19+ Pros and Cons of Whatsapp (Explained)

‘WhatsApp’ is a reliable messaging app through which not only can you send text messages but also you can send images, videos, stickers, audio files, PDFs and simple Word documents.

It is easily available on Google Playstore and you can download this free app without paying for it. It does not charge you monthly subscription fees or compels you to update the app every week.

This is one of the most effective messaging mobile applications you will ever find and WhatsApp single handedly has united people from every corner of the world. You can video call your friend living in another part of the world through WhatsApp and that too absolutely free of cost. 

Now let us go through some of the Pros and Cons of WhatsApp.

Pros of WhatsApp:

  • Messages are encrypted:

To evade unauthorised access, the WhatsApp messages are encrypted, that is, they are converted into a sort of code that protects the personal information shared between the sender and the receiver. This high security measure ensures complete safety. 

  • The app is free:

As already stated above, this mobile application is absolutely free. You are not obligated to send a certain number of text messages. Rather, you can send and receive as many messages and media files as you can without any external inhibition. This app is free for any smartphone, be it iPhone or Android.

  • Broadcast messages:

You can forward one message to innumerable contacts referring to your broadcast list. It means that it is not necessary for you to copy and paste one message multiple times to forward that to your other contacts. The process is absolutely simple. 

  •  Calling:

WhatsApp provides you an opportunity to send text, audio or video messages to as many people as you want. But it also helps you enjoy its calling facilities. Both audio calling and video calling are simple and hasslefree. You can call your friend living in another part of the world through this extremely useful messaging app. 

  • Groups:

Another advantage of using WhatsApp is you can create multiple WhatsApp groups with your friends, colleagues or family members. The admin of the group can include several recipients, can add a group icon or picture, update the description of the group as and when necessary and remove certain members from the group if needed.

This enables you to communicate and unite with different people for a single cause and you can even delete the group if the desired purpose is served or accomplished. 

  • Sharing Location:

WhatsApp is indeed a multitasking mobile application. There isn’t a single file that cannot be transferred through WhatsApp. You can share your live location with your contacts if necessary. Suppose, you are stuck in a place and you don’t know how to reach your destination despite being guided by the GPS in your phone. If one of your contacts knows the location where you are stuck, he or she can help you out if you share your live location. This is a very useful feature of this app. 

  • WhatsApp Web:

If you encrypt your QR code, you can even use this application from your laptop, desktop or tablet with the aid of WhatsApp Web. This feature enables you to use WhatsApp from any device without seeking verification from you every time. 

  • Opening a WhatsApp account:

Opening a WhatsApp account is the easiest thing that you will have to master in your life. All you have to do is link your mobile number with the account and add a profile picture. This app has a user-friendly interface and you can install another WhatsApp account with a different mobile number on the same device. 

Cons of WhatsApp: 

  • Addictive:

One of the most adverse effects of using WhatsApp is it is very addictive. More because this app is absolutely free and you can interact with as many people as you want without any restraint. The interface of this app is simple, the emojis and stickers are exciting and to be very honest, there’s no scope for you to experience boredom when you are using this app. As a result, many users have got addicted to WhatsApp. 

  • WhatsApp Forwards:

It is true that you can forward a message to as many contacts as you want, but this has a negative aspect as well. By exploiting this feature, many fake news or rumours are doing the rounds these days. Most of the people forward these fake news without verifying their authenticity. As a result, negative propaganda may exert influence on the larger population. 

  • Technical difficulties:

Often the users of WhatsApp experience technical difficulties during a WhatsApp audio or video call. There can be connection problems or the app can become dysfunctional. Although the video or audio calling feature offers you the privilege to connect with someone without involving any cost, it has its own share of hassles to perturb you. 

  • Group notifications:

If you do not want to participate in a group conversation, the endless notifications can cause a disturbance if you fail to mute the group. On several occasions, leaving an official group is not the best option you can choose, but if you are not a participant of the ongoing discussions taking place in that group, the constant notification alerts can be inconvenient for you. 

  • Distraction:

If you are working and your phone is overcrowded with WhatsApp chat notifications, chances are high that you may get distracted. Hence, it may reduce productivity and keep you away from completing your daily assignments. 

  • Size of a file:

Media files that are larger than 16 MB cannot be transferred through WhatsApp. This may bother you because you probably have to compress the size of your file to send it via WhatsApp. 

Nonetheless, WhatsApp is an extremely useful and easily downloadable free mobile application using which you can keep yourself connected with your peers, relatives and office colleagues. Although it has some unwanted troubles to offer, but all in all, this app has the simplest interface and offers multiple features to access. 

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