30+ Pros And Cons Of Windows 11 (Explained)

Windows 11 has been released, and it’s time to decide whether or not to upgrade. There are pros and cons to consider before upgrading. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Microsoft has announced its latest operating system, Windows 11, which is expected to launch later this year. 

The new OS will bring several improvements over Windows 10, such as better security and privacy features, improved multitasking capabilities, and more.

There are pros and cons to upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11. If you’re considering upgrading, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks. 

Here are some advantages and disadvantages when deciding if you should upgrade.

Advantages Of Windows 11 

If you want to buy the newest operating system, then Windows 11 is worth checking out. It offers several advantages over Windows 10, including:

Improved security 

Windows 11 adds several new security features, including the ability to lock your computer remotely, password-protect apps, and set up a PIN code to unlock your device. 

These measures help keep your personal information safe while also preventing unauthorized access to your PC.

windows 11 improved security 

Beautiful Glass Look 

The most outstanding aspect of the Windows 11 compared to Windows 10 is this new aesthetic to the desktop it brings. 

This new look of the Windows 11 mimics the appearance of glass, which means many of the window elements become transparent. 

All the layouts, menus, and opened windows become transparent and have a glass effect. 

Various effects come with this beautiful look, such as drop shadow, rounded corners, and background blur. 

It brings quite a butter-like smoothness to the look and feel of the desktop. 

windows 11 beautiful glass look 

Enhanced multitasking

Windows 11 improves upon Windows 10’s multitasking capabilities by allowing users to switch between multiple programs without having to close one down first.

enhanced multitasking

AI-Powered Widgets Returns

You heard it right! The widgets are finally back with Windows 11. So if you are the kind of windows user who always loved the widgets, those little floating outlets you have seen in windows seven or vista are restored and improved. 

These widgets are way more improved and upgraded as they are AI-powered and more detailed. 

Also, they are more connected to the system, with a better navigational interface for window users to enjoy. 

A dedicated panel slides out from the left side of the windows 11 screen, making it faster to access. 

You don’t have to scroll over all other things to find the required widget. 

Another slight change to the widget is they’ve become more of a different way to represent data from the app rather than being a mini-app as it used to be. 

windows 11 ai powered widgets returns

A revamped Start menu 

The new Start menu looks much different than the previous version. Users can now pin apps to the top of the screen, making it easier to find what they want.

Bar Changes To Dock

As popular seen in Linux and Mac OS desktops, the taskbar in the Windows 11 can also be changed into the dock. 

A dock is where all the selected applications are centered in the desktop space to access it easily. 

It still functions as a taskbar but is more advanced and has better accessibility to the apps.

windows 11 bar changes to dock

Next-Gen Gaming

A popular feature that one usually sees in the newly launched Xbox or PlayStation is how well the interconnection of the subsystems such as CPU, GPU, storage, and others are there. 

Similar features and integrations have been made with windows to make it a next-gen gaming-friendly computer system. 

For example, the same work it does for Xbox or PlayStation is done by DirectStorage for PCs. 

It is, in fact, boosting performance and managing a lot of massive data that usually happens when you’re gaming.

Another thing that makes Windows 11 more gaming-friendly is the Auto-HDR feature which you tend to see in the Xbox or PlayStation products. 

windows 11 next gen gaming

Android Apps on Windows 11

With all the predecessor windows versions upto the windows 10, the only way to run an android application or a game you had to either use an emulator or screencast your smartphone. 

But now, with Windows 11, you get many Android apps usually found on Android smartphones already pre-installed. 

It gives you access to almost all of the android apps to use. 

In theory, you can just download any android game just like any other usual windows software. 

However, some apps still won’t be used on Windows 11 or won’t be on Microsoft Store, which you find on Google play store. But you will undoubtedly get apps like Netflix, TikTok, Uber, Disney Plus, Pinterest, and so much more. 

Teams for Everyone

You have to click on the taskbar on windows 11 to chat with your friends or contacts using text, voice, or video.

Microsoft Team is integrated with this Windows version better than ever. It is also placed in front and center, making it quick to access for communication. 

A default video conferencing software is baked into the operating system, making it highly accessible. 

Snap Groups

Snaps Groups are a feature in the windows that improves accessibility-accessibility and ease of use. They are open windows that get saved in a snap layout.  

You can easily find them lying at the taskbar bottom of the screen. This makes accessing these opened windows very easy and quick. 

Minimizing and maximizing both becomes faster when you want to do them to a particular group of windows. You can choose specific groups to create a set pop-up whenever you need it. 

To access the snap group from the taskbar, click on what you need and open up the group again. 

Which features you like the most in windows 11

Disadvantages of Windows 11

The Start menu is gone.

The start menu was one of the most valuable parts of Windows 10. It allowed users to access their programs and files without searching through folders quickly.

However, Microsoft removed the start menu in Windows 11. Users can still use the taskbar to open programs and view file locations, but they must click on an icon instead of the start button.

Windows Store apps don’t run offline.

With Windows 10, you can download any Windows Store app while connected to the internet. When you weren’t online, those apps would continue functioning even though you didn’t have an active connection. 

With Windows 11, all apps must be installed online. They won’t work unless you’re connected to the internet.

Windows Store apps don't run offline

Privacy settings aren’t granular enough.

