24 Main Pros and Cons of Woodwork

Woodwork is one of the oldest methods of creating utility goods that human beings had developed since pre-historic times. The first time human beings had developed something that was considered to be made out of wood was the wheel, which they used to travel and move goods from one place to another.

After this, wood was used for several other reasons like, making of houses, boats and even toys. Woodwork is considered to be one of the most important crafts and skills that the human civilisation has picked up in its long history. Let us discuss the pros and cons of woodwork.

Benefits of WoodworkDrawbacks of Woodwork
First Choice for Cabinet MakingProblems of Insects
Wood is Easy to CutCutting Issues
Different Qualities of WoodVery Expensive
Available to AllDifficult to Carve
Ensures Durable MaterialLabour Cost
Lasts a Lifetime and Even MoreMessy Work
Used for CarvingBetter Alternatives
Make Beautiful Structures
Bedding Solutions


  • Bedding Solutions:

The best use of wood thus far has been to make beds. It is also the most common material to make beds. This means that the woodwork that is put into making beds is quite a common profession. Hence using woodwork to make beds is a good use of the skill.

  • First Choice for Cabinet Making:

The choice of using woodwork to make beds is similarly used in the making of cabinets for interior decoration. Wall wardrobes and other cabinet forms are made of wood because they look good and can be used for several purposes of the house and inmates.

  • Wood is Easy to Cut:

The wood that is used for the purpose of cabinets and other such things is also easy to cut. Using pencil markers and other forms of apparatus, the wood can be cut by machine or by hand using saws. This makes is more accessible.

  • Different Qualities of Wood:

The different qualities of wood that exists make it a utility good that different classes of people can use. Hence the woodwork that is done to make beds or cabinets and other utility items can be afforded by various classes. This makes the woodwork quite important to society.

  • Available to All:

The availability of wood is not something that is as rare as diamonds or other minerals and stones. Wood is available at all points of time throughout the year and it is ensured that the usage is legally done. Wood can be acquired in the market for purposes of woodwork.

  • Ensures Durable Material:

The material created out of woodwork is durable and unlikely to break or get damaged. If exposed to water and sunlight too often and in excessive quantities it might be the case that the wood might break, else it is a safe option for usage through the year.

  • Lasts a Lifetime and Even More:

The material that is made of woodwork, even toys, last for a lifetime as it is extremely durable through the years. The toy cars made of woods belonging to people of the previous generation are still available now. Hence woodwork is so highly regarded.

  • Used for Carving:

The wood that is extracted from trees is not only used for making utility items, they are made for making recreational items as well. For example, wooden carvings of statues and other small miniature artisan projects are extremely popular in folk culture. Hence these projects serve as loving belongings.

  • Make Beautiful Structures:

The structures made from woodwork are also durable and last for some time. For example, the statues of gods and goddesses are also made with a base of wood and bamboo, these structures are very durable due to good woodwork. This makes them quite important for society.


  • Problems of Insects:

The problem with things made out of wood and woodwork itself is that it has to be kept safe from insects. Hence the woodwork, during the process of making and after production has to disinfected and covered with protective material. This can increase the production costs.

  • Cutting Issues:

Wood is easy to cut and easy to carve, but the main problem lies in the cutting of the timber when the wood is brought directly from the forests. This process is sometimes considered dangerous and leads to accidents. There are also environmental concerns for the same purpose.

  • Very Expensive:

Wood, especially sandalwood is extremely expensive. Though all price ranges are available, the initial cost of gaining good quality wood is very expensive. This is why several people cannot afford the option of wood and choose to move onto other forms of materials. This is the reason many look away from woodwork as well.

  • Difficult to Carve:

The problem with the recreational items made out of wood is that they are difficult to carve and very difficult to place on top of each other when carving out. This means that the fine details on the piece has to be done by a professional and this costs a lot of money.

  • Labour Cost:

The cost of labour for woodwork is immense. Not only for the timber and the workers in the workshop of the store, but also for the tools used to cut wood and use them for the purpose of cutting and maintenance. This increases the cost of the main product.

  • Messy Work:

The woodwork dynamics involves everything from the development of the woods to cleaning and raring up of the wood pieces. Hence not only does the wood need to have a great possibility of being sturdy, but it also has to be used for the purpose of cleaning later.

  • Better Alternatives:

The better alternatives of woodwork would be to ensure that the people doing the woodwork could be replaced by machines which would be cheaper and also the alternative to wood being plastic and fibre are also widely available and cheaper than wood. This means people would opt for cheaper alternatives.


The woodwork that is so often seen in several historic places make these places look elegant and beautiful, but it must also be mentioned that the cost and labour behind woodwork is something that needs to be considered before venturing into the process. Since the invention of better alternatives, the woodwork is limited to special items.

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