10+ Pros And Cons Of Online Therapy (Explained)

Online therapy is provided over the internet. You can easily connect to your therapist through a screen. It is also known as e-therapy. Online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy. It can treat most mental health conditions.

It can treat moderate kinds of depression. Your virtual session can help you in a crisis. A licensed therapist will be there to help you. Many options are available regarding online therapy, such as Regain, Betterhelp, and Talkspace. 

Advantages Of Online TherapyDisadvantages Of Online Therapy 
Effective Insurance may not cover it
A good optionSome states do not allow 
Convenient and affordable No privacy
Approachable Lack of response 
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Advantages Of Online Therapy:

Below are some of the biggest advantages of online therapy. Online therapy has been effective in treating gambling-related problems and substance abuse.

People who suffer from generalized anxiety disorder should opt for online therapy. It has proven to be as effective as a face-to-face treatment for treating social anxiety disorder. 


One thing is guaranteed about online therapy it is as effective as therapy provided in person. Online therapy has been able to treat various kinds of mental conditions. It is the best option for you if you feel uncomfortable with your therapist sharing the same space.

You can treat your generalized anxiety disorder and even moderate depression with the help of online therapy. 

Good Option for Long Distance 

Therapy isn’t easily available in far-flung areas, but the biggest advantage of online therapy is that it is easily accessible.

Mental health treatments are not provided in most rural areas, and traveling long distances with fragile mental health can sometimes be hard. In such cases, one should opt for online therapy as it is the most reliable option. 

Convenient and Affordable 

Online therapy comes at an affordable price. It is also a convenient option at the same time. You can manage your therapy dates and timings at your own convenience.

Maintaining online therapy schedules is way too easy than in-person therapy. You can also cover your online therapy through various insurance policies. It is affordable even if an insurance company does not cover you. 


The Internet has made therapy quite approachable and treatment easily available. Treating mental health concerns is important. Online treatments discard the stigma attached to mental health issues.

If you wish to become psychologically stronger, you must go for online therapy. Your knowledge about mental health issues and various coping strategies will increase. 

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Disadvantages of Online Therapy:

Talking to a professional over a zoom call might seem a shady idea to some of us because traditional therapy is way too different. Online therapy comes with its list of risks and disadvantages. Online therapy has its own layers of complexities. 

Insurance May Not Cover It 

Insurance may or may not cover your online therapy program. It depends on various factors, such as your place and the insurance you have applied for.

Most insurance companies do not cover online therapy; for some, mental health professional insurance is not the correct mode of payment. Paying from your own pocket can be expensive. As we are all aware, online therapy is not affordable. 

Some States Do Not Permit Providers from Outside

Your mental health professional needs a permit to be able to provide you with services. Most states do not give permission to out-of-state providers.

In that case, your therapist would require a license in their home state and the place you come from. Some states will also provide you with a limited amount of time which can consist of 10 to 30 days in a year. 

No Privacy

Technology is unreliable because of various factors, one of which is confidentiality. The major concern in psychotherapy is that your personal information must be kept private. No third person should be involved.

Online therapy may leak your privacy as the transmission of information is online. These factors are no less than a headache. You can also come across various technology-related problems making it difficult. 

Lack of Response 

Direct assistance from your therapist is impossible since you and your online therapist are physically far from each other. Even during a crisis, a quick and effective response may be lacking. Support and assistance are necessary, but online therapy may not be helpful. 

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