Unemployment In USA: 24+ Main Pros and Cons (You Must Know)

The problem of unemployment is one that strikes that world every once or twice every year. This makes the problem one that recurs quite often over the length and breadth of human society and its economic model.

The center of the capitalist world, that is the USA is also hit by several problems every year and unemployment is one of the most common. This keeps the government in constant debt of the corporations, but at the same time, it also makes the government take much more proper initiative about the problem, something that the governments often do not do. 

Benefits of UnemploymentDrawbacks of Unemployment

1. More Profits

1. Livelihood goes Down

2. Better Security for Employed Workers

2. The Problem of Unemployment hurts the Economy Massively

3. Government Pays for Unemployed People

3. The Crime Rates Rise

4. Government has to Take More Initiative

4. The Position of the People is Vulnerable

5. More Profits Lead to Development

5. The Problem of Protests

6. The Corporations Have Lesser Burden

6. Risk of Suicide

7. People are Employed in the Government Sector

7. Mental Health Problems

8. Community takes more Initiative

9. Unemployment leads to Incentive

Advantages of Unemployment in The Usa:

More Profits:

The unemployment problem in America means that the corporations will make more profits, which in turn helps the people of the country become easier consumers, as the corporations reduce the prices of several goods and commodities. This is one of the benefits of the unemployment problem.

Better Security for Employed Workers:

The security of workers who are employed receives more security because the corporations employ lesser people during the problems of unemployment. This is one of the main reasons that the people who are employed in important positions in the country have the advantage of secure jobs.

Government Pays for Unemployed People:

The government pays the people who are not employed. Hence it is not the case that they are left for the dead. The little allowances that they receive from the government with subsidies and other benefits help the unemployed people sustain themselves in this crisis.

Government has to Take More Initiative:

The government has to take more initiative than usual when trying to make its unemployed people find a job and also help them sustain themselves when they are trying to find a job. This puts some pressure on the government to perform and hence makes it more accountable.

More Profits Lead to Development:

The profits that the corporations make when they do not have to employ several thousand people, but just a few essential people is one of the reasons for a rise in profit of the corporations, hence making the system develop through their initiatives and donations.

The Corporations Have Lesser Burden:

The corporations have a lesser burden when trying to initiate a process of expansion or a new project. This makes it quite easy for the corporations to expand in order to provide more job options. This is another advantage of having lesser employees during unemployment.

People are Employed in the Government Sector:

The government finally puts up notice and opens up spaces and various types of jobs to help the unemployed. This makes the process of reducing unemployment quicker as well. The government sits up and takes notice of development. This is another advantage.

Community takes more Initiative:

The community in itself also binds together more after taking the initiative of reducing the burden of those who are unemployed. Several charities and other forms of organizations take up this initiative while trying to help the helpless, unemployed people. This creates great community bonding.

Unemployment leads to Incentive:

The unemployed youth feels the need to get a job and work hard to earn a living instead of slacking around, hence unemployment acts as a stepping stone when taken as a learning experience. The various offers during unemployment periods give the youth incentive to even start their own firms.

Disadvantages of Unemployment in Usa:

Livelihood goes Down:

The livelihood of the people of the country goes down rapidly due to unemployment. This makes the process of maintaining the comforts and sometimes even basic necessities something that the people cannot afford. Hence this creates dissatisfaction and frustration amidst the people of the country who are unemployed.

The Problem of Unemployment hurts the Economy Massively:

The economy itself faces quite a few drawbacks during unemployment. This makes the problem of the economy not only the problem of common people but also the rich and the corporations as well. They tend to invest lesser during these periods and keep making savings.

The Crime Rates Rise:

The biggest and most dangerous problem of unemployment is that the people who have been unemployed for quite a long time tend to become quite aggressive and frustrated about their position. Hence they may begin taking part in anti-social activity, hence increasing the crime rate in the city.

The Position of the People is Vulnerable:

The people who are unemployed or work low-salary jobs tend to lose their interest in their own lives and become quite vulnerable to whatever their employers tell them to do. The exploitation of the system increases and they may be told to perform duty even on their break days to keep their jobs.

The Problem of Protests:

The protests that begin with the rise of dissatisfaction and constant rise in unemployment are something that leads to increased problems for the government when trying to deal with unemployment itself. This is another grave problem of unemployment, one that might topple the government.

Risk of Suicide:

The suicide rates spark up during unemployment, especially in countries like India where the suicide rate is high all year round. The suicide rate in the USA is quite high as well, but this increases during phases of unemployment and joblessness. This is because people become depressed with themselves.

Mental Health Problems:

The problem of unemployment is like the fall of dominoes, where one problem leads to another. This makes the problem of unemployment not only one that leads to rise in crime rates and suicides, but also the problem of mental health disturbances. This is a great disadvantage.


The problem with unemployment is great, but there are also some benefits that may be seen in the long run from short phases of unemployment. The unconfidence that one may feel during unemployment is something that the government can reduce, but this is only if the problem is dealt with properly.

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