In Windows 10, you could choose to share specific types of information with Microsoft. 

For example, you could tell Windows 10 what type of data you want to send to Bing, how often you want updates, and so on. With Windows 11, these options are much less detailed.

Accelerated Desktop

Finding a new GPU at a reasonable price is almost impossible right now due to the current hardware shortages. Many have postponed upgrading their GPUs until the future.

For those interested in using Windows 11, this future may not be so far away since Microsoft’s new operating system requires a graphics card at least compatible with DirectX12 with a WDDX2.0 driver.

You can’t change your desktop background.

Windows 10 offered users the ability to customize the desktop background. This feature allows users to select a picture as their wallpaper.

In addition to this, you could also add widgets to the desktop. Widgets are tiny programs that display helpful information.

Users could add weather forecasts, stock quotes, news headlines, and more.

Less Taskbar

From what we know, Windows 11’s taskbar might look great, but from a usability perspective, it’s a downgrade.

The ability to move taskbars to any desktop side you wish is no longer available. It’s now stuck at the bottom of your screen.

Middle-clicking on an app icon no longer launches new instances of already-open apps.

Apps aren’t pinned to the taskbar.

In Windows 10, you could pin specific apps to the taskbar. Pinning means dragging an icon onto the toolbar. Once it’s pinned, you’ll see a small arrow next to the app’s name. Clicking the arrow will open the app.

There’s no option to turn off notifications.

You can set up notification settings in Windows 10.

If you receive too many alerts, you can adjust them by changing the number of messages shown at once, the time interval between each signal, and whether you get notified when someone sends you a message. Unfortunately, there’s no way to disable notifications entirely.

Boot Time

Between Windows 10 and Windows 11, I’ve done an experiment where I installed both OS on two different laptops, each containing the same functionality.

When I press the Start button, I open both operating systems at the same time.

The results were astonishing to me. I didn’t believe them at first. So I repeated the experiment several times and got the same result every time. Windows 10 opens up to three to four seconds sooner than Windows 11.

It can be said that Windows 11 boot time is slightly higher than Windows 10 operating system.

You can only sign into Windows with a Microsoft account.

With Windows 10, you could log into your PC using either a Microsoft account or a local account. 

A Microsoft account lets you store personal information like documents, photos, videos, music, and more.

Local accounts let you create a user profile separate from your Microsoft account. Both types of reports can be used to sign in to Windows.

But starting with Windows 11, you can only email addresses, passwords, documents, photos, music, videos, and more. Local accounts let you create a user profile on your computer. Both types of accounts are free.

Deleting Apps

If you want to delete some apps on your mobile phone, it is a straightforward task, but on the computer, you must follow a complete process to delete an app.

A similar thing happens with Windows 11. You have to go to your Control Panel, and from there, you have removed the apps.

The Action Center has replaced the Start Menu.

The Start menu was one of the best features of Windows 8. It gave users easy access to their files, folders, and programs.

However, Microsoft decided to replace the Start menu with the new Action Center.

The Action Center gives users quick access to essential system functions such as battery life, Wi-Fi connections, and volume controls.

Dark Mode

Many people loved using the dark mode on their computers; they enabled the dark way and worked darkly.

Windows 10’s dark mode has gotten more colorful, which isn’t suitable for dark mode fans, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

However, the start screen within the dark mode of Windows 10 looks more transparent than in previous versions.

You can’t use the same password across multiple services.

In Windows 10, you could use the same password for different websites. For example, you could use the password “123456” for both Facebook and Twitter. Now, you can’t do this. Each website requires unique login credentials.

You Can’t Run Previous Window Versions

The major drawback of Windows 11 is that you may be unable to run Windows 10 on it. If you have a GPU capable enough to accelerate its brand new desktop, the rest of the PC might not be able to handle it.

Microsoft reasons that you must have great hardware to experience great software. As a new operating system, Windows 11 requires relatively modern personal computers.

If your PC’s processor is older than Intel’s seventh-generation Core or AMD’s Zen 2 processors, you’re probably out of luck. The bigger problem, however, seems to be TMP 2.0 compatibility.

Forgotten Timeline

Do you remember when Microsoft introduced Timeline as another visual way for people to organize their lives?

It is about keeping tabs on how you are using your computer. Timeline offers all the applications, documents, files, and folders along with websites and changes you accessed in chronological order.

It sounds excellent and helpful. It even might sound way cooler on paper. But when it comes to its actual. Barely anyone uses this feature for the simple reason that it is not very useful at all. 

Search Menu

You can use the Windows 10 search menu to search for anything from apps to other things.

Within Windows 10, the search function is separate from the Start Menu app, and if you’re looking for something, you need to click on the search button, and then search results will appear in front of your eyes.

windows 11 search menu

 Cortana isn’t available yet.

Cortana debuted in Windows Phone 8. She’s a digital assistant that helps people find answers to questions they might ask about the web, emails, calendar appointments, contacts, and more. Cortana is now available for PCs running Windows 10.

Cortana was famously the answer to the gaining popularity of AI assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant, or Amazon’s Alexa, where the person interacts with their voice. 

But still, after all this, this window version doesn’t have Cortana integrated into the operating system. Still, you’ll be able to download, install, and use Cortana as a separate app.

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