20+ Pros and Cons of Twitter (Explained)

  Twitter is one of the most popular and largest social networking platforms in existence today. Twitter has huge potential when it comes to expanding the scope of a business or the viewer base of a website. There is no cost for creating an account on Twitter and it is quite simple and easy to get started on the social network.

Promotion of work, products along with sharing thoughts and ideas with the world are a few of the numerous things that you can do by using Twitter. Though it may seem that the stream of messages on Twitter are disconnected, people, communities, groups, etc. who share similar ideas and outlook are often brought together by popular posts on Twitter. 

Pros of Twitter

  • Simplicity

Twitter allows its users to have the awareness of anything and everything that might interest any particular one of its users, be it a community or a celebrity or simply a person or a community who may not be famous but is known to the user. This makes it one of the simplest social networking platforms available. 

  • Accessibility

A user can access Twitter not only on web browsers, but also using smartphones, tablets, etc. This allows for a huge audience base across several platforms as it basically means that there might be Twitter users who only have Twitter on their smartphones and/or tablets but not on their computers and vice versa. 

  • Word spread

All the followers of the person who posts a tweet, can view it and they also have the option of retweeting it. This makes the tweet visible to not only the followers of the user whose tweet it was originally but to also the followers of the person who retweeted.

  • Customer Service

Companies often respond to tweets from their followers who may have questions about any particular product or may have stumbled upon some particular issue regarding any product and/or policy. Also, any policy changes, recalls, important notices, etc. can also be conveyed effectively to both clients and consumers using Twitter. 

  • Combining

Twitter  can be combined with the accounts on other social networking platforms like Facebook that any particular user may have. So, whatever the user posts on Twitter, it is also posted on the other social network accounts. This means that time needs to be spent only once to publish on the accounts linked together.

  • Practical

The message size on Twitter is limited to 140 characters for each post. So whatever the information may be it must be into that parameter, making the social networking platform simple and extremely practical for the process of human thought.The post may include messages and/or links and does not have many advertisements. 

  • Audience Potential

Trusted Reviews puts the count of Twitter’s active monthly users at 284 million, as of the month of December, 2014. This means that even though it is never guaranteed that a feed will percolate down to every user, even a fraction of the total audience pool is quite a substantial one. 

  • Outreach

Twitter is often used by an individual, or a business, etc. for promotion. Event promotion, product awareness, creation of awareness about brands, etc. are a few of all the different promotional activities that can be carried out on Twitter. Several business organisations have Twitter integrated straight into their systems of customer service and/or support. 

  • Speed

Speed is a huge asset that Twitter possesses. The moment anything is published on an account, the followers receive it instantaneously. Businesses often use this feature to acquire instantaneous reactions from followers, on campaign angles, etc. Several business enterprises have been found to employ Twitter as a means to increase their sales. 

  • Review

Twitter provides it’s users with the option of placing one or more buttons on a particular page of any website in order to tweet that page. This allows the other users who are viewing the page to first observe the subject in question and then review it at their own convenience. 

Cons of Twitter 

  • Account Management

Trying to make a Twitter account as effective as it can be, can turn into a full-time job, especially for the accounts that make use of Twitter for the promotion of products. Continuously trying to maintain a stable audience mass, may result in a user simply spending time on Twitter, even while not generating content.

  • Constriction

Owing to the limitation of 140 characters per post, everything must always be summarised. The constriction turns into a double-edged sword, details often have to be omitted to accommodate the post. Links can be included to help the issue, but that would be leaving it up to chance, whether the follower clicks on them. 

  • Spam

The Twitter network is riddled with huge amounts of spam, and the biggest problem is that it is not controlled very well. The whole network can also become too fast, in terms of the total number of tweets. These often result in old users and potential new ones, losing trust in the network. 

  • Post Frequency

Achieving the correct frequency of posts is a huge task. Infrequent posting can result in loss of audience viewership, while posting too often can result in an account being tagged by the audience as “spammy”. This can pose a huge challenge and can consume a lot of time on analysis to strike the perfect balance. 

  • Addiction

Addiction to Twitter is a very real problem. Once a user starts using the network, he/she can get increasingly involved in it and lose sight of other important things in life. This can lead to severe wastage of precious time and in dire situations even being fired from jobs. 

  • Uploading Videos

Videos cannot be uploaded to Twitter. Only the links can be posted and this poses a problem. Visual content is always way more effective than others. This makes Twitter less appealing than other social networking platforms for a big percentage of the whole mass. Twitter is a better fit for text based content rather than visual. 

 Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams as it’s creators, Twitter came into existence in the month of March, 2006 and later that year was launched in the month of July.

The social networking platform is by no means perfect and can definitely be bettered further but with 330 million active monthly users in 2019, Twitter, “the SMS of the internet”, looks set to be here for the long run. 

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