26+ Pros and Cons of Wearable Technology (Explained)

Wearable technology constitutes of wearable electronic smart devices which are worn on the surface of the body or close to the body. They monitor, analyze, detect, and transmit information regarding the body such as various vital body signals which allow the wearer to almost immediately be aware of their conditions.

The common wearable devices include activity trackers, smartwatches, etc. They use the technology of IoT and transfer data among connected devices and operators through the use of electronic and other software sensors. The use of wearable technology is the healthcare system is expanding by leaps and bounds.

Benefits of Wearable TechnologyDrawbacks of Wearable Technology
It increases productivityThey are still relatively expensive
Increases employee satisfaction  They have battery limitations
It can make you fitterThey can be distracting
You can sink it with other devices as well.Not all devices are wearable as standalone. 
Keeps patients engagedThere always remains some privacy concerns
MultitaskingThere are some restrictions
Monitors critical patientsThere is a risk of faulty measurement
Portable and convenientNot widely understood or accepted by the mass
Easy way to track your progressThe device might be hot
Increases efficiency in employees
Can provide instant gratification
Improves customer engagement
Can be used for entertainment purposes
Helps you schedule your day
They are usually comfortable

Advantages of Wearable Technology

  • It increases productivity

The main purpose of wearable technology is to make your life easier and increase your productivity levels. It has indeed managed to fulfill this agenda to a great extent. According to a recent study, one in six Americans possess a wearable technology gadget and believe that they are greatly benefitting from it.

  • Increases employee satisfaction

The use of new technology and the introduction of wearable technology in the workspace can increase the enthusiasm levels of your employees. It acts as an incentive for them which can lead to improved productivity, loyalty towards the employer, etc.

  • It can make you fitter

Most wearable technology helps you track your health and fitness and is thus, aiding the fitness revolution in ways never seen before. It is like having a mini checkup kit in your pocket or on your body.

  • You can sink it with other devices as well.

You can easily sync your smartphone and your laptop with your smartwatch. You can also sync your device with your partner’s device. This allows you to keep track of not only your health but also your loved ones.

  • Keeps patients engaged

The use of wearable technology in the healthcare sector has increased by a great margin. They help the patients monitor their health and remain engaged with the gadgets in a healthy way.

  • Multitasking

Wearable technology like the smartwatch can multitask as an activity tracker, a phone as well as help you pay cashless. It has made communication easier than ever.

  • Monitors critical patients

Wearable technology has been crucial in monitoring critical patients who suffer deteriorating health. They can even keep a track of important signals themselves without the help of a nurse or a caregiver, though it is always advisable to have a nurse if you are suffering from critical ailments.

  • Portable and convenient

They are super convenient to use and hardly take up any space, making them really traveler friendly. It has made checking your blood pressure levels, heart rate, and other important health indicators simple.

  • Easy way to track your progress

With the invention of wearable technology, it has become infinitely easier to track your progress. Now, achieving your fitness goals has become easier than ever. It also motivates you to keep working towards your goals as you can see the results on your device almost instantly and do the math about how much more you have to push yourself to achieve your goals.

  • Increases efficiency in employees

Introducing wearable technology has resulted in increased efficiency among employees. When your employees are fitter, they are more productive and happy too. This has a positive impact on their personal lives as well as the work environment.

  • Can provide instant gratification

Now, you can instantly check the number of calories you burnt after a workout session. This keeps individuals motivated.

  • Improves customer engagement

From smartwatches to fitness monitors, wearable technology is the new thing that is responsible for improving customer engagement.

  • Can be used for entertainment purposes

You can watch your favorite show on your smartwatch, anywhere, anytime. With the advent of such technology you now have no reason to miss out on your favorite shows.

  • Helps you schedule your day

Planning your day and sticking to your schedule has become easier as you set alarms and constant reminders on these devices. They also monitor how much sleep you are getting and your anxiety levels by tracking your heartbeat. This makes these devices super useful in sticking to your schedule.

  • They are usually comfortable

Manufacturers usually keep in mind to ensure high comfort levels while designing wearable technology. You can wear them while you are sweating it out in the gym or your office meeting room!

Disadvantages of Wearable Technology

  • They are still relatively expensive

You will have to shed those extra dollars to own these devices! Sometimes, getting just one such device is not enough; you have to buy a number of these interdependent devices.

  • They have battery limitations

The battery might die if you are not careful to charge it timely. You have to carry a power bank or an adapter with you at all times to ensure your battery does not die out while you are traveling.

  • They can be distracting

Just like any other smart device, these too are distracting. Technology has made our lives infinitely easier, but it has also reduced our ability to focus and made us more dependent on them.

  • Not all devices are wearable as standalone

You often have to own multiple of these devices to ensure the maximum benefits and smooth functioning of these wearable tech devices.

  • There always remains some privacy concerns

A lot of your data is being stored on these devices. You are also sharing this information on the cloud, making it extremely susceptible to hackers and raising privacy concerns.

  • There are some restrictions

There are some restrictions on using these devices. For example, the use of chargers makes them restrictive, to some extent at least.

  • There is a risk of faulty measurement

These devices are used to measure vital body signals like a heartbeat, blood pressure, etc. A minor error is the measurements of these components can cause lethal damage to the person’s health if he or she is taking medications based on the readings of these devices.

  • Not widely understood or accepted by the mass

It is still yet to be accepted by the masses. A lot of people do not trust the working of these wearable technology devices and some can barely afford them.

  • The device might be hot

Using these devices for long durations generates heat which is not good for the body. Care is taken by manufacturers to reduce this to as minimum as possible.

Wearable technology has no doubt made our lives easier. Nowadays, you can directly answer your phone through the smartwatch you are wearing on your wrist, you can count the total calories that your morning workout is burning while you are at it. All researches and studies are vouching for the fact that wearable technology is going to become the next big thing of the future. 

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