18 Main Pros and Cons of Weight Loss Supplements

Obesity or overweight is a serious and budding problem in today’s world. The coming in of several beverages and fast foods that have extremely unhealthy components in it, leads to an increase in obesity in masses now.

Although, we should not forget about one thing that obesity is not an emerging issue of the society. It has been prevalent since ages.The need and want for weight loss is one of the biggest concerns of today. There is plenty of weight loss helping organizations opening up in every nook and corner of the World, more than ever. 

Few of these weight loss organizations are:

  1. Gym:

A Gymnasium, better and widely known as GYM, is one the most frequently visited public places, nowadays. It is places gymnasts, athletes, and even common public visits, to exercise, in order to be physically and mentally healthy. Exercise is the best way to avoid frustration, depression, anger issues, aggression and also many health issues.

  1. Weight loss Centers:

These centers make people aware of ones’ need of taking care of oneself and lose weight, through different supplements, medicines, or even a change in food habit. r than these places, people nowadays are also following a lot of strict diet, intake of a balanced diet, food essentials like chia seeds, lots of water intake, weight loose tablets, protein shakes.

All these things point just towards one fact that people nowadays people are very much concerned with their health and can go to any extent in order to keep himself or herself healthy.

Other than physical health, people nowadays, very effectively, are also considering their mental health to be a matter of prime concern. Thus, unlike earlier times, people nowadays attend to and also take steps to cure mental health problems, without thinking that the person suffering from mental breakdowns or other problems, to be insane or possessed.

Benefits of weight loss supplementsDrawbacks of weight loss supplements
Appetite suppressionIncreased heart rate
Burning FatHigh blood pressure
Decreased LipogenesisSleeplessness
Increased energy levelsKidney problems
Enhanced metabolic rateLiver damage
Lowered blood pressureRectal bleeding

Other than going to the gym, health centers or weight loss centers, people are nowadays provoked and a getting into comsumption of lots of supplements that initiate weight loss.

Advantages of Weight Loss Supplements

Appetite suppression: 

The supplements prescribed and used for weight loss, helps in the suppression of appetite. This leads to less of the feeling of hunger and thus, less consumption of food, thus, helping in loss of weight, by having small but healthy meals at regular time intervals.

This is done to not keep the stomach empty for a long time, which often leads to the formation of gas in the stomach and thus having a role in increasing body weight. This also includes burning fat and letting people have lot of water, thus reducing body weight.

Burning Fat:

These sedatives lead to the burning of fat, which usually leads to excess loss of weight, in a very short period of time. The sedatives reduce abdominal fat absorption.

Decreased Lipogenesis:

The prevention of brand new fats in the body is also very necessary. This is taken care of many of the new branded weight loss supplements in the market. The prevention or to an extent, reducing the growth of new fat, is becoming healthier and more appreciated by the masses, all over the Wide World.

Increased energy levels:

Many of the existing or the upcoming sedatives in the market, promise the increase in energy of a person. This helps one get energy to workout, which in turn plays a very vital role in weight reduction.

Enhanced metabolic rate:

Sedatives, a lot of time, increase the metabolism of an individual, thus, help in enhancing the digestive process, due to to which fats or calories burn fast. This helps reduce the stubborn fat of our body.

Lowered blood pressure:

Usually, due to these sedatives, it helps maintaining the body weight, due to which, intense health problems such as high blood pressure, high heart rate and kidney fuction and liver damage, are kept under control. 

Disadvantages of Weight Loss Supplements

Increased heart rate:

Due to the supplements, and its contents, lot of times, the heart rate of an individuals, consuming these supplements, increase in an abnormal manner!! This can also lead to a cardiac arrest or organ failure. Thus, this might result in a high risk prone health issue. Therefore, one should take very calculative decision about weight loss supplements.

High blood pressure:

Just like heart rate, these supplements also lead to high blood pressure of an individual. This may cause severe headache, fatigue, vision problem, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, blood in urine and many more adverse health issues.


Sedating medications can often make the problem of insomnia, worse. As a long term effect of these pills, one can go through complete loss of sleep. Melatonin is the substance that is produced in the brain in lack or absence of light, which regulates the complete sleep- wake cycle of an individual. Brain decreases the secretion of Melatonin in the dark.

In older people also, melatonin is secreted in a very less. Also due to the use of these sedatives, Melatonin is secreted in a very less amount, which disturbs the sleep- wake cycle.

Kidney problems:

Problems such as puffy eyes, weakness, shortness of breath, abnormal heart rhythms, fatigue, dry, sleeping problems are the very common symptoms of kidney failure. These symptoms can even arise due to sedative intake, for a long span of time.

Liver damage:

Too much of sedative intake can lead to damage of the liver, as the liver is prone to few damaging drug. Use of sedatives also lead to jaundice or both, in a very short span of time after taking the sedatives.

Rectal bleeding:

Gastrointestinal bleeding or drug-induced bleeding may happen due to the intake of these sedative drugs, as they contain a lot of affecting steroids. Hemorrhoidal bleeding which causes constipation may also be caused due to the intake of sedative drugs.

Thus, though these sedatives have a lot of side effects, good and bad, we have to agree on one point that weight loss sedatives are one of the most selling products in the market as of todays’ world.

Few of the most popular weight loss sedatives are:

  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract
  • Hydroxycut
  • Caffeine
  • Orlistat
  • Green coffee
  • Glucomannan
  • Meratrim
  • Green tea
  • Forskolin
  • Synephrine


From studies all over the world, for so many years, it is a proven fact that supplements for weight loss, just as a coin, has two sides. One, the positive side and two, the negative aspect. Keeping in mind the negative aspects but also considering the positive aspects, if not sedatives, at least regular exercise and taking care of ones’ own physical and mental health, should be taken care of.

As in case of every other product in the market, even for sedatives, one should check, think and take the best decision for oneself and also of their families.

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