19+ Pros and Cons of Video Game (Explained)

Video games are one of those things that people can’t get over easily, if at all they do. From an adolescence past time, to a full fledged career option, video games have progressed a lot since those early days of Space Race (1973) and Tennis for Two (1958).

Video games have given gamers an opportunity to be a part of its colorful, obstacle filled, tenacious universe by offering job opportunities like game designing and video game testing. While these games are entertaining, are there any cons we should know about? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of video games:

Pros of Video Games:

  • Promotes Hand-Eye Coordination:

Video games are a very good way of correcting and improving one’s hand-eye coordination. Some games like Counter Strike (1999) and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, aka PUBG (2016), among others, require delicate hand movements and a focused eye. Video games help promote hand-eye coordination, as well as to increase the ability to concentrate for longer periods. 

  • Depression Buster:

Most games are invented to improve the player’s mood, but SPARX was developed specifically to cater to those who were suffering from depression. This fantasy game subtly exhibited elements of cognitive behavioral therapy. This reportedly improved the condition in around 66% of gamers, while 44% patient players recovered from depression compared to the 26% who were in treatment. 

  • Control Over Aggression:

Video games have largely proven helpful in controlling and reducing aggression in players. Video games act as a cathartic activity — excessive emption is displaced, and a person’s emotions are balanced. If a player feels aggressive or cornered in real life, playing a violent game helps purge some of those negative feelings, and helps the player feel better and more in control. 

  • Encourages Logical Thinking:

A video game offers a player with a variety of choices that has its own repercussions. The player must make decisions largely based on logic and somewhat in emotion to conquer levels. This helps in making decisions in real life that require logical thinking as well as intuition. 

  • Serves as an Escape from Reality:

Video games offer a sort of reprieve from the toils and troubles of everyday life. The games lift a person up from the negativity that stems from the curve balls faced everyday, and promises a fun-filled retreat, even if it lasts for a few hours. 

  • Learning Important Life Hacks:

Video games help in providing useful tips and tricks to handle the quirks of life. Apart from improving coordination and spatial skills, video games teach the importance of management and logistics. Video games also help in allocation of resources, which is a vital quality in many careers, including architecture, urban construction and planning, etc. 

  • Increasing the Ability to Multitask:

The ability of multitasking is a prized skill in this day and age, where everything needs to be done RIGHT NOW, and done altogether. In video games, a player has to make decisions immediately, and complete multiple goals. Therefore, video games help to increase the ability to multitask in a player. 

  • Creates a community:

Many games provide players with an opportunity to increase their friend circle by communicating with other player in real time. Players can choose to bond over gaming, and find friendships that can last a lifetime. People looking to make friends can also be encouraged to come out of their shells by interacting with other players. 

Cons of Video Games:

  • Distracting:

Video games have been considered as a source of distraction for young gamers. Understandably, it is quite hard to tear oneself away from a whole other world of colorful characters and temporary goals, an escape from reality, if you will. Youngsters are unable to concentrate on anything else other than the game awaiting them. 

  • Affects Concentration:

Studies have shown that video games affect concentration in children. This age group is the most affected since their developing brains are drawn to the activity filled, stimulating games. They are unable to concentrate on activities that are not as boisterous as the games. Therefore, studies and chores are often ignored by children in favor of playing. 

  • Overstimulates the Brain:

Video games offer a variety of sensations that can be overwhelming at times. The colorful visuals, the loud audio, and the sensory stimulation that is offered in some very advanced games can tax a brain more than it can handle. In some cases, the loud noises and images are known to have caused seizures in individuals. 

  • Not a Lot of Opportunities:

While the video game industry is slowly growing, there is still a lot of competition to overcome if you want to be a part of the creation of such a game. There are qualities and skills required from candidates that some consider to be too demanding. The requirement for perfection in a certain field of the video game industry is a must. 

  • Can be addictive:

Like any good thing that is not used in moderation, video games can turn insidiouly addictive. Video games offer short bursts away from reality, a perfect utopia where the player can be the hero, but that feeling can turn addictive, and stop a person from focusing on other important aspects of life. 

  • Removed from the Real World:

A video game can be so addictive as to make a person forget the real world, or even the difference between real life and the one on the screen. This creates a problem, as the persom is so removed from the real world, they are unable to complete practically any basic task, even those which are important for their survival. 

Video games are a source of great entertainment. They are also valuable for the education they impart. However, one must remember that everything should be taken in moderation, and take steps to avoid getting sucked into the world of gaming with no way out.

Limit yourself to certain times when you can play, use it as a reward for when a day has been particularly stressful, but most of all, practice discipline and self-control while playing video games. 

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