said to be. The use of torrent is not also strictly legal, as it promotes piracy and theft. The reason Torrent is so popular is because it actually helps in making the process of cinema download easier than it used to be. 


  • Cinema for Free:

Torrent lets you download cinema for free through its various uploads and download. It is like a community for pirated versions of films, games and the like. This makes it incredibly enticing to anyone who cannot afford to buy the original copies with the original releases.

  • Download Anytime:

Torrents can be downloaded anytime, since the websites are always available and the torrents can be accessed through various VPNs, even if it cannot be accessed through your usual browser sometimes. The popularity of Torrent has got it banned many times, but it keeps coming back with other names.

  • Download Speed:

Popular releases with more seeds and leeches makes the download of Torrent a simple task. The Torrents, that is the films, TV series, games or whatever you are trying to download, if it has been accessed by other users as well, then it is very likely that it will download in a matter of minutes.

  • Various Print Qualities:

On Torrent you will not be encountering quality issues, since the quality and file size is mentioned at the side of the content that you are downloading. Irrespective of whether you have a good internet speed, or a bad internet speed, you will find something to suit you.

  • Community Users:

Torrent is a community user based website. The reason community based user websites are good for beginners is because help can be accessed whenever there is confusion or a problem. The several discussions that take place help the Torrent user downloading the files.

  • Easy to Download:

The files on Torrent are based on magnet links. This means that with a Torrent application installed on your desktop or phone you can download the files you want to by just using the magnet link option, which will automatically download the file for you without opening several secondary sites.

  • No Restarting:

The Torrent that you are downloading will not stop or crash if the computer or device you are downloading on crashes or shuts down due to less battery or some other problem. The Torrent will simply resume from where you left off after the device is switched on.

  • No Restrictions:

There is no restriction on the number of Torrents you can download in one day after the you have downloaded one or two files. With unlimited downloads in one day and all saved on your computer, Torrent can be a handy tool for a student of University.

  • Files are Saved on Memory:

As mentioned before, the files that are saved on the desktop is saved on memory and not on any other downloading host or separate Torrent memory, like other streaming services. The downloads are permanent and once downloaded can be accessed anywhere, on any device. 


  • Risky:

A big problem if Torrent is that since it is a risky space as there is no authority to what happens to your device if there is a corrupted file that gets downloaded from Torrent. The Torrent space is accountable to no one and any damage to your computer is entirely your concern.

  • Possibility of Virus:

The possibility of a virus or anti-body affecting your device is high when using the Torrent application. This is because Torrent is an open platform and cannot be regulated as to who uploads what file and what file gets in the computer when you are downloading.

  • Piracy:

The risk of piracy is also a serious risk. The films and games and television serials or even web series that you download are not legal and are pirated versions of the original copy. This makes your location and safety susceptible to the police and other legal authorities.

  • Seeds Problem:

A big problem encountered when using Torrent is the seeds and leeches problem that plagues the content of the torrent that you are downloading. The seeds and leeches of the torrent that you are downloading, if not high, then the file will be slow to download or may not download at all.

  • Deception:

The user using Torrent services may be booked for reasons such as the piracy, but what remains an even bigger threat is deception of the files being downloaded itself. The Torrent that you download can contain content that is perverted in the name of the file you want to download.

  •   Only Works with Internet:

This can cause inconvenience of various sorts. Without internet the use of Torrent is impossible and if your internet provider charges you a lot of data and keeps your download size limited, you can spend all your data only on downloading one file from torrent. This is because many files on Torrent are more than 3GB in size.

  • Not Private:

The use of torrent is not a private affair, as anyone downloading torrent can be tracked by whoever has downloaded the same torrent before using an IP address. This is because IP address is visible on the Torrent that you are downloading, making you susceptible to tracking.

The Torrents that have to be downloaded have to be used with safety and precaution, else all the services Torrent provides for free will be going down the drain when the device you work on is infested with virus and files that do not belong to you. This will spoil your experience.

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