25+ Pros and Cons of Writing A Book (Explained)

Writing a book can be an interesting thing to do, you might just have started or you are already an author.

But no matter how many times you have done it, writing a book never gets easy. However, it does have its own thrill and fun.

If you are going to start one, it’s crucial for you to know the pros and cons of writing your book, and here is what can help you.

Pros Of Writing A Book Cons Of Writing A Book 
Express yourself Extra work to do 
Community of like-minded people Affect your health 
Easy to get a book published Not everyone is supportive 
Relieve your stress and emotions Leads to insecurity 
Improve your writing skills Cause procrastination 
Sense of self-accomplishment Time and energy-consuming process
Inspiring processDifficult work to do 
Boost your confidence Need strong command on language
Earn money Need to learn and develop skills 
Push your limits Give set amount of hours to complete 
Get better living 
Have more self-awareness
Create awareness in the world
Create your own world 

Pros Of Writing A Book

Express Yourself Through Your Writing

One of the advantages is that you can express yourself better and in detail in your writing.

You might have a lot of ideas on which you want to work and share them with the world.

Well, writing a book can help you in doing that. Not just that, you can share it with others via social media channels.

By writing books, you can share the idea along with exciting feedback from people.

It Gives You  A Community Of Like-Minded People

Writing a book gives you a community of people who share the same thoughts as yours.

Not just that, you can even get the people who are having the same experience as yours.

Easy To Get Your Book Published

Due to the technology, it has easier options which help you in publishing the books in the market.

You don’t have to consider the publishing house for getting your book out, you can use ebook options at Amazon or other platforms.

Such platforms offer the option which is free and you can earn the revenue,  but it’s important to pay in advance.

Self-publishing is a great way if you have the budget within the limit, and share your thoughts with the world.

It Has Therapeutic Aspects

Writing books can also help you in dealing with emotions. Not just that, it gives you the process of thinking in detail about your own beliefs and thoughts.

Thus, it has the therapist aspect and it releases the stress along with pressure. Writing the book can lead to improving health.

Improve The Writing Skills

Writing the book can also significantly improve your skills in writing over the period.

There is much more to writing a book than typing it on the computer.

Writing a book is not simple and especially if you are writing it for the first time, it might consider a lot of mistakes that you make.

Push Your Comfort Zone

Writing books requires you to push your comfort zone, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

It needs you to express your opinions since society suppresses social barriers.

So taking the step towards writing the book means you have to be more honest and clear about your ideas.

It gives you confidence and helps in overcoming the insecurity you have which helps in growing your character and leaving the comfort zone.

Learn Important Skills Through The Journey

Not only does it improve your writing skills, but you can also learn more about different things that help in the future.

One of the things is getting more clear about your thoughts, and standing up for it

It improves your communication, and from this, you get skills such as a better understanding of vocabulary and grammar.

Earn Money From Writing The Books

You can either start it full-time or as a side hustle. However, it’s better to have a prime source of earning.

But if you want to earn more, writing a book can help in gaining more revenue along with the career.

Boost The Confidence And Self Accomplishment

Writing a book is not an easy and short process. It takes time, a lot of writers spend months and months, even years to get their book complete.

Even though it can be exhausting and sticking with it, in the end, it gives self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.

It’s not something everyone can do, as it needs the dedication and focus to give so much time to writing a book.

Contribution To Better living

However it does need a bit of luck and a lot of better writing skills, but if you do it, it can help you in boosting your writing career.

You can earn a lot from this as there are different mediums which pay well for writing a book.

Not just that, if your writing gets selected for a movie, series, or web series, you can get huge earnings as well as fame.

Raise The Awareness Among Others

A lot of writers use this skill to make others aware of the topics that need their attention.

Through writing, you can get the attention of others on topics such as mental health, racism, pollution, etc.

Helps In Getting More Self Aware

Writing a book is not just helping in sharing the awareness in others but it also digs deeper in yourself.

You get to handle different problems while you write, and also learn where you need to work more and what your strengths are.

It gives you the opportunity to know more about yourself through the process of writing.

It’s a Whole Journey Of Up And Downs

Writing a book is not just about getting your ideas out on paper, but creating something which is directly from your heart and mind.

The journey takes a lot of ups and downs, someday you feel like giving up but someday you just do it without any problem.

The whole journey teaches you about life, your strength, and your understanding of how to tackle a situation when it’s not going your way.

It improves the problem-solving and understanding of using your strength in the right directions.

You Get An Opportunity To Create Your Own World

Writing a book gives you the opportunity to create the world you want to, especially if you are writing fiction.

You can create interesting characters, worlds, and everything.

Cons Of Writing A Books

It’s  A Time And Energy-Consuming Process

Writing a book does have its advantages but one of the biggest drawbacks that often holds people to write in the first place is it takes a lot of time.

Writing a book is a commitment, you have to spend some fixed hours for weeks, months, and even years to complete it.

Especially for those who are starting for the first time, it might take more time.

Also, it needs the energy to stick with it and handle everything.

It A Difficult Work To Do

There is a reason why not everyone is able to write their book. It’s difficult to do so.

If you are writing for the first time, it won’t be that good unless you are born with the talent,

It gets overwhelmed and you end up questioning if it’s good enough to continue or not.

However, it is important to remember that you should keep going as it will become more natural to you.

You Might Suffer From Serious Procrastination

A lot of writers fail to complete their book as procrastination won’t let you do it.

They often find themselves debating over taking a break and doing the work later on.

This not just wastes more time but as time passes, the idea you had starts to lose its spark and you find it boring to continue.

Once you lose interest, you drop the writing in the middle and end up stopping the work.

It Leads To Insecurity

Writing a book is challenging as it questions your skills from time to time.

To those who are first-timers, this gets more challenging and overwhelming.

This leads to feeling insecure and having a mental breakdown during the process

Also, it’s not just about writing, you have to develop the idea into something that holds the interest of your readers.

Not Everyone Is Supportive And Encouraging

Since it takes a lot of time and your attention, if you have something else on which you have your focus, the people around you might not support you to write.

For example, if you are a student, your family might not be supportive to write a book instead of focusing on studies.

It Takes Toll On Your Health

Writing books also have an effect on writing.  It mostly happens when you are not having control over the schedule and work like crazy.

It’s important to have enough time to give yourself a break. Go outside, run or walk. Do the exercise as it will keep your body and mind healthy to work.

It also reduces the problem of obesity and stomach-related issues.

It’s An Extra Work On Your Schedule 

To those who are writing as a hobby or when they get time, this can be extra work.

However, if you are serious about writing your book, you need to have a proper schedule so you don’t end up messing up the rest of the work because of writing.

Especially if you have a job and have a family to look after, prioritize the time for writing and stick with it. 

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