17+ Pros and Cons of Treadmill (Explained)

A treadmill is a gym instrument or device which can be used for running, walking, jogging or climbing, while remaining in one particular place. It can be both electrical and manual. The exercise machine comprises a moving platform that has a conveyor belt that can either be driven manually by a flywheel or can be powered by an electric motor. The person exercising on the belt is required to run or walk at a speed that matches that of the belt.

The concept of the treadmill originates from olden times when similar instruments were used to harness the energy of animals into doing hard labor in mills. The working of the modern exercise treadmills also uses the same physics as those machines. 

Over the years, treadmills have become extremely popular among fitness freaks. It is also widely used by athletes to practice cardio. According to SFIA the treadmill is the most popular gym instrument and is the best selling gym equipment by a huge margin

Benefits of Treadmill       Drawbacks of Treadmill
It prevents risks of injury    It is expensive
Workout regimes can be customized  Can cause some injury
You can do a variety of exercises on the treadmill   It is not the same as running outdoors  
Helps in tracking your heartbeat rate
Enables you to run at all times
You can run uphill even in your home
Can monitor the functioning of the body

Advantages of Treadmill

  • It prevents the risk of injury

While running on a treadmill, we are running on an even surface that cushions the amount of stress that running causes to the joints and knees. Thus it has a low impact on the joints, reducing chances of injury.

  • You can do a variety of exercises on the treadmill

You can jog at an even pace, run at high speed, or also go for High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT) on the treadmill. 

  • Workout Regimes can be customized

Working out on a treadmill provides you with the flexibility that working out outdoors does not. You can walk on the treadmill from the comfort of your home, while watching TV or while surrounded by your children.

  • Helps in tracking your heartbeat rate

Most treadmills come with advanced program applications that let you track your heart rate and pulse. This is a huge plus point for people suffering from complex heart conditions, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

  • Enables you to run at all times

If you go for early morning walks or jogs in your neighborhood park, then your workout schedule might get affecting because of bad weather conditions. However, with the treadmill, you can work out indoors during all seasons and weather conditions. Also, it takes up only a few square feet of your home.

  • You can run uphill even in your home

Nowadays, most treadmills have programs that allow users to simulate terrains, like raising the inclination of the plane. This allows users to exercise on the treadmill while enjoying the benefits of working out on a hill. 

  • Can monitor the functioning of the body

Some advanced treadmills have applications that allow you to calculate the distance that you walked or ran. They also have programs that make it possible for you to measure how many calories you are burning, your heart rate, etc.

Disadvantages of Treadmill

  • It is expensive

A good treadmill from a renowned brand can cost you around $500 to even more than $3000. This is a lot expensive compared to running outdoors, on land, which is practically free of cost.

  • Can cause some injury

The American Consumer Product Safety Commission states that people running on the treadmill are more susceptible to injuries compared to working out on any other exercise equipment. According to the CPSC, around 30 people have died from injuries suffered on the treadmill, between the years  2003 and 2012. Also running on the treadmill might increase the risk of injuring your lower back and hips.

  • It is not the same as running outdoors       

Running outdoors has its benefits as well. First, it helps you to be one with nature. Inhaling fresh oxygen in the early hours of the day, while surrounded by greenery is an experience in itself. Also, working out indoors robs you of the opportunity to absorb vitamin D which the sun provides while working out in the park.

Just like most other exercise machines, treadmill, too, has its benefits and drawbacks. However, if you ask any sports enthusiast, fitness freak, or celebrity, they will swear by the benefits of the treadmill. If used in moderation, we can safely say that the benefits of the treadmill surpass the drawbacks by a large margin.

It is relatively low risk and can be even accommodated within small apartments. The treadmill can transform one’s workout regime and allow you to work out from the comfort of your home, surrounded by your family. Thus, working out on a treadmill hardly feels like a chore!  

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